Kabaso and Chrstina

Bespoke fashion designer Kabaso Nkandu of the trending fashion label Nkanda Yatu showcased his designs on the Windhoek Fashion Week runway on the 9th of November 2019 in the sunny city of Windhoek. This debut made Nkanda Yatu the first Zambian fashion designer to participate in the event with the most sought-after runway in Namibia.

In its fourth year running, Windhoek Fashion Week has proven to be a valuable platform for African fashion designers. “The Windhoek Fashion Week is a platform that was created to bring opportunity to African designers, jewelers, models and so forth” said Luis Munana, the Founder and Director of the Windhoek Fashion Week.

“It is an honour to have received an invitation to share Zambian creativity in Namibia. My team and I left the runway with so much more than an applause, we took with us many lessons and skills in international fashion and design.” stated Nkandu. Designer Kabaso Nkandu was accompanied by prominent Zambian model and Brand Ambassador of Nkanda Yatu, Christina Sakala who closed off the show in sheer elegance raising the Zambian flag even higher among a Pan-African audience of fashion enthusiasts.

Christina Sakala

Further details of the showcase can be found on the Nkanda Yathu and Windhoek Fashion Week social media pages.


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  1. Why do men love women’s thighs so much?

    The things that go through our minds when we see nice thighs…I can not say them on this forum.

    Me, I do not even look at breasts, or bokosi.

    I go straight for the thighs.

    Surely there are other straight men that think like me?


  2. I still think you can dress modestly and still look good. Problem with us ladies , we think exposing parts of our bodies makes us look se$xy . Anyway am just saying. congratulations to Nkanda Yatu!


  3. congratulations kabaso.
    keep on honing your craft my brother
    @asante na indigo mwalipena lmfao. luv you both!


  4. Kabaso, keep practicing. The design underwhelming. The taloring needs improving, the model is just wrong for this. Chunky thighs and lumpy.



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