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Zambia Police launch a special operation aimed at curbing the escalating criminal activities in Kitwe

General News Zambia Police launch a special operation aimed at curbing the escalating criminal...

Zambia Police has launched a special operation aimed at curbing the escalating criminal activities in Kitwe.

Deputy Inspector of Police in charge of operations Bonny Kapeso is leading a team of Special Forces that has set camp in Kitwe since last night.

Last night 37 people were picked up in Kitwe for various offences with loitering topping the list.

Mr. Kapeso this morning interacted with the local media where he outlined his one-week tour of duty for and on behalf of the Inspector General of Police.

Other activities include community interaction in Kitwe’s Bulangililo township where a public meeting will be held this afternoon.

And speaking during a media interaction this morning, Mr. Kapeso urged the media to help the police with information that may help curb criminal activities in Kitwe.

Meanwhile,Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu said he is happy that the Police has taken a huge step towards the problem that should have been attended to earlier.


  1. Ba Kapeso, criminality in local communities is a function of {poverty, unemployment, corruption, ……list tend to infinite of bad things}
    Regression coefficient between poverty and crime = +1
    Regression coefficient between corruption and crime = +1
    Anyway the work you doing in Kitwe highly commendable. Ba Kapeso is KMB still there?

    • Maybe now the energy going to where its suppose to go, instead of arresting Kambwili for buying dry fish and charge him K50 for the offence but they fail to arrest thieves and known ones for that matter.

    • Ba ZP why don’t start from state House? You never arrested kaziue Zulu and mambi phirl with the ballot papers at ZAF airport .corruption is everyone in Government institutions. How much is fuel today? How much is meali meal today? Has load shedding Finisised?

    • Lol. There’s a traditional ruler called Ndanje Khakis I once told that police methods of dealing with crime in Kitwe were no solution to the problem. He exercised his right to disagree with me and that’s no problem with me. Where are we now? There’s a generation growing up in Kitwe that we’ve lost for good. If we don’t get our act right, even their children will be like the current generation.

    • When we have a thief in chief in the state house expect the whole country to become thieves….Police should go and camp at state house and arrest Lungu first

    • PF listen to me and listen very carefully. Its a good thing to curb crime so that people are kept safe. But an upsurge usually comes with an underlying problem. In this case I can guarantee you that the number 1 underlying problem is poverty and unemployment. The bit of hope people had in 2011 has been shattered! If a person in the komboni cant even afford a bag of mealie meal, while you in PF are living like kings. If a thug like bowman who was just a popper-by his own admission- can suddenly become wealthy despite having no skills or enterprenuership gifts simply because he is a corrupt bootlicker. These are the underlying problems. You will just be locking up more hungry people and filling up prisons, increasing burdem on government coffers and killing productively. Just stop your…

    • continued….just stop your corruption and theft. stop appointing useless incompetent cadres into key positions. Stop the lawlessness and you will be halfway to the real solution. And then after that please get a party president who knows what he is doing. The PF youths are right to be demanding that Lungu must go

    • Abena Ng’umbo Luapula Boy: Whatever happened to the Zambian identity? If we all identify ourselves by our tribe, wht will become of the Zambian identity? Is the Zambian identity too cheap to be identified by?

  2. Ask commissioners in other towns and you’ll hear a similar thing. Crime is on the upswing and the young boys have become terrorists.Its combination of tugiligili chamba and economic and social dysfunction in homes, hunger and general lack of hope for better future. They are grabbing phones, clothes, anything they can find. They are !moving in gangs.Total societal rebels. Thats the profile that’s developing in our communities.Community development departments now need to engage with community leaders to develop mitigation measures within a loadshedded context. Its not just a police thing anymore, though police still can play a forensic role.

    • Driver beaten by Kaizer Zulu after ramming into his bus which was carrying school children in Ibex.
      The driver bled from the mouth after being punched. He also sustained internal injuries.
      Enough is enough!
      So this is what rigging elections with impunity results into. It’s now clear this guy is in the forefront of elections violence and killings as well.
      Fellow Zambians let’s deal with it, boycott all business associated with this guy. Record every incident, take a joint legal action against him including to the ICC (International Criminal Court) …
      How long should we have;
      Kaizer Zulu causes accident, beats other driver
      Kaizer Zulu locks out all other guests at Chita lodge
      Kaizer Zulu beats and kidnaps four people
      Police IG Kanganja accused of projecting Kaizer Zulu


    • @ulubunda. yama paliba imishikakulo! Publish a book so we can learn more from you. Nonetheless, nde cetekela nabomfwa insoselo shenu.

  4. Zambia is in for a very rough ride, this is even before the principal kaloba is paid….

    The effects load shedding to multiply the poverty well into next year.

    This was pointed out to PF and lungu, the citizenry sees nice roads and buildings and by human nature, expects a nice living…

    What is the use of all those developments when people have no jobs ????

    Dunnuna reverseee iyeeee dunnuna …….

  5. As PF we need a candidate for 2021, not these undemocratic under hand methods we hear that we have a candidate for 2021. Who chose him and when? Stop these tricks immediately. Do people have jobs? NO. Is there more money in peoples pockets? NO. Are there lower taxes? NO. So what are we as PF contesting for. Can we be truthful to ourselves. In fact for our colleagues from UPND, this is a no contest. As PF we have lamentably failed, ifitala fye

    • @True Green PF, I support we need a fresh candidate, and we do not need alliance with mmd. PF has been weakened by corruption. Tapali ichakwe apa iyooo. Otherwise, he will cry ninshi HH alefwenkula amasha!

  6. @True Green PF, I support we need a fresh candidate, and we do not need alliance with mmd. PF has been weakened by corruption. Tapali ichakwe apa iyooo. Otherwise, he will cry ninshi HH alefwenkula amasha!

  7. Kapeso has just gone there to make sure there are no more opposition rallies since the ones which the police in kitwe allowed last week without authority from their superiors has made them see the opposition gaining ground and so he is there in person to make sure the local cops don’t make the same mistake again. Otherwise crime is everywhere more so in Lusaka it’s worse. What’s so special about Kitwe that the whole of the deputy IG has to go there.

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