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Linda Kasonde saddened with the lack of interest by Zambians in the petition against Bill Number 10

General News Linda Kasonde saddened with the lack of interest by Zambians in...

Linda Kasonde
Linda Kasonde

Former Law Association of Zambia President Linda Kasonde is saddened with the lack of interest by Zambians, the Civil Society and especially fellow lawyers on the petition to challenge Bill number 10.

Ms Kasonde who is Executive Director of Chapter One Foundation noted with sadness that with trial having begun on 12 November, there hasn’t been much interest from Zambians especially lawyers.

She has called on Zambians to show solidarity to demonstrate how important an issue this is as the trial continues today.

Ms Kasonde said this is the most important case in the history of Zambia after Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula tried to stop Zambia from changing into a one-party state in 1972.

“The stakes are just as high in this case and yet the court gallery is empty”, she lamented in a Facebook posting.

The Law Association of Zambia and Chapter One Foundation took out a petition to challenge Bill No. 10 and Trial began on 12th November 2019.


    • Linda mukeumfwika naimwe… Listen, Zambians are docile citizens, cowards, slow, whatever names you can call tortoise and snails. Extremely armless, and get urinated on by even drunk PF thugs.
      Look at football, they have even stopped playing. Did you see any Zambian coach on line orchestrating game these days???
      If all PF ministers died from lightening, they will all still continue receiving salary from Simon Miti, and you do nothing about it.
      Docile citizens… Even you NGO are only concerned with donors’ money.
      Only UPND and NDC are trying. Socialist and Green Party are cowards…..

    • Zambians docile? I beg to differ. They’re not. Zambians are driven by un-enlightened individual ism so far. This is a relic from the pre-industrial, pre-commercial lifestyle. They don’t know how to organize and influence desirable outcomes.They’re yet to learn what it is to be a citizen. They just know how to belong to a tribe.

    • It’s because it has been politisized. Lesson learnt: Don’t politisize every issue, people are tired of such approaches.

    • Ba Linda you and other elitist Lawyers are part and parcel of this apathy towards the constitution and in general the legal reform process in Zambia which is stuck in gear. The Zambian legal system isolates those who are unknowledgeable of the law to a point if you can’t get a Lawyer even defending yourself in a court over spitting in public will see you lose the case and suffer the maximum penalty. We have reached a point in Zambia where selfish and self centred lawyers are more a hinderence to constitutional and human rights education than the govt because they deliberately step on reforms as they know their monoploy as Lawyers will remain with a status quo of legalise and colonial era laws.

    • The above is a classical half baked story. Lecturers at Universities should use it as a good example of a report failing to answer the Five Ws and an H. What is Bill Number 10? Mrs Kasonde noted with sadness….Where or at what occasion was she noting with sadness….? And when did she do so?

    • INDIFFERENCE is the best description of the Zambia way of doing things, then they complain about everything else. Zambians feel they need some saviour to come from somewhere else, not for within. Look at the Load-shedding they are subjected to, the 42, @$1 m fire tenders, the behaviour of Kaizer Zulu and all other Lungu’s government official behaviour and the behaviour of Lungu himself, letting things deteriorate without explaining anything to the people, until now when he just made a shoddy press conference with not much substance. In other places/ countries Lungu and his minions would not last another day, pathetic!

    • But Linda, LAZ, and other outspoken individuals and NGOs told us that “The People” don’t want Bill 10.
      Now where are those “People”????
      You the few unelected elite always talk about “The People” when you mean yourselves and your egos. Instead of clearly dissecting and analyzing the issues and breaking them down to The People so that they can understand and make up their own minds, you want them to join your battles blindly.
      This is the result, where even yourselves are failing to answer simple questions like defining “The People”.

    • Kitwe City Council once had an enclosure were they kept “Kitwe the Lion” at the zoo in Parklands. I am kindly asking the City of Kitwe to donate that cage, it be useful to Livingstone MUSEUM in future.

    • @ Dkap that sounds just as much like thinking they’re successful without understanding the meaning of success.African success cannot be banked in elitism

    • The petition is fraudulent, malicious and politically inclined. We feel.
      Just withdraw it. Zambians are busy with other things.
      Don’t you get it?

  1. Zambians are a docile people with poor reading culture, they will complain bill comes into effect. Unless if it was DSTV subscription or the Zambian football match not being televised.

  2. Let Linda carry her cross. Its rainy season and all I am interested is increasing my maize hectarage for maize this season.
    She was invited to the NDC and she abandoned it. Its her cup of coffee and let her drink it. ati chiputa.

  3. Its really sad that zambia after 55 years of independence could have such a situation where people are only interested in trivial issues and not matters that define where the country is going. What sort of people have we become? Things are going wrong and all we talk about is tribalism. Where are the so called educated people?. Its that kind of attitude that has led zambia to be ruled by uneducated primitive people. 55 years down the line we could have leaders such as Lusambo. Reflect on kk’s leadership compared to what we have today.

    • But Linda, LAZ, and other outspoken individuals and NGOs told us that “The People” don’t want Bill 10.
      Now where are those “People”????
      You the few unelected elite always talk about “The People” when you mean yourselves and your egos. Instead of clearly dissecting and analyzing the issues and breaking them down to The People so that they can understand and make up their own minds, you want them to join your battles blindly.
      This is the result, where even yourselves are failing to answer simple questions like defining “The People”.

  4. Because you are sadden everybody to be saddened of [email protected] 10 …? If you hate Lungu so everybody should hate him?
    By the way is there any civil Society organization in Europe that is sponsored by the blacks from Africa…?
    Why is it that black race like crucifying fellow blacks?

    • #Easy Easy…you arr the problem zambia has. You cant argue intelligently. You always run away from the topic and bring in unrelated issues.

    • “Why is it that black race like crucifying fellow blacks” Lungu and PF are crucifying Zambia. What do we do then?

  5. Its not just a lack of interest.We all know that the ConCourt is just an extension of the PF executive.
    Most opposition parties have even stopped taking matters to the kangaroo court.You will not get any justice from there.
    However, don’t worry Ms Kasonde. You ,LAZ and other legal brains should keep exposing this sham of a court.After 2021 , your efforts shall be rewarded.
    The Con Courts existence is largely linked to the PF’s stay in power.

  6. This is the Information Age. You switch on your mobile data, Google “bill 10” and voila!! You can read bill 10 yourself and form an opinion and support or reject it. You don’t need Linda Kasonde and other hyenas to push you to fight a battle with someone they consider their enemy. It’s everyone’s democratic right to support what they believe in. The lack of interest comes from most Zambians knowing bill 10 is a good bill and Linda and the hyenas are being payed to frustrate ECL and PF in their regime change agenda.

    • This is reflective of what is to come in 2021 when someone will fail to translate the “mammoth rallies” into votes. There will be cry wolf of a stolen vote!
      The “docile Zambians” have read bill 10. Most do not agree with it in it’s entirety and would love modifications made to certain submissions. The “docile Zambians” refuse to be used to fight personal egotistic battles hence the apathy to the ongoing trial.
      Remember a prominent member of the opposition called Zambians FOOLISH at Mulungushi as the results begun to indicate PF was in the ascendancy. That is a wee tiny bit that made some voters (like me) to start denying this party my foolish vote.

  7. The reason is simple Bill 10 is progressive…The majority of the Zambians are happy about it and only the minority UPND sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress who are into group think mentality including useless LAZ leadership are against this progressive Bill…

  8. It is not the reading culture. It is ignorance and laziness. In an environment where ignorance is a bliss,cowardice is inevitable. Everything is affected by the levels of ignorance and poverty. How do you explain a citizen who votes for the other person because he has been influenced by a pack of shake shake beer? All that is because of ignorance and poverty. Democracy cannot survive in an environment of such vices. If such vices are eradicated, Linda, you will be seeing people flocking to courts and argue on a point of knowledge. Otherwise, most governments ensure that most citizens are kept under the York of poverty and ignorance. It is very easy to tame an ignorant and poverty stricken citizenry. A well informed citizen will act on a point of knowledge.

  9. Zambians shun away from things that require detailed reading or analytical thinking. That’s how they saw no wrong in handing over the presidency in 2011 to a man with no former classmates

  10. Zambians are Reactionary in their approach to life! They may see things going wrong and as long as it does not immediately affect them, they don’t care. They start caring when it’s on their doorstep! Talk of a docile people, that’s how it goes. Bill 10 puts too much power in the President. That is dangerous! Maybe Zambians will wake up when KZ is on their doorstep! Bill 10 gives GRZ power to print more Kwacha and borrow more without BOZ and Parliament approval respectively! If Bill 10 goes through, Zambians will have themselves to blame!

  11. This Bill 10 is a bu$tard child of NDF chigololo on our constitution! It’s a PF survival parachute! Bill 10 means more money for 40 plus PF Deputy Ministers, personal to holder SUVs, free fuel, entertainment allowances all paid for by overtaxed Zambians. Bill 10 also means indefinite 20 hours of load shedding as money will get diverted to unproductive areas like Deputy Ministers! The bunch of jobseekers lining up behind Bill 10 will become your deputy ministers. The question is can our sick economy afford more reckless expenditure? Any wonder why the IMF deal is still on the rocks? We have not demonstrated commitment to Fiscal discipline!

  12. iwe Linda, it seems you are deficient in mobilization skills. If you were a unza moma, mobilize former members of RUPO, and the current if at all RUPO still exists. I saw ET in Lusaka, start with him! That donor funds sitting with you is not meant for debating in hotels so don’t mention classicals here. It’s meant, infact so much for creating sounds with undefined signals. But let’s keep peace, I passed through CB on my way to Luapula. I made stopovers in Kitwe and Mufulira. I tell you Linda, I have never seen angry and hungry Zambians like this before! The combination of being angry with PF and extreme hunger is deadly. After crossing Zaire border, and when rolled down heading to Mansa, I calmed down my soul with a song from ‘Professor’ PK Chishala song title ‘we buchushi’ which…

    • we buchushi’ which is about poverty (ichipowe) and hunger (insala). These are embarrassing our households and communities. Well I reached Luapula safe, and found that PF is very strong here. Nevertheless, it’s hard to know because Luapula people are always calm because we have fresh waters and food all the time. I support PF because of President Sata and none else. Tomorrow I will be rolling back to Lusaka and I will play throughout the same song from ‘Professor’ PK Chishala.


  14. LT blocking even non insulting posts! I thought people complaining were just doing it for the sake of getting one back at LT.
    WELL YOU CAN BE! After all the quality of debate is sub standard especially that you allow half humans to post monosyllables

  15. Zambians are never proactive. They don’t care what the executive presents to parliament they only see through when they start feeling the effects. As long as we eat a bit we become content. No future plans we always want to get things the easy way. Bill No. 10 is worse thing to happen to Mother Zambia. We should all blame ourselved. For those of us who lived under one party participatory democracy, was hell on Earth. Zambia’s vibrant economy started crumbling after 1972 when KK and friends banned multy partism. This thing which we have allowed to go through will hit us hard blow the belt. I am intotal support of Linda Kasonde on this subject.

  16. No interest for Linda’s case; no interest for h², no interest for crazy lazy LAZ.

    That’s the way we get by.

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