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Hand Over MMD Vehicles or Risk Being Prosecuted-Mukuka

Headlines Hand Over MMD Vehicles or Risk Being Prosecuted-Mukuka


The Opposition MMD has requested Members in holding on to the party vehicles to surrender them.

MMD spokesperson Dr. Cephas Mukuka said the exercise will go on for 5 days from yesterday and failure to surrender the vehicles shall be reported as stolen to the police.

Dr. Mukuka said those in Lusaka must bring the vehicles to the Party Secretariat in Kabulonga while those outside Lusaka should hand them over to our Provincial Chairpersons.

He said this important exercise closes on the 17th of November 2019, at 18 hours.

Dr. Mukuka said the vehicles Toyota Hilux belongs to the party and should not be in the custody of individuals.

He regretted that the vehicles which should be used for party activities have again been shared leaving the party without any vehicles for its activities.


  1. Get Party property back. We need sanity back in the country. Drag them to court after you have done an inventory. Hopefully there will be no interference or frivolous lawsuits to slow down this mop up.

  2. Last time I saw an MMD Nissan 1-Tonner it wasn’t roadworthy. I doubt if Cephas will recover any vehicle. Some of these vehicles and bicycles were a subject of Court cases because they were corruptly acquired. Maxwell Mwale has just been released from prison because of the same MMD property. I wish you well

  3. Zambians are “nice” people! They have never bothered to take RB and MMD to task over the source of funding for all these MMD assets. Who sponsored this opulent and rather obscene campaign of the century? You can rob Zambians and enjoy your loot freely thereafter! The importance of knowing the source of funding is critical for our national security so that we don’t end up with a “prisoner” in statehouse! A President’s allegiance is thus shifted from the citizens to his/her sponsors who get all the business deals and favors at the expense of citizens! When you see questionable associations or decisions being made, it tells you some classified wrong is taking place behind the scenes! We need legislation to compel all political players to declare the source of funding!

    • I agree 100%! This what our MPs should be talking about unfortunately even the so call opinion don’t want to talk about this because they are already deep in debt from their sponsors

  4. Easy come easy go. These vehicles were dubiously acquired by the MMD under suspicious circumstances and now they have dubiously disappeared again under suspicious circumstances.

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