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I am Christian, I have never supported Gayism-HH

Headlines I am Christian, I have never supported Gayism-HH

HH speaking during a radio programme on SUN FM
HH speaking during a radio programme on SUN FM

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has reiterated that he does not support homosexuality.

Reacting to an Editorial Comment in the News Diggers newspaper, Mr Hichilema said he knows nothing about satanism of any kind at all.

He said he has never participated in any satanic activities.

“We do not and have never supported gay rights at any time. I am not and have never been a free mason as alleged by the PF hate/propaganda machine. I did not sell the Lower Zambezi National Park in any way,” he said.

“I am Hakainde Hichilema plain and simple and lead an honest and straightforward life and have nothing to hide. My personal culture is derived from a deep respect of hard work and profound sense of duty. That is the training I received from early childhood and from the free education I received from Zambians for which I will forever be grateful to our Nation,” he said.

“In our immediate household, all the five of us (wife, daughter, two sons and myself) are baptised members of the SDA church and are obedient followers of Christ and yet we still respect Christians from other denominations, because we know that the body of Christ is One. We believe in Christian tenets and values which by His grace we strive to abide in our daily lives as a family.”

He added, “If anyone is not sure about something concerning HH all they need to do is ask me and I will answer in the most honest and prudent manner as guided by the Word of God in Matthew 5:37, “Let a no be a no and yes be a yes.”


  1. There own cadre Chester has done a song about them, anyone who makes it in business, beve ninshi ni wakashonongo, it’s a lazy man’s mantra.

    • caught with both hands in a cookie jay and you shout on top of your voice “pepe! pepe! it’s not me, it’s my hands”. looks like you are running out of ideas, by next year there will be no ” load shedding, hunger, corruption etc” to talk about. it’s too late you have wasted time fighting Lungu instead of selling yourself. it’s too late badala

    • HH should stop commenting on crap talk about gays. He`s way above it. Leave the issue to low-level thinkers in PF.
      What is wrong with being gay? Its personal choice, and how does it affect your welfare or livelihood. You say you are a Christian nation, and yet you hate each other like wild animals. And most of you alll you think about is stealing and corruption. What a bunch of hypocrites!

    • He should have said, “I am SDA” and not say “I am a Christian.” Christians don’t go to offer solidarity to people who have come out of their closets and promote more to do so.

  2. He should now condemn people who support and practice homosexuality. He should advocate for them to be arrested. Lastly don’t receive any funding from organisations that support homosexuality.

    • Why should he condem gays and call for their arrest? You zambians are a bunch of low thinkers. Either you support something or you dont. HH is not law maker to call for arrest of gays. Go on I&I condem gaysim and call for their arrest and leave HH out of your stupidity. Instead of calling for the arrest of corrupt thieving politicians you are concentrating on gays who have committed no crime. The thieving PF ministers and officials must be laughing all the way to the next corrupt tender as they have achieved in selling you a dummy. You have suddenly forgotten all the problems your leaders have failed to solve and concentrate on gaysim. This is exactly what they wanted you to do…..stupid people.

    • You mean your own government should not go begging to USA, UK and or EU governments?
      Thinking is the biggest challenge we Africans have.. once we overcome that then sky is the limit..

    • sometimes i just wish HH could keep quite mwee. Time will tell whether he believes in that trash or not. There is nothing hidden under the sun.


  4. Scared of losing more support!! What the hell is UPND doing in African Liberal Network (ALN), an organization that sponsors UPND and other opposition parties in Africa hoping they embrace minority rights if they form government? HH has a lot of self cleaning to do. Watch the space.

  5. Antonio Mwanza, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu eats snakes and his group ‘christians for lungu’ have never refuted this ritual alien to Zambians. Explain to Zambians where the eating of snakes and other reptiles by a head of state mean to the nation. We know the late president Michael Chilufya Sata (MHSRIP) was a Catholic and used to attend church. Tell Zambians where ECL meets with his christians and what goes on?

  6. HH fair enough for you to come on the radio. But this puts you at Crossroads.

    Today you say you don’t support Homosexuality. Yet you signed up for the Africa Liberal Network (Charter ), which in its essence is a Liberal organization that supports Homosexuality and funded by European & American Gay Rich Barons.

    Therefore, it makes you a liar, and not a person who is: Quote from your words: ” plain and simple and lead an honest and straightforward life

  7. He can’t accept.That is the rules of the game.His late father Mazoka confessed he resigned and the public believed embraced him.now his son is still a member so he can’t accept.

  8. HH what do you say to the son of the Founder Father of UPND, { The Late Anderson Mazoka’s son who is openly Gay }.

    True or False !!

    Is he not the one that said, if you want to continue running UPND, then you must support Gay Movements. And if you did not, it was better for you to give up the leadership.

    This is a very tight angle for you HH.

  9. Hakainde Hakainde, why take so long to come out of this matter. You are as guilty as charged.

  10. My president please take the advice I gave you during our conference meeting via Skype a few weeks ago. I said do not lower yourself by responding to childish allegations by pf. Whether you support gay people or not has no impact on any zambians wellbeing. The pf have nothing to show for their appalling performance since 2011 so like a primary school student they will use silly allegations to try and deflect attention to other things. They have failed to simply ensure electricity even in the capital city. Please heed my advice and don’t respond to these munyeIos.

  11. HH will say anything and any how as long as it appears to promote his plot one crusade. Most Africans in general and most Zambians in particular believe that a leader has sole responsibility to develop a nation while the majority of just spend most evenings throughout the week drinking beer in the clubs.

  12. Even a prostitute after you do her, pay her and then you ask her are you a prostitute? They will still refuse. HH the question here is not whether or not you support homosexuality. What people have been asking is your involvement with ALN and if you do receive any funding from them. This gay is good at avoiding questions. Zambian still do not have a clarification on “only a Tonga can rule UPND and also how HH became rich.

    • That’s the fundamental question-ALN. People know hh has been heavily involved with them and have been funding his activities. Now he thinks he can dupe them into thinking otherwise?? hh may be a huge business success but is surely a political failure.

  13. So this chap lives with his 3 children and wife? Not even a niece or nephew, I thought this guy will encourage the Extended Family.

    • @wajimona….you are really a downright low creature. Why should HH stay with nephews, nieces and whatever. Where are the fathers to those children. If you cant look after your children dont make them but dont expect someone else to look after them. I stay with my wife and children and thats my familt…full stop!!. If you have nothing to say just suck your thumb.

  14. So this gentleman only lives with his 3 children and wife. With all the riches, I thought he would bring in a niece or nephew to be part of the ‘Family’ that’s what we call Extended Family’
    I was educated by an uncle who was well to do then.

  15. The childish comments from PF bloggers is so disheartening its like giving a keyboard to a mentally ill person. You said let him come forward and tell the people if he supports gayism and his done so but yet you mothafockers are still talking what sort of ashol3s are you? Educated yet dull, start reasoning with your heads not your asssss, for once use you brain effectively.

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  17. How many of us have friends who believe in certain ideologies that we do not support? For instance, i am a christian, i have Muslim friends, i even have some Chinese friends who do not even believe in my God. Are you aware that Zambia is a member of UN which supports rights of marginalized groups? Is Zambia going to pull out of UN because they don’t support gay rights?

    • @ Mwelwa….it is so difficult for these *****s to think. Are we zambians so backwards that we fail to even reason. Indeed there are a lot of things I dont believe in..like eating snakes but would I be right to calk for arrest of that person who enjoys eating snakes. Africa and zambia in particular is cursed. We hate ourselves so much that we cant even believe an African can get rich by investing wisely unless he stole from his own people. We ditaste the likes of HH or Dangote because we are too lazy to believe that anyone can be rich without stealing from government. Why do we hate ourselves so much that we worship thieves like Zuma, Lungu and the rest of African leaders?

  18. It’s called mudsliging Musankwa. Some of these of PF zealots are proud to market a person who embezelled a poor widows money.

  19. The question was does UPND support gay rights.Unless HH is now UPND and UPND is now HH. HH is talking about what him and his family believe and not what UPND believe. HH should tell the people of Zambia the position of UPND in relationship to gay rights .

  20. Why is it that it has taken him almost a month to respond..We still want to know if his sat,anic party is attached to the anti Christ network.

  21. To most religious people, they think Homosexuality was the main reason for the destruction of Sodom. That is a shortsighted interpretation. My Bible tells me: Ezekiel 16:49 King James Version (KJV) 49 Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.
    Put emphasis on Idleness! An Idle mind is the devil’s workshop! From idleness comes tribal hate speech, drunkenness, sexual immorality which includes homosexuality, corruption, payroll fraud, theft of social cash transfer money, depriving the poor among us, etc! So, we may not be homosexuals but we are worse than Sodom in many respects! One wonders why we are even wasting time talking about a lesser…

  22. mmmmm very surprised for this man to refuse that he is not a manson kikikikiki madala,just be honest and straight because now you will not be supported by LNA. These foreign organization supporting you will not do it for having been rejected publickly and GBM is no longer there to dish cash for campaigns so madala its 50+1 any way.

  23. Renounce/Disown UPND from African Liberal Network, then come and tell us you do not support GAY rights we will hear you.

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