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Inonge Wina expresses ignorance over failure by the Zambian Government to procure a VIP Passenger Jet

Headlines Inonge Wina expresses ignorance over failure by the Zambian Government to...

Sukhoi SuperJet

Vice President Inonge Wina has expressed ignorance over the alleged failure by the Zambian Government to procure a VIP Passanger Jet from Russia due to lack of Funds to pay for the aircraft.

Mrs Wina says she is not aware of any failed deal for the procurement of a VIP Passanger Jet from Russia due to lack of Funds to pay for the aircraft.

The Vice President also expressed Ignorant of the alleged millions of dollars the Zambian government has paid as advance payment for the aircraft.

Mrs Wina was responding to Zambezi East Member of Parliament Brian Kambita during the Vice President’s question time who wanted to know when government will get a refund for the failed deal in order to channel it to road infrastructure in his constituency.

According to media reports, Zambia will no longer be receiving a Sukhoi Superjet 100 VIP passenger jet from Russia as it lacks the funds to pay for the aircraft said Russia’s Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov.

“In Africa, for example, we signed a contract for the supply of a VIP version of the SSJ 100 [SuperJet] to Zambia. But in Zambia, besides the advance payment, there were no funds to finance this aircraft, so the contract has been frozen,” Manturov said.

In July 2017 it was reported that Zambia had ordered five SuperJets from Russia.

Subsequent media reports stated that Sukhoi would only supply a single VIP-configured SuperJet for President Edgar Lungu, after earlier reports suggested four SuperJets would be acquired for the relaunch of Zambia Airways.


  1. Alzheimers onset at just the right problem. It reminds me of when you go and ask for your nkongole from the person to whom you had lent then he asks what nkongole?

    • Thumbs up sharon. A lot more will show by their response how deep halucination has gotten in to there heads. Hazaluza Hagain. In 2021, l hope after Hakaivotela Heka loose for 6th time, the halucination by his minions will not turn into coco menigitis. Shsron!!! Keep it up lady.

    • You are right bodman. As old as mama wina looks, she looks fair and intelligent. These sarrogets who speek with bitterness against her, when they reach her age, they will be a bad site to see. The face of a crockdile is what they will look like.

  2. It is a political answer. Everything is political. Remember the denials on borrowing? Threats to sue Africa Confidential? The Kazungula Bridge? And then the conceding? The ESKOM kaloba (until va tunguka mu SA parliament)? Everything in Zambia is now subject to politics. That is why governance is now in the dustbin… no sonta apa nane ni sonte paja.

  3. Asking social media speculation in parliament?? What does our opposition do or discuss when they convene?? This country is in trouble, imagine upnd in power?? We would be fed lies and rubbish everyday!!

    • When people speculated about Amos Chanda being about the PEPs in FIC Report three year ago they said it was fake news now he has just been arrested for similar crimes people were speculating about by the inept DEC.

    • Correct zambian citizen, lies are what we eat from these tribalists and rubbish as you said. In that rubbish that upnd will feed us, COW DUNG is one them.

  4. With our current situation… economically…y’all grown “mature” adults are having a senseless aggressive negotiation over a f**king plane …grow up!!!

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