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Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo gets support for his plan to demolish illegal structures

Headlines Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo gets support for his plan to demolish...

The National Union of Public and Private Educators of Zambia has supported plans by the Lusaka Province administration to demolish structures built on land belonging to Munali Secondary School.

NUPPEZ General Secretary Nelson Mwale said in an interview that it is unfortunate that some people have started encroaching on land belonging to the Ministry of Education reserved for school expansion and other infrastructure.

Mr Mwale said the action by Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo is commendable and should be extended to all schools whose land has been encroached by developers.

He also appealed to government to utilize reverse school land to construct new classroom blocks or build Teachers houses.

Mr Mwale said the union is engaging government on the need to construct houses for teachers as is currently the case with Defense and Security wings but wondered where the houses will be built with the land encroached.

“We are dismayed that the public can keep on encroaching the land belonging to Munali Secondary school with impunity. This is disappointing”, he said.

Mr Mwale has urged Law Enforcement Agencies to ensure that those found wanting are brought to book and land repossessed to ensure that it benefits the schools.


    • I fully support this move by Lusambo, even though his colleague Charles Banda is trying to override him.

      This Charles Banda needs to be looked at very closely. He is the same pr1ck that sold the black Lechwes.

    • Demolition? No. If those structures are demolished, Government is going to lose the case because the Developers had followed ALL the procedures. The best solution is for Government to Compulsorily acquire those structure and find a use for them. For example, the school can lease out the filling station while the houses can revert to the school.
      This is not a street game. this is a planning and legal matter.

    • Mr minister I support you 100 percent and from there please go demolish the structures in our forest 27. Please Mr minister, trust me the entire Zambia will support you and no one will touch you cause we are behind you.

    • Familiar names in the upnd bitter and hateful tribalist jihadists: Hichilema, Mwimbu, Mweetwa, Nkombo, Katuka, Musokotwane, Milupi….

  1. Lusambo should become our next president.

    I’m not comfortable having a president for the third term.

    President in the third term don’t work but corruption only.

    It will be worse put Lungu for the third time.

    I’m PF but if Lungu would contest I will vote UPND HH

  2. Lusambo should become our next president.

    I’m not comfortable having a president for the third term.

    Presidents in the third term do not work but corruption only.

    Corruption will be worse if u put Lungu for the third time.

    I’m PF but if Lungu would contest in 2021 i will vote UPND HH

    • There you go again putting the cart before the horse!!!!

      Just because someone is doing their job properly does NOT mean they should be president.

      Look at the mess we are in because of Lungu, a man that should not even be a ward chairman.

  3. The Government of the day is tirelessly working hard to ensure that its Citizens are freely living. Of course everything will not change overnight but with due time things will fall back in place and even better with continued hardwork, for example,
    The Economy will be stable
    Electricity issues will soon come to an end
    Climate Change will equally be normal etc..

    Note, these are just but a few among the challenges our country is currently facing but with these lets not allow such issues to divide us but rather lets work together to build this Nation together. WE ONLY HAVE ONE ZAMBIA hence lets not ruin it.

  4. Let LCC investigate first!
    Once the records establish facts, the investigation team can come up with recommendations! The minister himself has encroached on people’s land. Should he be given a taste of his own medicine? Or Chawamila Galu kuluma mbuzi?

  5. Leaders are born not made the more you critisize the President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his government the more he raise like an Eagle. Let us all focus on how will develop our country, because the government is you and your ability to work.

  6. Tobeni bakaamba its too much. Dont even listen to CK he is running bananas. Yes before one invests make sure you are doing the right thing its not because building costs money and you do wrong – no. Just toba bakaamba you have my full backing.
    Disaster on the enchrochers the mazembe is coming and very soon. Start wiwing!

  7. We have read this script before. In 1991 the then stalwart Sylvia ma roads decided to make Lusaka clean. She forcefully removed street vendors. FTJ myopic as his height ordered the council to halt, called the vendors OP and gave a job to one of his cronies at statehouse. Fast forward we have cadres who parade the streets or inflict pain on the opposition.it cost over 3 billion to clear the filth in Lusaka a few months back and now we have an overspill because one man ignored order and hygiene. Demolish illegal structures

  8. No body goes to build on a land unless the council have permitted them, why cant Bowman consult LCC on the matter? How did they acquire the land? Its not about demolishing we need to develop, whats the legality in acquisition of the land.

  9. We support Lusambo but some people who owns the plots are related maybe even to the president.They can only demolish for poor people.uselessssss country

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