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Residents complain of poor infrastucture despite paying rates for years

Headlines Residents complain of poor infrastucture despite paying rates for years

Kitwe streets without the vendors
Kitwe streets

The Kitwe City Council has been challenged to use prudently monies being collected from property rates to better township roads in different Communities.

The residents spoke during a public meeting organised by the African Centre for Social Justice (ACSJ) on the Main Valuation in Kamfinsa Constituency in Kitwe on the Copperbelt Province.

They said in most cases, the community has been left with poor infrastructure yet they continue to pay rates.

“We have been paying rates for years, yes others will say there is no consistency but whose fault is it? The Council are sitting on millions and they don’t seem bothered to improve collection efficiency, we need proper roads from the money we pay that is all,” Agness Mundwe stated.

Meanwhile, a senior citizen has proposed that government consider the elderly at least above 65 years from paying rates.He indicated that most elderly persons in the country are retirees and cannot afford to pay rates as per demand from the Kitwe City Council hence the demand.

“The Council is making a lot of money but those collecting are not honest, look at us retirees we are not working, my appeal is that everybody above 70 years and 65 for women they must not pay those rates, where are they going to get that money from?,” He questioned.

Meanwhile, Kitwe City Council Valuation Officer Nchimunya Mungalaba has encouraged all citizens with objection to the valuation roll to present their cases to the tribunal which will be sitting on 29th November, 2019.

She said rates are being proposed to be reduced further for different categories to ensure residents pay.


  1. This shows your rates are being misappropriate why don’t you complain to your mayor and government they’re the ones getting your money. Take a stand these politicians are thieves, incompetent and sweet talkers, force them to work its good people are coming to their senses those rates are supposed to be put to good use

    • Kitwe has completely no roads. The twownships and city centre just have paths masquerading as roads. I am very sure that the current roadworks in Kitwe that have dragged on for a long time will end just before the next elections and will be used as an election card. People will temporarily forget and vote more liars into office and life will go on and Zambia will continue to rot. Delivery of election promises should happen when people enter office not when elections approach

    • This is unacceptable! They City of Kitwe, like many towns in Zambia were badly planned and no one has the guts to replan it/them. Councilors elected have no vision and are a let down! Pathetic!

  2. The problem with our people is they never hold leaders accountable. That makes it easier for leaders to get away with murder. Though there’s a challenge as well to hold these chaps accountable because you may end up being locked up just voicing your rights. You can’t win in our country.

    Do you honestly think a Gibb0n like Ch!mpy0ngo will develop Zambia? All the cash collected is for their pockets, & campaigns chapwa. Look one ex [email protected] H0us3 advisor Goon is to see ba A.C.C /D2ug enforcement tomorrow, for helping himself to your cash while you suffer, & eat mud!
    They lied again saying “we shall remove Cadres from markets, public places”, which was not even their idea but the oppositions, & unbeknown to gullible Zambians, Ch!mpy0ngo has been directing his Cadres to stay put, continue extorting cash, & continue harassing citizens.
    Zambian’s Vote for these shameless K0lw3’s so enjoy your communities being destroyed. [email protected]!!

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