The Non-governmental Gender Organisations’ Coordinating Council has condemned the recent tribal remarks broadcast on radio Lutanda in Northern Province.

NGOCC Board Chairperson Mary Mulenga said her Organisation has noted with sadness the trend by some people to try and divide the country based on tribe and regionalism.

Mrs Mulenga has said that history is replete with many sad stories of how such careless tribal and regional statements have caused conflicts that have degenerated into genocide.

“It is a fact that when conflict arises, the most vulnerable in society, the women and children, are worst affected in such situations. It is against this background that we urge all well-meaning Zambians especially our politicians, both in the ruling and opposition political parties, that as the country heads towards the 2021 General Elections, to please desist from inciting and soliciting votes on tribal and regional basis”, she said.

Mrs Mulenga has reiterated her appeal on President Edgar Lungu, as father of the nation, to provide leadership in this direction.

She noted that while the Government has released the report by the Commission on Violence and Voting Patterns, which was commissioned post the 2016 elections, it is our hope that citizens could be sensitized about some of the recommendations in that report.

Mrs Mulenga has also urge the Government, through the Executive, to implement some of the proposed recommendations in the said report to avert violent and tribal politics.

“No amount of comparison that other people have done the same things, can justify what happened at Lutanda Radio Station because TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT! NGOCC is of the view that while we may differ in political ideology, we must remain united in the true spirit of the founding fathers that promoted the “One Zambia, One Nation” motto”, she added.

Mrs Mulenga has since commended the Independent Broadcasting Authority for withdrawing the license for Lutanda Radio Station and also take this opportunity to caution the media against promoting politicians and other people that want to divide the nation on tribal lines.

She has also appealed to Zambians to reject any political party, or individuals that will promote such unprogressive politics.

“We wish to reiterate that our politics should be based on issues and should be about competition to serve the underserved Zambians, especially the women and children”, she added.

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      Fellow Zambians let’s PULL THE PLUG on any political party, institution or individuals that are and will promote such unprogressive politics.


  1. ECL is the leader of the all speeches from these boys no wonder he can’t say anything he sends them to vomit those words.lets just ignore them and wait for 2021 HH power bane no tribalism am from Eastern province I don’t like ECL



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