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Inviting a Head of State through Twitter is disrespectful, classless and disgusting-PF

Headlines Inviting a Head of State through Twitter is disrespectful, classless and disgusting-PF

The ruling PF has described the decision by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to invite President Edgar Lungu for dialogue via Tweeter as disrespectful and disgusting.

This week, Mr Hichilema sent Tweet to Mr Lungu inviting him for dialogue in order to end political violence.

“We must do everything in our power to ensure we put an end to political violence and other ills affecting our nation. I hereby request @EdgarCLungu to come to the table and dialogue for the benefit of our country. I propose next week at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross,” he tweeted.

He added, “I am not concerned about swallowing my pride in pushing for amicable dialogue with @EdgarCLungu. It is our hope that he responds so that we can chart a new course that fosters peace and democracy. The Zambian people want it and we must make it happen.”

“I can’t stand to see this anymore. Enough is enough. This is completely unZambian. @EdgarCLungu, we must meet and fix it.”

But PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza says the invitation by Mr Hichilema is disrespectful.

Mr Mwanza said it is baffling to note that, Mr Hichilema, a man who aspires to ascend to become our Head of State can have such disdain and utter disregard for the Office of President.

“Who in his sane mind can tweet a Head of State for a meeting; not even President Edgar Lungu as the Republican President can tweet Mr Hichilema for a meeting,” Mr Mwanza said.

“This behaviour from Mr Hichilema only goes to show, that the man has no respect or regard for anyone or any institution; equally it shows that the man does not understand how the real world operates, he is green, and surely not ready for office; he needs time and help ti be tutored and oriented in state craft; most importantly it exposes his desperation, hypocrisy and infantile excitement with social media.”

“Whoever is handling him must take away those tweeter handles and save this man from further embarrassment,” he said.

“Coming to the issue of dialogue, it is important to put the record straight. It is hypocritical and honestly speaking, embarrassing that Mr Hichilema can today be talking about dialogue when he has always refused and boycotted every platform that has been proposed for him to dialogue.”


  1. These PF rats are indeed disgusting rats….

    What was the CW call for dialogue for ???

    What was the church mother bodies call for dialogue for ???

    There have numerous calls to dialogue to end political violence and HH is only reminding lungu of this ????

    What is wrong with reminding loard lungu , the PF God that there are calls on the table to end political violence ???

    • This PF is focusing on wrong things.

      Hating HH will not get them anywhere.

      Only God knows what they did to HH in prison.

      I bet they made him pick up the soap during prison showers.

    • Forgive this 5th time political spoil. He is heading for 6th owing to the loads and loads of homos3x, theft and tribal burden over his shoulders.

      He has never been :-
      *a ward councilor.
      *a Council worker.
      *an MP
      *in Government
      *anywhere near the corridors of power.

      He doesn’t know protocol.
      Like CKinsultor, he is busy looking for a date with he President.
      But don’t meet him just yet, until we figure out who, what, which killed Michael.

    • I usually side with HH as you all may know but HH has cheapened himself with those tweets. Why cant he write a letter? The buffoons are already seeing strength despite the week economy signaling stark failure to govern.

    • And if he is a head of state why was he speaking to empty chairs at UNGA in New York…Lungu is only head of state to Kaizer Zulu and Sikazwe and the PF bandit cadres

    • And PF have class? Or respect? Thats why they steal through corruption and extortion and overpriced contracts? Thats why they ignore verdicts of the constitutional court? Ba
      Antonio I know you need to put bread on the table through cadrerism since you are too lazy and uncompetent to do a decent day’s work. But please you dont have to spew out garbage. You are a university garaduate. Please have some class yourself

    • In the @ age, some people still want to use scrolls made from papyrus for communication.now I see why they distaste shosho media.

    • SO in logical sense who should call for dialogue? Is it not the Man in Power? Lungu is useless and has wrong Advisors. He and his PF gang have bad ego. GO to Kenya and Learn from UHuru.

  2. An invitation is an invitation.

    Whether the message comes via pigeon, or in a bottle, it is still a message.

    Why does PF hate HH so much? Is he not Zambian?

    The PF should focus on developing the country, and people will see that, and nullify any opposition threat.

    But instead, they focus on corruption, intimidation, and incompetence.

    • Yeah even you can invite. BUT

      As a mere common citizen like you, h² is a nonentity.
      For him to qualify to meet the president he must be a gold winner at something.
      Maybe at CEOing or cattle heading.
      Let double h earn the meeting with the head of state through hardworking and not misrepresentations.
      You think meeting the grand guru is like a dark sneaky corner meeting as if you’re meeting ALN?
      Else double h must be as humble and innocent as those children and women of Zambia ECL has met and conversed with.

    • Thorn ,

      Lungu is just a person, in fact a fraud convict ,

      Lungu is not god , lungu was employed by Zambians, what is wrong with wanting to meet lungu ????

      The problem with PF rats is hero worshipping criminals and fraudsters

    • Nobody hates HH. We just dislike him. HH is already seeing himself as the Zambian Donald Trump by tweeting nonsense

    • when you speak of a message ‘via’, you speak of the channel. HH not only used a belittling channel, the content of his message was even worse. The best response is to ignore him and explain to the people that he has been ignored because their is nothing really to listen to. That is my opinion in this event. HH must be above aboard but he is letting some of us independents down. where is Nevers or perhaps one Nyirenda???? May be I should stand myself.

  3. It’s a shame that PF cadres are still stuck 20th century. What is wrong with twitter? Trump uses to communicate heavy global stuff.

    • Come off it.
      Have been to school.
      Kindly ask your leader to engage in some formal undertakings of communication.
      Your god should courteously open official communication channels within your club, the UPNDEAD to hit a knock on State House.
      What tweet b.u.l.lsh!t are you talking about?
      How naive.

  4. Lungu does not deserve any respect cos he wormed his way to power by stealing the elections and he keeps stealing public resources. A thief can never be respected.

    • Old school pf, people use Twitter now see how you responded fast it is very effective and free than other means which will put you in danger where soldiers and police show up like there is war. Stop blind royalty 10 years from now you will be denying supporting them.

  5. Instead of focusing on the message again focusing on irrelevant issues like the messenger…would you say the same thing if it was Donald Trump? Its the same with the Lower Zambezi NP, instead of picking up a pen and suspending it outright you start witch hunting when its the cabinet that approved the sale.

    • When the Donald Trump is scribbling on tweeter, formal communication channels would have taken place already.
      The office of the president is not so express as your doorstep or h² bankerbeded home.
      If you fail hitting plot one 6 times including 2021, you think that that place is for commoners like h².

  6. HH and UPND please tone down… You know how you should invite the head of state – formally. Even all Institutions are invited formally through recognized channels. You cant use any channel beside that is recognized. Please guys grow up !

    • As if being oval headed dumb is not enough.
      At this point H² acts are so dull.

      Is that a way of getting out’a homos3x scandal?


    • @Mr P-kwekwekwekwe… that oval headed twit is surely bitter. These are acts to appease his funders and gullible supporters. They guy has no political acumen.

  7. I can’t see how this is disrespectful as ECL uses Twitter. It is not like the meeting will take place on Twitter. It would be disrespectful if HH or anyone was inviting the Litunga, Mpezen, Paramount Chief of the Bembas or any of our chiefs. But the President has chosen to interact with his people on Twitter, we should openly engage with him. You see the French Head of state, Macron, POTUS (The Donald) and a lot other Head of States twitting significant messages or events on Social media. The Zambia Presidency demands or has been accorded too much respect, that is why people can be jailed even for sneezing near him. That is why any criticism no matter how constructive attracts punishment.

    Even if HH crossed a line, why thee anger from this Mwanza chap? You can just tell him that you…

    • Opposition weakling drawing the POTROZ to Social Media nonsense.
      So this u5 spoil admires the POTUS and his tweetstorm, yeah?
      Our POTROZ need not be addressed using the Twitter account.
      Gather enough balls to face the POTROZ using proper channels of communication.
      Since when was Twitter a, social media platform, classified as a formal medium of communication?
      As an Afnat Resources CEO he can use Twitter to address his subordinates.
      Do you even know why POTUS uses Twitter?
      I bet all Twitter followers of this goon are the deads.

  8. Just because scatter teeth can not use a computer doesn’t mean it is disrespect when other people with brains use it, PFoools just admitted that they are all dull and backwards, what do these morns think… this is not 1985 you 1doits…. I am sure if they sent a comms via cell it will also be disrespect… any way what’s there to respect when the thieving lawyer wanna be doesn’t respect himself

    • Id10cy of the highest order.
      What’s about twitter and delivering.
      You good should go to school to learn about formal communication.

      So you mean this nigga communicates to you deads using tweets?
      Okay, we will see if Twitter will win you votes.

      These U5s are repugnant.

      Have you been puffing on lye?

  9. … are happy to receive his invitation through your chosen method, you do not have to go on telling all of us how he is unsuitable for the Presidency, kindle let us decide on that. It starts there, show maturity and set a positive mood for the nation. Antonio wants to score points on this one. That is what happens when you create a reward system that rewards Bootlicking. People lookout where they can show loyalty so even if E
    CL is not offended, they will tell him he should. For a ‘Christian’ Government, you guys are too tense, uptight and want to be put on a Pedestal and be praised.

  10. When a President starts imitating the opposition for lack of vision, this is what happens! We must not fight to get seats we cannot manage! The opposition donate mealie meal bags to the hungry, he also donates. The opposition donate Gensets to clinics, he follows by directing ZESCO not to load shed clinics and hospitals. His minister imitates by also donating a million worth of Gensets with undisclosed source of funds! While good is intended from both ends, there is need for order! This unfortunately seems to have sent the wrong message to Mr HH to think he can call the shots as he pleases but that is wrong. HH must understand that there is only one person with the Oath of President at the moment. Such an important engagement should have been more formal! Yes, I think PF and UPND have…

  11. Such an important engagement should have been more formal! Yes, I think PF and UPND have quarreled enough at the expense of the economy, no wonder the Kwacha is sick! Yes, ECL and HH need to meet, make peace and work together for once! HH must understand that though he is pregnant with Economic ideas, he has no power to execute them! ECL should also act like Mwanawasa who took on board ideas from the opposition and made peace for the good of the country!

  12. Soon his demons on this blog will spring out supporting him due to their bitterness and hatred for ECL and PF.
    Just as you have DNA for hatred for ECL ,there some who have also DNA for hatred of your tribal god.
    How can he invite the head of state through Twitter as if he is inviting his cheap whore…?

    • Only upnd knuckleheads don’t understand GRZ protocol. That’s why the oval headed twit spent 127 days in a maximum prison cell for a traffic offence. Hatred and bitterness clearly clouds these tribalists’ judgement.

  13. When Pardoning Prisoners, you use Facebook but when an invitation is extended using Twitter, you are not happy? What do you people want? Could it be that ba kateka does not have a Twitter account?
    Times have moved on! Your friends have moved to 5G Technology and you still want to use Telegram? Even if HH was to write formally, Mwila cannot be trusted to deliver the letter to his boss! The people surrounding the president are the ones misleading him by giving him misleading advice! He needs to weigh some of his advisors in the balance!

  14. If this Energy PF wastes on HH was spent on solving the current power deficit, Loadshedding could have been a thing of the past.. Ninshi HH gives you headche ayini? you even fail to concentrate on serious developmental issues.

    • Not even your upndead Chibwantu generated pee can fill that goddamn man made structure.

      You yap like h², in context, hogwashically.

      Tell your god to shut it as technocrats solve your electricity problem.

    • iwe ,stop your madness right there! technocrats you said?? my foot!! what do you have to say about 22 hours of load shedding every single day? Elo you are a dunderhead !! you think every person who has an opposite view is UPND. Zambians are above UPND and PF waumfwa? we are tired! and we are hungry for solutions and not wasting time on HH! is HH the only opposition leader in this country? Thorn in the flesh, you need to grow up! elo this behavior should remain in 2019 waufwa?

    • Ba Mwanza nabo.. yaba, it’s this level of thinking that every zambian must shift from if we are to advance the nations cause.. be renewed of your minds people as Apostle Paul stated..
      Please stop this dancing for leaders be it at airports or in offices especially mwe ma media director…

    • Walakwa iwe musankwa, anso. Chikubabe.
      Zesco, hammer this nigga 48 hours loadshedding. What’s you address?
      You think Government is happy rationing power.
      On a serious note. On this podium if you’re not PF like others, you are a UPNDEAD like you or a Swinger like me, the undecided. I support the Government of the day
      NOT the party of the day. I represent the +1 in your constitutional 50% + 1 clause. I am very cardinal. So nigga watch it Mmh, be nice. You are opposition regardless. Technocrats are fixing you issues, I repeat.
      No need to be sarcastic here.

    • Ba thorn , ati a swinger like me

      You are a corrupt PF rat , through and through and UPND does not need your corrupt vote


    • iwe fedup. Your UPND has no solutions to offer so far. That is why you will always be rejected by Zambians. Mind you, villagers there do not even know that there is media where you write nonsense!!!! To them, they are pleased when they receive farming inputs, when the government of the day builds them a clinic, school etc. They continue to vote for the party that brings development. Villagers have no idea about the opposition. So careful……………

  16. This dialogue you playing With will be remembered for ever. Wake up Zambia and let the two leaders meet. Whether you want it or not these two are Zambian giants. ECL holds the key to the national instruments of power while HH is the greatest opposition leader Zambia ever had. Don’t solve this issue recklessly, advice HH with empathy truly knowing that he is bound to mistakes.

  17. But chi hh awe sure,he is very self centered that he can think of inviting the head of state like this but f t was ecl the president inviting him to criticism,grow up I we ka hipuba hakatwe,bad manners and respect the president of Zambia,you are a president of yo demons n be on some foolish social media platforms,,, uselessness

  18. Iyeee. Koma pa Zambia napeve ni munzi wazoona! We are not in the 60s people. I thought your President also has a twitter account? Akacite cabe reply ati “Boyi write me ka letter pa Letter Head so that Chipampe akacite schedule with paper trail”. Kwasila. Otherwise this hullabaloo is not necessary. Elo aba na weve ba Antonio seems to battling to gather some reputation from somewhere after he sued for some strange defamation monga pali vocita defame. Awe mwe.

  19. when Foreign leaders like americans presidents use twitter to comment or respond to national issues, americans look at the message being conveyed and no the methodology, some zambians are too folk stuck up their backsides that they stick to only old ways of doing things, guys move with time, this is why nig-ga judges and lawyers still wear wigs…forgetting that things were used at first simply as a fashion accessory for rich barristers and lords,

  20. Donald Trump tweeted about wanting to meet the north Korean leader and within hours they had their second historic meeting…let us stop this pettiness

    • the @ age is getting on their nerves, they have failed to adapt. Charles Darwin must hear this , only the strong will survive.

  21. Me: Is the the head of state in the office?
    Chipampe: sorry his not in. There was a tweet from some opposition wannabe president inviting him for dialogue. His attending to that.
    Me: I guess I will just tweet him.

  22. People like Spaka are indeed an example of a throw-back. Zambia(Northern Rhodesia) had a more educated population then. It argued with the British in their native English language and fought them successfully for independence.The average educational attainment was only at Standard Six Upper Level. This post-Independence crop is indeed too uneducated and too crass to argue deligentily. Hichilema is deluded and Trumpian,with a permanent regional support base. State craft is alien to his psyche. He should have followed protocol.


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