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ZRA Chief Welcomes President Lungu’s position on empowering Zambian clearing companies

Economy ZRA Chief Welcomes President Lungu’s position on empowering Zambian clearing companies

Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda flanked by Commissioner Domestic Taxis Moses Shuko (l) and Commissioner Customs Sydney Chibbabbuka speaking to journalists during the press conference

Zambia Revenue Authority Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda has welcomed President Lungu’s position on empowering clearing companies owned and run by Zambians.

Mr. Chanda has immediately presented a proposal to the Ministry of Finance on legally available options to empower Zambians in the industry.

Currently, there are 821 registered and licensed clearing companies in Zambia with over 80% of the business being done by foreign multinational clearing companies including those owned by foreign companies through Zambian proxies.

The proposed measures to government include but not limited to compelling all Government institutions to clear all goods using indigenous Zambian owned companies and private companies to give a minimum of 20% of their volumes to Zambian owned clearing companies.

The Commissioner-General has urged local clearing companies to desist from smuggling activities so that they consolidate the support, trust, and confidence of the Authority.

Mr. Chanda has also encouraged local clearing companies to form one Association so that they have a strong voice and work together.

Currently, local clearing companies belong to three different clearing association. “Such fragmentation is not good and may negate government effort to help them,” The Commissioner General said.

Mr. Chanda said the Authority is optimistic that these measures will not only empower the indigenous clearing companies but also create jobs and boost the economy of our country.


  1. More empty talk.
    What happened to the 20% subcontracting for roads?
    Every “directive”, every instruction, every policy, every single day reveals how incompetent Mr. Lungu’s government is.
    With the road contracts the few that where given to locals, was given to PF cadres wgo owned shell companies and went and sold the contracts to chinese. We know how this ends.
    And there are some of those cadres on this blog who have gotten contracts by dubious means and that is why they defend Lungu like rabid dogs. Their survival depends on it.

    • Is the violent bandit Kaizer of visionless PF & Lungu been arrested for causing a fatal crash?

      How much is a 25 kg mealie meal bag?

      Is dununa load shedding the best present that the violent & visionless PF bandits given the people?

      How is the economy performing today?

      The Skeleton Key

  2. Is it true that yours has taken over all Mining related Clearing and Forwarding business? Are these not conflicting interests abuse of authority of office mwebena Chinsali?

    • It’s true his company called CILTAX, trading as NISHATI has grabbed most big clearing jobs. A clear case of abuse of authority and the powers that be don’t care! I have never seen this kind of lawlessness under Lungu since independence. But again who can blame him when the “uubomba mwibala alya mwibala” bill was assented to by the president?

  3. Hard work brings more wealth in the family, folding arms and waiting for someone to do it for you brings hunger, poverty, frustrations and shame in the family. Talking will not bring food on your table, as empty buckets makes alot of noise. Stay focus and teach your children and your family how to work hard in life. Successful people are always ahead of time, they believe that time is money. You can think of changing the government or the President today, still if you’re not focused and beliving in yourself you will remain behide as your friends progresses.

  4. Conflict of interest. Chanda the chief of ZRA runs a clearing agency company. …….and doesn’t declare interest. Den of thieves!!!

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