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ECZ to suspend violent political parties-Simwinga

Headlines ECZ to suspend violent political parties-Simwinga



The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has cautioned political parties to desist from engaging into violent acts or risk being suspended.

ECZ Commissioner Derrick Simwinga said the commission will not condone violence from any political party.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Simwinga said this in Milenge yesterday during a senstisation meeting ahead of the Milenge Town Council Chairperson by-elections slated for 5th December 2019.

Mr. Simwinga said any political party that will incite violence will be barred from participating in elections and be suspended.

The ECZ Commissioner has further urged political parties to desist from ferrying cadres from one district to another noting that it was the outsiders that cause confusion.

Mr. Simwinga has since called on the police to be vigilant and ensure people entering the district do so with right motives.

He noted that although citizens have a right of movement to any part of the country, it should not be with the aim of breaking the law and disturbing order.

Meanwhile, Mr. Simwinga has called on traditional leaders to desist from engaging in partisan politics.

He said this during a sensitisation meeting on traditional leaders and the electoral process which was held in Milenge today.

Mr. Simwinga urged traditional leaders to instead embrace every candidate and political party to champion peace and unity.

And ECZ Principal Electoral Officer for Voter Education, Mataa Sikota, told traditional leaders to allow their subjects to vote for their preferred candidates without intimidating them.

Mr. Sikota said traditional leaders should not instill fear in their subjects or threaten them for favouring a particular candidate.

“Do not force your subjects to vote against their will. Let them choose the leaders they want,” he advised.

And acting chieftainess Sokontwe of the Ushi people, Florence Chipe, advised her fellow traditional leaders to protect their integrity by being politically neutral.

Mrs. Chipe noted that chiefs lose credibility the moment they begin to exhibit partisan politics.


    • You should start with the tribal party with Mapatizya Violency stratergy (MVS). Then followed by the party led by the chief insultor whose stratergy is Transformimg the Nation Through Insults. (TNTI).

    • What will happen now is that political parties will organize their cadres to masquerade opponent parties with regalia and cause mayhem so that the blame is put on the other party. Upnd will be the first to start this game, mark my words.

    • Thank God so PF bandit party has been suspended and banned for life…no more contesting elections in Zambia…thank you ECZ…now lets look for a credible and respectful political party to support…enough with barbarian Kaizer Zulu and Bandit Lungu destroying Zambia…thank you ECZ for liberating Zambians

    • they are targeting upnd because mr simwinga knows that pf can never be banned under this pf regime. how can you ban government even if government (pf) is the major culprit?

      this is also another ploy by pf to prevent upnd from contesting elections. they are planning to do it through a pf compromised ecz

    • The terrorist H-organisation masquerading as a political party must be banned. UPND is not a political party. It is a TRIBO H-ORGANISATION and pressure group of UNDER FIVEs.

  1. @Equalizer why should PF be banned? the party does not cause any violence like UPND .It is true that any violent party must be suspend but that does not say PF is the one to be suspended or banned.

  2. In 2021 there will be more violence than ever before as this will be the very last chance the violent party and its bitter leader to try to get into power. This will be the battle of amargedon where the bitter leader will lose again and finally discarded in the political dust bin.

  3. This is one of the calculations by KZ and lungu to stay in power post 2021.

    We know that this is targeted at opposition and will be applied unjustly.

    To the opposition, we have found covert video recording devices for as little as $30.
    Your media teams need to be trained.
    You can see every trick will be used by PF.

  4. Police should watch out for weapons from Ilede! Pangas and other offensive weapons. We need peace in Zambia. Not violence. Violent parties must be caged.

  5. That’s wishful thinking!
    You can’t disqualify PF!
    Even ZP has failed to deal with violence advisor!
    Just chill!

  6. Kikiki!!! This is total nonsense and irresponsible thinking. Whoever suggested this has crap of a brain. This will just escalate violence. I can see PF wearing UPND regalia or the other way round and cause violence and say its PF or UPND. So someone did not think that this is nonsense. It could have come from PF just to fix their opponents raise hell and say its UPND.

  7. Our politicians must learn from our next-door neighbor Botswana where they are well informed that politics is just a game and not a job where you are permanently employed.
    If you don’t win try next time or just call it quits if you are a perpetual loser, there are so many capable Zambians who can even do better than you, in fact no one owns the people of Zambia just consider yourself as one out of the 18 million Zambians.

    • The problem is in Zambia politics feeds hundreds of thousands of unemployed , politics, not jobs as is the situation in other countries


  9. Electoral malpractices that include political violence are criminal in nature and unfortunately the ECZ isn’t a law enforcement institution. The Police easily interpret the Public Order Act and not the Electoral Process Act. So what Ali Derrick Simwinga has proposed will be difficult to enforce fairly. Some criminals might even masquerade as members of Party X just to get their opponents disqualified. The failure by Mwami 1 to investigate and conclude cases of political violence is what has fueled its escalation. Let Law Enforcement be done by the right institution

  10. It ought to be Zero tolerance, 1 strike….BAN.

  11. It will be a shock of a day if pf is disqualified and banned forever of voilence activities,otherwise it was a share waste of time and energy to alter those words

  12. Who can suspend pf naimwe???? pf is power in govt. Do not compare pf to the tribal parties in bantustan provinces. Neither should you compare pf with party ya chi chula. Pf is in for at least another 2 terms.

  13. Lies by ECZ, if they can’t suspend the ruling party then this whole statement is nothing but lies. PF cadres are terrorizing people in the markets, bus stops and more places. Kaizer the number one cadres can beat up people, take their land while our law enforcement officers just sit and watch including his boss. You can’t suspend others while letting the ruling party scotch free, you are just opening the door for court cases and you will lose all your credibility.

  14. This is just wasting people,s and energy this so called ECZ know that PF is the number 1 party that is in for front of promoting violence but they have been mute only to come and issue empty statements please twamipapata muleumfwako ne insoni mwabashani kanshi, what messages do you send to your families and your children every now and then bufi mwaikalila awe mwandi twanaka nenu give us a break shame on you sha.

  15. But there will be no violence in Luapula or Eastern or the rest of bembaland. Go to barotseland where tonga and lozi fundamentalists practice violence as part of their religion. Milenge will be peaceful.

  16. ECZ does not have people who are thinking properly. Have you seen a party planning to attack another party. It is individuals within the party who should be punished and not the party as a whole.

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