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Former State House Press Aide Amos Chanda fails to appear for questioning at the Drug Enforcement Commission

Headlines Former State House Press Aide Amos Chanda fails to appear for...

Mr Amos Chanda

Former State House Press Aide Amos Chanda has failed to appear for questioning at the Drug Enforcement Commission.

And the Drug Enforcement Commission has confirmed that Mr Chanda had by broadcast time not availed himself for questioning and officers were still waiting for him.

According to the Commission, there has been no official communication from Mr Chanda on the reasons for his failure to appear for questioning.

Mr Chanda was yesterday summoned by the Drug Enforcement Commission to appear for questioning today and was expected to avail himself for questioning at 09 hours.

Unconfirmed reports indicated that the call out was in relation to alleged money laundering charges.

And reports indicate that Mr Chanda has expressed surprise that a call-out by the Drug Enforcement Commission Anti Money Laundering Unit was issued, highly circulated and publicized before he or his lawyers were served of the document.

Sources close to Mr Chanda said till today, no document has been served on him and was still waiting for official communication.

Media reports also indicated that lawyers to Mr. Chanda, Makebi Zulu &Associates had earlier in the day dispatched Mr. Jonas Zimba to liaise with DEC Anti-Money Laundering Unit to discuss suitable dates when Mr. Chanda was available and to appear before the Unit to attend to the details of the alleged investigations.

It is understood that Mr Chanda learnt of the call out from social media and was only able to return to Lusaka last evening when ZNBC broadcast a confirmation of the summon.

Mr Chanda was on a personal mission to Mazabuka.


  1. Those wondering why some of us call lungu a corrupt theif must see this…..

    There is no way lungu can be clean of corruption when all those around him are corrupt and violent…….

    Those around lungu must have taken the pointers on corruption from some one, they saw lungus corruption.

    All these call out are just to save lungus face and dupe the gullible.

    We know from solid reports that in the first 4 years of his presidency, lungu went wild with corruption…..

    Now he has eased up, but he was engaged in massive corruption in the first 4 years…

    We will be vindicated….

    • Solid sources which can’t avail “solid” evidence to security wings or the Courts?? Who is “we”?? Like when that oval headed twit went to DEC with “solid evidence” about 48 houses only to learn they belong to his supporter and nephew of his mp?? Mulasekesha mwandi…

  2. Leaders are born not made the more you critisize the President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his government the more he raise like an Eagle. Let us all focus on how will develop our country, because the government is you and your ability to work….

    • A presidency forced on citizens through violent caders and oppressing and denying opponents any fair chance to campain is not being born to lead iwe koswe…..

      history will judge lungu harshly

    • @Alangizi,
      Wrong application of the nice words !! You might have been waiting for a long time to find an opportunity to express them, baba….no..no…this is not the right case

    • @Alangizi…Corrupt clueless Lungu born to lead? Heck he wouldn’t even qualify to be a dog catcher. The guy is clueless, and all he knows is enriching himself through corruption. Zambia is currently in an economic mess, and you think Lungu is a great leader? You ignoramus fooooooo1.

    • It’s very simple: one guy gets European education, heads global companies, becomes very wealthy, is handpicked to take over a political party but loses presidential elections 3 times. The other is a UNZA graduate, practices law, leads a moderate life, joins politics, becomes mp, rises through the ranks in various positions, is handpicked to take over a political party and beats the first guy twice in presidential elections. WHO IS THE BORN LEADER??

  3. Imwe mugwileni Chanda uyo azatawila ku Namwala uko siwafuna vaciteci. I hope they serve those missing documents quickly so that we can have the questioning. Mwina benangu are barricading themselves in offices and hiding behind desks and under dustbins… ku ACC na DEC kwamene kaili!

  4. I am curious what Kambwili will say, wasn’t this Chanda guy……, no need to comment.
    Everyone knows it. It’s early for now, but awaiting the right time to say “LOCK IT UP….LOCK IT UP”

    Had this thief been from the opposition, Ch!mpy0ngo would have by 17.00hrs end of working hours sent the Whole PFolice FORCE -Para Battalion for Central & Lusaka Province to raid & break into the opposition members house, capture him, lob teargas cannisters, beat up relatives, & workers, & as a parting shot stolen from the fridge, & ny3la’d on the accused summoned persons bed. THEN GUMU GUMU CH!MPY0 NG0 WOULD HAVE SAID “B0M4 NI B0M4, WHEN WE SUMMON YOU, YOU ATTEND”!!

  6. Sad Amos was not officially summoned. Can DEC get their act together. If for sure he wasn’t served, then our home security system needs SERIOUS reforms and upgrades. How do you alert a suspect on social media before serving him official papers??? And if he flees into hiding in the shadows of other countries?? LET’S REFORM ZP/ACC/DEC NOW!!!!

  7. Mr Chanda obviously knows too much and is now being targeted by the PF in order to silence him. He had been the mouthpiece for PF and their corrupt ways for too long and now they need to shut him up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. How can they be professional since even Hh physically went to drop off a document with the force of the media and didn’t succeed until much later so don’t worry Amos can run but he cannot hide all this is his full arrogant self. He hid when the call out was delivered and then pretended to be in mazabuka. The hurdle is that a few months back he was barking orders to this compromised institution but now he will see when the coin is flipped. Njema calling!

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  10. This is how ex government officials money finishes; Lawyers to defend them; living a lifestyle they can no longer afford.

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