At least three people of Kabilulwe area in Nkeyema district have died while four others are admitted to hospital after eating suspected contaminated relish which was mixed with pounded groundnuts.

Nkeyema District Commissioner Albertina Mwanamwalye told ZANIS that the deceased comprised one adult and two juveniles adding that the three met their fate in the early hours of yesterday, Tuesday

Ms. Mwanamwalye identified the deceased as Maureen Katoka, a female aged 22, Rose Mainza 6, and Ivy Mainza 4 years old.

The incident happened in Kabilulwe area at Mr. Mully Hachimena’s farm in Nkeyema district where the family was staying.

It is believed that the seven consumed some food which was mixed with pounded groundnuts.

Among the survivors, three are at Kaoma hospital while one is at Nkeyema rural health center

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  1. This is sad development. Their families and friends are in my thoughts and prayers. Quick recovery to those in hospital.


  2. Very sad news indeed for the bereaved families. May they rest in peace, and I hope they find the cause of the food poisoning – deliberate poisoning or was it food gone bad? Investigate please.



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