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$6.5 million Paid to ESKOM was for the arrears for the power supplied to Zambia in 2015


Energy Minister Mathew Nkhuwa says Government has commenced the process of importing 400 megawatts of power from South Africa and Mozambique
He emphasized that the cost of importation will not be passed on to the consumers until the energy legal framework is amended.
Mr. Nkhuwa said South Africa is expected to supply 300 Megawatts while Mozambique is expected to supply 100 megawatts respectively.

Energy Minister Mathew Nkhuwa has clarified that Zambia paid US$20.5 million to Eskom of South Africa for power imports and not the US$27 million being reported in some sections of the media.
Mr Nkhuwa said power imports for one month cost the country US$20.5 million US$6.5 million was for the arrears for the power supplied to Zambia in 2015.

Meanwhile Mr Nkhuwa said there will be no significant change in the load shedding schedule following the commencement in the importation of electricity from South Africa.

He said the imported power will only reduce load shedding by two hours because the power deficit remains huge.

Mr Nkhuwa added that the distribution of power being imported from South Africa will be according to the Zesco schedule.

He said the importation of 300 megawatts of power has only reduced the deficit to 600 megawatts which remains huge.

And Mr Nkhuwa has disclosed that Zambia owes Electricidade de Moçambique-EDM-of Mozambique 70 million US Dollars for power supplied in 2017.

Mr Nkhuwa said government has also shelved the idea to import power from EDM of Mozambique because they are expensive.

He explained that EDM was demanding 12.9 cents per kilowatt hour which is expensive.

Featuring on the Breakfast show this morning on Hot FM Radio, Mr Nkhuwa said government has devised a payment plan and has been paying some money to dismantle the debt owed to EDM.


    • Yaba…..PF bandits your rampant thieving is now exposed…nowhere to hide and meanwhile bandit Lungu is in Dubai chilling

    • “President Lungu drained the Zambezi River of all the water leading to the shortage of power,” UPND INCOMPOS Bospakata and Gay Jay Group 4s.

    • These PF thieves are bad news.

      So we bought electricity from RSA in 2015 which lasted the country only 9 days?

      Like we did the oil from Saudi that lasted 6 days?

      Even with this new importation of electricity, load shedding will not improve. In fact, it will get worse. The whole country is heading for a blackout – sorry to say but it is true.

      These guys are now dreaming up debt we do not even owe.

      Next you will hear we owe money to someone from the year 1924.

      This koswe in office is too much.

      Vote wisely.

    • You read my mind. Remember when I told you president Lungu suffers because of Sata’s ridiculous people. He needs to change more people in his cabinet. Drunk Maggie was way better than most of these remaining.

    • Did you people here not know that Zesco has been a cash cow for corrupt leaders in Zambia? It is used to finance campaigns, pay for illegal deals and the list is endless. Its the only parastatal that can generate readies (cash) because we all need power. Zesco has been making losses from a long long time and its also used as a scapegoat for borrowing more money by corrupt Zambian leaders. The problem this time is that the cash cow has been sucked dry, left limping and wilting away to an eventual slow death just like Zambia Airways. Privatise this old f00l called ZESCO.

    • This fool called minister has told an uncountable lies within a space of 10days, what kind of koswe is he muli iyi mpoto, why appoint such an incompetent and iiidiiiotic person to such an important ministry? Kambwili was right, these myona myona does not deserve the ministerial position he is damaging.

  1. So EDM has refused to supply power on kaloba..!! We don’t believe that expensive cover story…..seams are coming apart now.

  2. Matthews Nkuwa please to give us half statements. Zesco didn’t give that power to clients free of charge. Where did Zesco take the money they raised from the sell of that power? Your lies are catching up with you. My advice is that you begin to renovate prisons because most of you will spend more time in there. Just pray that the Freemason doesn’t win because he’s ruthless

  3. Matthews Nkuwa please to give us half statements. Zesco didn’t give that power to clients free of charge. Where did Zesco take the money they raised from the sell of that power? Your lies are catching up with you.

  4. But why don’t they tell the nation the whole truth once and for all? Typical of failures, they are not honest people. They are pathetic liars. Today they say this, the next day they say something else

  5. One can tell that these crooks are broke busy waiting weekly on RTSA and at Tollgates to bring cash so they can pay bills

  6. Nkongole after nkongole after nkongole after nkongole. So where is the money that we paid to Zesco for the imported power, wasn’t it supposed to have been a straight forward exchange?

  7. I think we are in trouble….so that money was for settling off inkongole and paying for electricity that will only last for -30 days

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……this is dangerous

  8. Liars and charlatans need to be fired. Close the failed project ZESCO. Useless excuses.We have heard these failures long enough. Shut it down once and for all.

  9. The incompetence and lies of this PF government defies all manner of logic! I mean, are they on drugs or it’s just a gift from god these devils are endowed with? They all need to go to hell and fry!

  10. Mmmmmmmm guys whats this all about? How do you live on nkhongole from fellow poor countries like Mozambique and still afford not to pay them in time and say they are expensive even after consuming their power? How unfair can people be… Are these genuine nkhongoles I wonder. These guys are messing up big time.

  11. Itezhi Tezhi owed USD$150M by ZESCO, Lunsemfwa Hydro Power owed USD$60M, Maamba owed USD$240M by ZESCO. When will the local IPPs be paid. They are refusing to give ZESCO power…

  12. I wonder if we have leaders in gvt, please why can’t you just pay those money to the Maamba col so that they can continue supplyn us power than wasten money,

  13. With those huge Sam’s of money we can build a very big dam to harvest water for the kaliba in less time!! you know what someone somewhere will pay for knowing something and not doing it.

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