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UPND wants State House to take immediate action against Kaizer Zulu

Headlines UPND wants State House to take immediate action against Kaizer Zulu

Kaizer Zulu
Kaizer Zulu

The United Party for National Development (UPND) says it is disheartening that President Edgar Lungus political advisor Kaizer Zulu has been allowed to walk freely along the corridors of power after causing terror and engaging in criminal activities.

Party Secretary-General Stephen Katuka says what Edgar Lungu’s political advisor Kaizer Zulu did by recklessly bashing a school bus in Lusaka carrying other people’s children and later brandishing a gun, after hiring thugs to beat up the driver of the school bus, cannot go without serious backlash.

Mr. Katuka said Kaizer Zulu does not deserve to be a civil servant let alone special assistant to President Edgar Lungu.

“We cannot have a person who, a few months ago, closed a bar in Kafue after an altercation with a fellow citizen. It is Zulu who used a gun in Kitwe to threaten civilians”, he said.

Mr. Katuka said Kaizer Zulu is not above the law and must meet all the medical expenses for the driver he beat up.

He has demanded that the Road Transport and Safety Agency in collaboration with the Zambia Police Service to immediately arrest Kaizer Zulu failure to which the UPND shall institute legal action against him on behalf of the Public.

Mr. Katuka said Mr. Zulu is a threat to fellow citizens and does not deserve to move freely the way he is doing now.

He said Mr Zulu needs serious discipline and the law should visit him.

“We are amazed that Edgar Lungu seems to be under siege and appears to be subordinate to Kaizer Zulu. It seems to us that Lungu fears Zulu to the core. This is the reason why Zulu has continued to misbehave”, Mr Katuka added.

He said it is regrettable that Mr. Zulu last time forced his way into Heroes Stadium pitch and started harassing match officials.

“We condemn the behavior of Kaizer Zulu and demand that State House takes serious action with immediate effect”, he said.


    • What’s the difference between Kaiza and Tekelo?
      The way you people describe Kaiza makes me think that he is a moron. Is he?
      Who is [email protected] between the two?
      The narrative from Katuka of all people takes me to the mountain.
      Someone explain without political bias.

    • I agree. If you want Lungu to do something, the UPND will always be a wrong messenger. They ignore everything that the UPND says

    • He s lucky, ine Kaizer nga kale namuponona….
      Just wait soon Kaizer will shoot Freedom Sikazwe in-front of his boss. This is why there is divide in PF, one group is hoping that Kaizer may leave his brother-in-law Ba Edgar in a wheelchair.

    • @ 1 Kalu2019 and @ 1.3 Peter Njobvu

      It was HH and UPND who gave lungu an ultimatum to remove his thugs terrorising the bus stops and markets and lungu is trying ……

      And for how long before lungu acts against KZ before he does anything without anyone talking , 5 years ??

    • The Skeleton Key ~206~ has been singing for 5 years now that PF are a batch of visionless & violent bandits.

      Kaizer is flexing his PF banditry & violent muscles by traumatising school children without any remorse. Violent bandits like Kaizer a menace to society, esp in a so called christian nation. Bandit Kaizer must be arrested immediately, he not above the law!
      By the way, how much is mealie meal?
      Is load shedding & economy any better?

      The Skeleton Key

    • 2021 Zambia please get rid of these PF bandits…like bankrupting the country is not enough now Kaizer Zulu Wako ni Wako is acting like a lunatic….So when I tell you guys that the corrupt Zambian Judiciary is controlled by Lungu….Lungu initiates all the fake arrest and later cases are dismissed…..no wonder Kaizer Zulu was the only makaka left in the auditorium at UNGA in New York when thief Lungu stepped up to the Podium….please Zambia lets get these PF bandits moroons out of office in 2021 and send them to Jail….Lungu and Kaizer should be hunged till pronounced dead

    • Ask them, they will say either climate change caused the accident or HH. Dog Zulu is the one that led a bunch of thieves to steal the votes that is why we have masquerade’s. What do you expect? Rotten and uncooked beans to be spilled? The dog continues as deliquence advisor to the blind guide.

    • ‘Kaizer Zulu Says He Acted To Save School Children, Went In The Ditch’

      I thinks Kaizer does not need to explain anything to anyone. It’s a good thing that there were no fatalities diring the unfortunate incident. Why should Kaizer explain anything when Lungu’s regime has never explained all the misdeeds that they have subjected the poor country to during all their stolen tenure? Lungu and his minions will just all need to go to Jail, including Kaizer, himself for their recklessness, FULL STOP!

    • The nuisance that Kaizer is, is supported by Zambians for there’s no way a thug can keep terrorising the citizenry and the law enforcement agencies keep handling him with kids gloves! Talk about the few who are above the law and Kaizer is among them!

  1. He looks exactly like the turd I just flushed down the loo a few minutes ago. ECL should do likewise with this thug.

    • Cage violent bully who thinks he is above the law, this 1doit like his ka useless ka worst president on earth think that Zambia belong to PFoools party of dull 1doit and morons and their 1doitic parents who couldn’t teach them manners.

    • I am sure Prof. NO INSONI has written the UN on his University letterhead HAGAIN. He has also written another one addressing XENOPHOBIA in SOuth Africa because “ONLY A TONGA can be President of UPND!”

  2. What happened yesterday is beyond unfortunate.. Imagine the trauma those children went through.. Their bus was hit into, their probably beloved driver dragged out, battered and guns brandished. I wouldnt want my kids anywhere near such a terrifying scene and neither should you. Enough is enough, KZ should dance to the law or the law should just come out clean that he is above so that we know how to deal with him on our own.
    Its only a matter of time before his gun goes off in public and lives are lost. Its not rocket science here folks; imagine, if you will, that the guy hits into your car as you’re taking your kids to school, he then drags you out in front of your wife and kids and batters you.. You react to defend yourself and boom! a bullet in you and maybe a stray in your wife or…

  3. Let’s just deal with whoever appointed him in 2021 because no action will be taken against this shameless thug. Lawyers generally have got class but his boss as a senior lawyer was living in Jack compound. Hence appointing riff raffs as presidential advisors.

    • That is the most nincompoop suggestion one with pure sanity can ever make. Judge not people an the basis of which komboni they hail from.
      Can we have some mature discussion.
      You mean people who live in Jack Compound are riff raffs.

    • @Mwenye temusungu, I am not talking about the ordinary good people of Jack compound or those who hail from there. The issue is about A SENIOR LAWYER LIVING in a komboni for years. Don’t you see anything wrong with that?

  4. Akainde’s advisor is William Tekere Banda who is a piece of shiit worse than Kaizer.
    However I don’t like Kaizer being close to the President.

    • Tekere does not go around beating up people, brandishing a guy and bumping his vehicle into a bus carrying school children. Thats the greatest shortcoming of zambians… trying to rationalize madness by comparing it to something else.

  5. UPND should have tact.This Kaiser f00l is a useful 1diot,all who want this failure of a president to go in 2021 should realise that Kaiser is doing there job for them.Let Lungu keep his Kaiser so that people realise that to get rid of Kaiser they need to get rid of Lungu

    • One person cannot bring down the people’s president. I have come to believe that EL means well for us. I am giving PF my vote come 2021 for the 1st time ever. Kaiser should keep calm. Is he on Government salary for crying out loud?

    • @Mailo, the danger with keeping him till then is that at the rate he is going, he wont be just aiming the gun at people but will now start pulling the trigger and killing. I am just shocked that he was brandishing a gun were our school children were near.

    • Skylab
      That is even better,let him graduate to committing capital crimes so that he gets locked up and the keys thrown away

  6. It’s not LT Mr .mbizo is the group of UPND stooges who like blocking their fellow bloggers.As you can see that LT is another watchdog’s UPND

    • He should get rid of himself as well, the thieving wanna be lawyer, AKA scatter teeth, AKA drunk, AKA useless worst ka president on earth, AKA the dullest person on earth AKA 1doit

    • Tried to find Mr Kaizer Zulu’s biography or profile but to no avail. May be we can try to understand his present actions renewing his past.

    • nachi
      Go to Chelston clinic,imagine that is where the president picked him from,and he was not a doctor not even a nurse. His actions betray his dullness. For Smiley Sikazwe,go to Mukuba Pension Trust,he was mechanic/head driver,and if you want to have a good life,go to Nationalassemblyofzambia.gov,Sikazwe the mechanic lists his qualification as mechanical engineer kikiki..what a government

    • And appoint HH (privatization thief),Nkombo(stole maize while working at SGS), Jack(lawyer who has never won a single case).

  7. I hope one day KZ walks in my path and rubs me the wrong way, that is the day he will begin to learn to behave, in fact I will entice him to rub me the wrong way so that a lesson loud and clear is transmitted to him which will in future make him hesitate to act foolishly in different circumstances. It is too much and no one seems to be willing to teach this Maron a lesson, but with time I will.

  8. It looks to me ba Edgar is being held at ransom. Yakosa bola. What is that the man knows about Edgar that if review will have serious consequences. Pls let us know

  9. The president should indeed get rid of Kaizer Zulu. The man is dangerous to the public and doesnt fit to be in public office. He is also denting the name of the president and office of the president.

  10. If the President ignore this then his integrity is compromised and people will put him on the same level as Kaizer Zulu maybe they drink together they know each other.

  11. Hard work brings more wealth in the family, folding arms and waiting for someone to do it for you brings hunger, poverty, frustrations and shame in the family. Talking will not bring food on your table, as empty buckets makes alot of noise. Stay focus and teach your children and your family how to work hard in life. Successful people are always ahead of time, they believe that time is money. You can think of changing the government or the President today, still if you’re not focused and beliving in yourself you will remain behide as your friends progresses.

    • Alangizi Ba Chitukuko lekeni ibange ba mudala, You are 90% off topic each and every time. Ukupepa dobo (dagga smoking) is not good for elderly people

  12. @ NO. 8 I agree with this list these are corrupt evil group of people kaizer, Dora, Lusambo, Chitotela, Smiley Sikazwe, Kampyongo and Luo these are the people destroying PF and if Lungu fail to fire these people they cost him his presidency also GBM biggest Tribalist in the country he can even win a gold medal for that.

  13. Tried to find Mr Kaizer Zulu’s biography or profile but to no avail. May be we can try to understand his present actions renewing his past.

  14. I am very, very curious. It appears political advisors must be violent or at least be able to foment violence. UPND adopted one Tekere Banda who was a terror in his hey days although usually from an incitement position. Kaizar can’t wait to actually act out the violence himself. Can someone actually explain why this is so? Sata tried to break this when he fired the same Kaizar… aba beve ati iyayi nufuna wa ndeo because that is how it has been…

  15. How can you progress if the country is not progressing how can people be successful when the country is not successful how can you work hard when there is no work to do.
    Where there is no vision people perish this government has no vision only thieves and corrupt people are prospering contractors not paid ,salaries paid late pensions not paid so what are you talking about Sir.
    where there is no vision there is no hope there is no hope in Zambia if you are rich you are rich if you are poor you are poor no hope for the working class in that country there is no hope only for thieves and the corrupt we are doomed if we don’t change this PF full stop.

  16. Colleagues, Kaizer Zulu has never done any shotokan and neither has he ever lifted any weights. Even when he brandishes firearms he has never had any professional training. I don’t even know how he looks. The street kids of Kitwe can beat Kaizer to pulp. I challenge him to walk awkwardly around the former Astra around 21.00hrs. Now I understand why the murder case of young Sumuwelu at airport turnoff and that of another Zulu at Mumpanshya have not moved. Life at State House fake and temporal. Only somebody with little intelligence will be carried away. He isn’t the first to work there and neither is he the last. I have no doubt he will face difficulties dealing with life after Plot 1. What kind of people are these?

  17. I have come believe that the worse you behave in Lungu’s government the more you are admired by Lungu. Stardy Mwale a mere PS is still in a job, Chitotela still in a job and Kaizer scandal upon scandal is untouchable. Kaizer definitely has data on the President and that is why the President is afraid of firing him.

  18. I think Kaizer Zulu knows too much about the president and the PF that’s why he is behaving like that may be he was the kingpin in the 2016 rigging of the general election.

  19. The police are not carrying out their duties as prescribed because they are under political command.
    They can’t arrest any member (Senior or junior) of the ruling party because they fear for their jobs. They await instructions from politicians. Meanwhile they try hard to please their politician commanders by constantly harassing and arresting opposition politicians.
    The culture of impunity is total.

  20. “Every Dog has its own day”
    That Kaizer Zulu will soon meet his match and it will be a very sad ending for him.
    That witchcraft of he’s will soon fail him. Just wait and see.

  21. UPNDEADS started hallucinating that Kaizer beat someone yet it was just an accident and accidents happens all the time. if it was not Kaizer involved, it was going to be another accident. UPNDEADS should sue all people involved in accidents if they are not just politicking as usual.
    They talk about cadres in markets and bus stations in Lusaka yet their blood colour shirted cadres are doing the same in Mazabuka, Monze Dundumwezi and Namwala.
    These people should grow up.

  22. Sungwe, this is not the first time this dog has gone off his color and as for you just shut up and continue with your 419 scams…

    • From you name, you must belong to that low class group of people with no purpose in life and akainde’s rugs. I wouldn’t be surprised if you live in those abandoned building in central Joburg.

    • 1doit 419 scam , what the hell do you know about life, you probably one of those PFoools rats who cant think, from your name you probably pick sh!t for a living, what 1doit, just keep on supporting what you don’t know, 419 peace sh!t,dirty f*ck

    • It’s very well documented on when he served as Deputy Provincial PS and how Rosa buses went through Police check points with cadres and pangas. The OIC at Mumpanshya at the time knew who did what. If your name appears in that report just know that your day will definitely come. General Chite was called 5 years after retirement to answer charges and he went to prison. Take heed, you’re on your own

  23. We need to wait until we hear from the views of the able leadership. The President is a humble and hard working his focus is to see to it that Zambia is developing in the corners.

  24. Zambians have themselves to blame. They are cowards, good only at insulting from a distance. For how long has this thug been behaving the way he does? Don’t people who matter in society and have access to the president see this? and what have they done/ Nothing, because Zambians are boot lickers who take everything that the leader says as right and therefore cannot challenge and are putting up with whatever garbage the leadership imposes on them. What cannot help but wonder what the quality of conscience of the likes of Rev. Sumaili, a full fledged person of the cloth putting up with the likes of Kaizer Zulu, while at the same time pushing for policies that disenfranchise people of other faiths in Zambia. if Zambia is serious on its christian identity which it seeks to reinforce…

    • Forget about “G0df!dah Smiley” the P.F Cadre of cloth!
      She’s another attack D0g for the violent P.F & [email protected]
      When [email protected] P02NO Minister was found wanting, G0dfr!dah of all people defended his shocking behaviour as a minister posting Po2no whilst working.
      G0dfr!dah has been NDWII, while [email protected]!zer not once, BUT numerous times violently assaulted innocent citizens, who’s only crime was to cross paths with [email protected]!zer.

  25. Thorn

    Hehehehehe ………

    Ati tekere ……hehehe

    Sorry badala , no one is listening to you , nor do they care about William Banda

  26. When times are hard its normal to feel like “this is too much”…Its okay to break and you don’t have to be in denial about it.. You’re human and you hurt too… let it out but just don’t dare give up afterwards

  27. Tell UPND, that you are punishing him by sending him off to the USA on the Presidential Plane to arrange for some more Fire Tenders…….

    That will really set them off!

  28. Kaizer is a tip of the incivility of the PF, lack of governance acumen and an appetite only of how to amass. The thuggery within the PF ranks permeates the hierarchy of power, all the way to State house. PF is an unintelligent version of the mafia. But it thrives because of a meek population and very weak civil society. The GREAT LEADER, clueless in the affairs of running a nation, is caught up in this web of daggers, blackmail, expropriation of the state resources and dark secrets – not to forget the resultant debased behaviours, naked opulence, purchased concubines and substance/alcohol induced highs.

  29. @ No 31.1 Sungwe why you are using Nigerian flag and you are talking about Zambian politics are you not part of Pastor Amata that Nigerian Pastor supporting criminals for a cut.

  30. on moral grounds, if EAGLE ONE is afraid of secrets he is sharing with KZ, then it is high time he clips his wings and call for a snap elections. We can not and I repeat we can not have a head of state who is captured by few individuals. If all this nonsense and unruly behavior which has so far been reported on this KZ, and Eagle one sees them to be normal, it is worrisome for our nation.

  31. PF u are further more decampaining your yourselves by keeping KZ. you will never see votes in 2021. pipo are very annoid with u by not removing decampainers like KZ, DORA, Lubinda with fake bill 10. Pay retirees or no V.

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