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President Lungu Commissions the Kalomo-Dundumwezi-Ngoma-Itezhi-Tezhi first ever climate resilient Road

Rural News President Lungu Commissions the Kalomo-Dundumwezi-Ngoma-Itezhi-Tezhi first ever climate resilient Road

President Edgar Lungu has yesterday commissioned the US$ 20.9 million, 247 Kilometers; Kalomo-Dundumwezi-Ngoma-Itezhi-Tezhi first ever climate resilient road in Zambia.

President Lungu said the commissioning of the new road from Kalomo through Dundumwezi to Itezhi-Tezhi district is a positive development as the Government continues to transform the face of the country.

President Lungu said the commissioning of the road was a clear reflection of the Patriotic Front (PF) Government’s unwavering commitment to improving the road network across the country and to delivering on the development promises to the people of Southern Province.

He said the new road could withstand all weather conditions.

“The road we are commissioning today, the Kalomo-Dundumwezi-Ngoma-Itezhi-Tezhi road has been constructed, and rehabilitated using the revised construction guidelines, making it the first-ever climate resilient gravel road in the country,” he said.

The Head of State was speaking at the commissioning of the Kalomo-Dundumwezi-Ngoma-Itezhi-Tezhi road today in Dundumwezi, Southern Province.

“As a climate resilient road, it is expected to withstand changing climatic conditions. This is the model road which we will replicate in other parts of the country, particularly, in rural areas, due to its cost effectiveness, compared to the traditional methods of road construction,” he said.

“Government is addressing the challenge of climate change in infrastructure development, by redefining the guidelines for construction and rehabilitation. The redefined guidelines are taking into account current and projected climatic conditions in terms of temperatures, rainfall and winds. This is to ensure that our infrastructure is built to withstand extreme weather conditions,” he said.

He observed that the efforts to transform the rural parts of the country were being negatively effected by the effects of climate change.

“Flash floods washing away bridges are making it hard for our mothers and children to access education, health facilities and other services,” President Lungu said.

He said the new road which links Southern and Central provinces, is a shorter route to the Copperbelt, Lusaka and Western provinces and will also reduce the hardships experienced by people in accessing markets, and engaging in socio-economic activities.

“The road brings numerous benefits to the communities living within the Kafue River Basin. For our farmers, the road has eased access to inputs, and markets for their crops and livestock,” he said.

He further said, “Our livestock farmers from Choma, Zimba, Kalomo,Dundumwezi and some parts of Western Province such as Mulobezi, Sichili, Machile, and Moomba Chiefdom are easily accessing their main markets in Central and Copperbelt Provinces, including Kasumbalesa boarder post”.

And President Lungu said local contractors will continue to take part in the development of the country by ensuring that all contracts below K30 million are reserved for them.

“We will continue to reserve all contracts below K30 million to citizen owned, citizen influenced and citizen empowered companies in line with the Citizen Economic Empowerment Regulations of 2011,” he said.


  1. Ba lungu how is meali meal today? Has load shedding Finisised? How much is fuel today? Busy travelling when do u work? Know vision for real. Thanks for been honest.

    • Wht’s a climate-resilient road? Is that the fancy new term for wht has been knows as an all-weather road? It’s probably just a fashion. For goons at low levels of thinking, govt taxes all citizens and eligible residents in receipt of income regardless of their political leanings. Govt therefore has an obligation to provide public goods to all parts of the country. Of course that’s too advanced for some trolls on this site, including Expendito.

    • Insala tempulilwa, nindiminwa.
      Eyes on the ball.
      Tell everybody, bloggers, Ministers, Bakamushi, PSs, Service chiefs, Opposition leaders, Church goers, Mosque goers, Civil Servants, Men in uniform not to take the weather for granted. Let’s all go farming. Tell those Kalomoans, Dundumwezians, Itezhi-Tezhians and all Zambians to get to teal the land.

      Congrats for commissioning that road. Out’a all places, Dundumwezi? That is the most impartial development undertaking you can ever do. Yes! Development across the country.

    • Ukushinga butter…..this is what PF bandits are good at….out of US$20 million only less than $2 million will be used and $ 18 million will end up in Lungu’s pockets and his fellow PF bandit cabinet and bandit cadres….Lungu start preparing for Jail

    • But where is the road? You go to cover the commissioning of a road but your cameras are pointed at the one commissioning. Nibumuzungu wanga bwamusango shani ba reporter? We the readers want to see this road because of the praises you are singing about in your story

    • Let’s develop this thing! The BOY is UNELECTABLE and a DANGER to society (Zambia). I am glad everyday every Zambian knows who HAZALUZA HAGAIN represents! The President has transformed Zambia for better. “He who does not give praise to the good being done in Zambia is a son of a witch!” goes an adage.

    • Well, fancy talk about this new road, a first of it’s type in Zambia! Also good timing for commissioning this mouthful ‘climate-resilient road’ as the rain season is starting we will have to see how resilient the road is after the rains!

    • Move on. Your whining and complaining over temporal thing will not be permanent in you empty skull.
      Government has head your concerns. They will fix it, you hear? But you will not be sitting down there complain you entire life. Get a life, lazy immigrant.
      Do you rig for oil or does energy production come overnight you lazy 1d10t?

  2. 6 yrs now you can’t even go to Europe or Asian for bussiness summits. Busy touring like a Minister without vision with ur PF bandits.

    • You’re sick.

      In that 6 years, what have you done for your life? Any goals or projects?
      Amatako yalipwilila mukwikalisha.
      No leader will put food on your table.
      Stop your lazy life and getting thinking.

    • You’re s.i.c.k.

      In that 6 years, what have you done for your life? Any goals or projects?
      Amatako yalipwilila mukwikalisha.
      No leader will put food on your table.
      Stop your lazy life and getting thinking.

  3. Roads, roads and roads….. this is not the o ly development you can bring to the hungry people. Please concentrate of what immediately affect the people. Insala and luck of jobs. 2021 my vote for you will be negative.

    • That is the most stup1d comment for you to make right now.
      You mean dudumwezians and Itezhi-Tezhians don’t receive farming inputs.
      Government aid does not last forever.
      You and the other people gotta farm to chase hunger. How dare sit there and wait for GRZ job?
      What kind’a thinking is that?

  4. He thinks people will live off roads, it’s also very expensive for people to even enjoy the benefits when you have to spend a fortune just to get from one point to the other. The title climate-resilient makes you think it’s a state of the art road that won’t need fixing which is impossible, in this case the road won’t just be washed away but you still have to keep fixing it.

    • Low class comment.
      People cry for road network infrastructure in rural areas.
      Government needs to open up the country with roads for people to have access to farming areas, schools, hospitals other forms of development and other social amenities.
      I can’t believe how d.u.l.l you can get and sound on roads and development.

    • “making it the first-ever climate resilient gravel road in the country,” he said”

      What I dont understand is where it states that it is a gravel road. How can a gravek road withstand all climatic conditions? This is crazy. What is going on sure

      Exporting goats to Saudi Arabia
      and now gravel raods withsatanding all climatic conditions. Anyway wishful thinkng dick head

    • It was an exciting read until I reached “resilient gravel road”. I am sure the life span of this road is 50 years before it is due for “regrading”

  5. @Jacob, loadshedding and mmeal prices are temporarily affecting us and most of us who are analytical know why we are into this passing phase. Being in opposition does not mean opposing everything…!! Come out of your negativity corner and get a life. Well done PF led government for taking development to all parts of the country. My vote is on development come 2021.

  6. Not a single soul will vote for him there. But good for giving us what is rightfully ours as tax payers. I don’t think we need to thank you for doing the bare minimum.

  7. Mr President, Take this development to NWP where they will appreciate. These people can never vote for you even if you give free mealie meal to every household for five years in a row.

  8. What does this even mean? We have places where it is wet all the time, or with sharp weather contrasts but they have fcuking RESILIENT road infrastructure ba pushi imwe! So now why don’t you take that technology to Sesheke-Livingstone stretch ti one kaili! Sometimes I am not even sure what sort of leaders we have mwe! Just doing strange things! Nafulwa sana!

  9. People who object to infrastructure development make me sick and wonder whether they are normal. In the absence of these fundamentals and prerequisite, poverty and unemployment will forever haunt this country. Problem with us Zambians is we are too myopic and lazy to the extent that you want Government to do everything for you, but i have a message for you, no one or anywhere in the world is such tolerated. Get up, be real, stop hallucinating and get to work for yourself otherwise you shall die in depression.

  10. @Maliso. Zambians are lazy? Do you know a lazy person in this country? For all I know there is no free monthly cash transfers to the unemployed population to warrant such description. I’m checking the aggregated economic mathematical model, and shows that peasant/small scale farmers contribute 80-90% of the national food basket. Paradoxically, this hard working group belong to the 70-80% of population living below poverty datum line. I like when President Lungu said the installation of roads potentially increases access to the market. Which suggest potentially reduced postharvest losses and increased contribution towards food security, and subsequently increased income. Nevertheless, the high cost of energy still complicates distribution of any form. I find the use of smart…

  11. Imwe tu UPND just say thank you to Presido Lungu. Why are you so negative ? I pray that HH comes into power ( if at all he can) so we see how he will turn Zambia into New York….. in fact from the look of things HH can be worse leader than Lungu. HH may not think of those who oppose Him and his UPND. We have noted this.

  12. Such a road is long overdue not least to allow opening of tourism routes from tourists already visiting Livingstone also. But is the road started, or just the idea of the road has been commissioned? The article mixes benefits in the present tense and also plans for a road in the future tense. Does anybody know far is this road and how can it be commissioned at the start of the rains?

    • The road which is a gravel road has been in use for almost 1 year now !!!!!!!! Why they are only commissioning it now i do not understand…………………

  13. Many thanks to tax payers’ money that will be spent on equal and fair development of our country Zambia. There is nothing unusual about a sitting government commissioning development in various parts of it’s nation and lets not be fooled to think that this is a special gesture to the people of Southern Province. All parts of Zambia deserve decent roads etc. We all know to what lengths politicians go to in the hope of fooling people into voting for them.
    Zambians need educating about where development money comes from….. it’s not from Lungu’s pocket. It’s from your hard earned money, tax paid for by you, your children, uncles etc !!!


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