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Government says it will recover money involving 4000 ghost workers

General News Government says it will recover money involving 4000 ghost workers

President Lungu greets Public Service Management Division Permanent Secretary Boniface Chimbwali shortly before departure for Angola, on Monday, 23rd April, 2018, Picture by Thomas Nsama
File:President Lungu greets Public Service Management Division Permanent Secretary Boniface Chimbwali shortly before departure for Angola, on Monday, 23rd April, 2018, Picture by Thomas Nsama

Public Service Management Division Permanent Secretary Boniface Chimbwali says Government will recover the monies involving the over 4000 ghost workers through terminal benefits.

Mr. Chimbwali says the Public Service Management Division has already frozen the accounts in which some civil servants were illegally drawing multiple salaries.

He explained that in a case a civil servant was getting over 1 hundred thousand Kwacha after drawing multiple salaries.

Mr Chimbwali said this when President Edgar Lungu interrogated him at State House to find out what he is doing to ensure that the monies are recovered, and such incidences do not reoccur.

And Mr. Chimbwali explained that civil servants who moved without permission or complying to the procedure and those who changed their salary grade without the sanction of the Civil Service Commission should be worried because discipline will be applied.

The Permanent Secretary who described the move as criminal said criminal proceedings against those civil servants will be instituted.

He said government has withdrawn the rights from the people who oversaw the payroll system and replaced them with different users who will be trained.

Mr Chimbwali said controlling officers will be given rights to be the super user of payroll system so that they can be held accountable.


      How can we possibly allow such criminality? Is it not because the criminality starts at thr top? If ministers can get salaries illegally, then their subordinates will also follow suite.
      If the president and his cabinet can ignore a constitutional court order, then the rest of us have no reason to obey the law. Then in our society, might makes right. There is no rule of The criminals must be locked up and a system set up to ensure this doesnt happen again. Make an example of these people who blatantly steal.

    • Just look at all these old men queuing up to great PF bandit in chief….how much does it cost tax payers money for those madalas to be standing at the Airport tarmac…..that money alone is enough to pay Eskom and Maamba Collier

    • I agree that the same ministers who owe government, are the same ones who aided the ghost workers and possibly share the money …

    • So all these old Madalas they leave their wives at home to go a line up and shake hands with Lungu…how are we going to save money like that wasting tax players money paying Airport Tarmac handshakers

    • Just how do you have 4000 workers illegally on the payroll?

      Could these be political cadres who were deliberately put on GRZ payroll?

    • He explained that in a case a civil servant was getting over 1 hundred thousand Kwacha after drawing multiple salaries.

      I guess he was drawing these salaries for his ghost workmates, will the ghost busters manage to recover from him all these monies from his benefits for his ghost friends, how feasible?

    • By Oswald Sichone in Kafue
      PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu’s Political Adviser Kaizer Zulu last evening caused confusion at Chita Lodge when he instructed Security guards to lock the gate and not to allow any one to leave the premises.
      The incident which happened in full view of Chita Lodge Proprietor’s daughter who is the manager of the lodge attracted a lot of attention of patrons who
      appealed to Jimmy Chungu to tame Zulu as he is not the only client of the Lodge.
      “What happened was that Kaizer deflated the tyres of one motorist who was driving a Toyota Hillux with a South African Number plate on allegation that the driver of the vehicle identified as Lufeyo Phiri insulted him. Zulu then instructed Security gaurd from a private security firm manning the facility to lock the gate saying ‘…

    • Continue
      to lock the gate saying ‘ Bafikala tamwaye, twalamona”. This incensed other motorists who almost engaged in a physical fight with Kaizer.” One witness told Kafue Times
      Meanwhile Phiri has reported Kaizer Zulu to Kafue Police Station for allegedly causing violence.
      And Police sources at Kafue Police Station have confirmed having received a complaint from Phiri about Kaizer Zulu
      Efforts to get a comment from Zulu proved futile by press time as his mobile phone was reportedly off.
      Two Months ago Kaizer Zulu was involved in a similar fracas at Chita Lodge in Kafue

  1. Give us the breakdown of those involved by tribe so that we may know the chaps destroying our country! We want to also exonerate our man regarding the 6/10 prophecy! This is wicked!
    The 4,000 ghosts must be prosecuted to the point where all they claim as theirs from plots, houses, businesses and cars must be classified as proceeds of crime and must be forfeited to the state! For once, we must demonstrate to the young ones among us that Crime does not pay! Similarly, the ministers must also obey the court order by paying back! Full Stop! If they have issues with their master, let them peruse those issues after satisfying the court order! We must not set bad precedents by debating court orders!

  2. After unashamedly looting the country broke , the corrupt thief now chasing small fish leaving himself and his billionaire gang of thieves from statehouse out of the equation……..

    Koswe one, lungu long fingers.

  3. 100 thousand every month .Zambians don’t like using technology as a result such acts.We should be ashamed.Civil servants have killed this country.They teach minister how to steal money.We need new generation otherwise nothing will change becz they are mentoring new ones

  4. Start with Lubinda first and other ministers who got wages which they were not supposed to get .The 4000 workers got these wages because of someone’s incompetence . Sack the people who paid them and you will sort the problem once and so all .

  5. Some bloggers here are shamelessly ignorant, do you really think if you have one thief in court for stealing then you should allow a hundred more out there to continue stealing no that is immoral , there must be some law to control the vice when you suspect someone it doesn’t mean that he is guilty , he would be guilty when convicted with evidence at the table with out evidence no one is guilty.
    When people steal it is the innocent people who suffer if the government allowed stealing to be normal because one government worker stole or minister, don’t you think it still goes to the common citizen to suffer thieves will be stealing your chickens in your pen, will be stealing your property at will. Stop it bloggers you cannot promote anarchy in the nation the reason we the law.

  6. There was the so called humble President last week arrogantly tempting to explain his way on why his ministers should not obey a court order, he says ministers can not work for free for one month for the people of Zambia when they are spoon fed everything including talk-time. I am surprised no journalist corner him on this issue. The dull man does not see the precedent he is setting of lawlessness, this is why a minister can wake up start issuing orders to civil servants to demolish property to civil servants or face transfer to Shangombo District, they use the same threats to force civil servants to give them contracts then when they are in court they say they have no authority.

    Meanwhile uko ati [email protected]!zer asabaila maningi, threatening, maiming, & boxing innocent citizens ku Chita lodge, & Ba [email protected] is ndwii, nursing his daily hangover whilst shaking his musana to Kanselele, oblivious to how this negatively reflects on the Presidency. HOW THE PRESIDENCY HAS COLLAPSED, & IS NOW A TAVERN POST WHEN YOU COMPARE K.K’S LEADERSHIP QUALITIES, Kaya??
    Why does [email protected] not sack [email protected]!zer, build him a gym @ State House, so [email protected]’s favourite violent goon [email protected]!zer can aim for the African Boxing Union Middleweight championship, as obviously like his boss Jona they are NOT FIT to be Soiling the Presidency, which has now gone to the Kaabwa’z!!

    • A President who blames everything on climate change as if Zambia is the only place that is affected by it, we told them to diversify power 10 years ago but they wanted hydroelectric so they could get kickbacks. I am sending my parents a 3 KW Solar off grid Power plant as the corrupt leaders will always look for excuses steal from ZESCO run by PF cadres.

  8. The government acts like the catalisty to all our lively-hood our owner is on us citizen to work hard and to work hand in hand with the government of the day. Let us be united and work like ants with unity and love. This issue of all finger pointing to each other will not take our beautiful country forward.

  9. These people they are shielding those ministers who are refusing to refund money they got and just because they didn’t have a cut from these ghost workers trying to pretend like heroes. Marubiish.

  10. These characters have no morals, starting from their leader to the so called cadres-PF. How can they be allowed to defraud the country this much and expect to be voted in again? Zambians please wake up and learn a lesson once and for all. If your partner consistently cheats on you, would you keep taking them back just because they sweet talk you into bed? Hell no!! once beaten twice shy!!
    Get rid of these thieves and have a fresh start!! Why after so many years of lies and deceit are we being lied to with all these promises of this and the other? Have they suddenly woken up and realized that elections will be soon and therefore they must pull wool over our intelligent eyes?

  11. What about recovery of the money from the ghost ministers and deputy ministers of 2016…PF ni ma rubbish yamu chimbuzi


    To me, Leadership is not about the next election but the next generation.

    With some debate, some writers have attributed the British Statesman Winston Churchill to the following words: “What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone?”

    It occurred to me that the task for each one of us is to find a cause – not for self gratification or glory – but for national good, even after we are gone. It is this realization that has formented my belief in what I said on 18th September 2015 that:

    “At the stroke of midnight on 24th October, 2064, Zambia should awaken to one undeniable truth and reality: that ours was a generation of…

  13. Hypocrites digging one hole to fill another. “Ministers” illegally cashed in for over 6 months thats a lot of money and we are quiet and trying to follow meagre amounts from civil servants or just a gimmick to divert attention.

  14. It is very very sad reading the blogs on this site. One thing that becomes abundantly clear is the shallowness of the bloggers to engage on current issues. They always harbour other issues and that crowds all the good thinking that one requires to contribute positively and intelligently to pertinent issues. Yes, the ministers who obtained pay for staying over their parliamentary life span as ruled by the courts MUST pay back. The issue at hand is about civil servants who have been drawing more than one salary and other thefts. All discussions apparently appear to condone the stealing by civil servants. Are we a nation of thieves or what?

  15. This has certainly gone on unabated for so long – worse in the PF era where it has been free for all where opportunity arises. 4000 ghost workers means they don’t exist but are ‘registered, employed’ and on the pay roll. Because they don’t actually exist, other workers on the criminal scheme, draw salaries under their names. One person could ‘fola’ the salaries in 20 different names – those fake persons are noted as having been paid each month.

  16. In this technologically advanced world, we can have 4000 ghost workers undetected for so long! No wonder why we are not developed and this is just on the copperbelt. Smart Zambia working with PSMD is yet to move to other provinces. We are waiting also for government to recover monies from Ministers who illegally remained in office in 2016. No court in the world will ever reverse that judgement.The judgement is in irreversible gear. Today they think they are very clever. Time is ticking and will certainly catch up with them.

  17. We have some usele—ss civil servants.What goes to the people is 1% of whole the budget in this country.The rest is shared among civil servants and politicians.Civil servants have land and mansions in this country.


  19. Zambia is in a hurry to development and that the current government is trying by all means to make it happened, So far so good that the rains have come it is our time to focus on planting maize at the farms, no wasting time on social media let us work. God has given us land, air, energy, and free rains.

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