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Kaizer Zulu Interview with Costa Mwansa

Videos and Audios Kaizer Zulu Interview with Costa Mwansa


    • This interview appears to have been staged and questions pre-arranged. Who moves around with vital documents such as title deeds? Come on Costa you are too smart for this, you can do better. Kaizer Zulu is guilty full stop.

    • Zambia….thank God i live in the diaspora…how do we have makaka Kaizer Zulu as a Political adviser????? wako ni wako appointments

    • This is a shocker!!
      First time to hear that idyot Kaizer’s voice. So fuvking annoying. I can’t continue past 3 minutes of my precious time.
      How can a president or any employer can sit for 2 minute to listen to such an idyot of Political adviser.
      Indeed like itself Kaizer said that he and Edgar are both from “Sata’s school”. Meaning that Edgar tapali ifyo ali kuli Kaizer… the one who was above Kaizer was Sata.

    • Fire Costa, he is a disgrace to Zambians.
      How do you torelate such a criminal on TV? For how much Costa?? How much did the State House pay you Costa Mwansa?
      Such an accomplished Costa Mwansa can’t be so desperate to be bought to clean ass of Kaizer Zulu. The idyot here is Costa, or maybe he was interviewing with a gun pointed at him?

    • he was supposed to show us the title deeds so we see the title deed/ plot number. seeing is believing, it is possible Costa was told to “read” a wrong already there’s a rumour that he was given K80,000.00 as bribe not to ask “tough questions”

  1. Well he has indeed defended himself well. I’m actually impressed and make the interviewer look dull and unprepared.

    Too much rumour mongering and emotionalism ama zambians without any facts. No wonder KK used to call you ba kachepa

  2. How can such a clown be invited in TV studio, they were better off interviewing this clown at InterCity. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry that I couldn’t watch this mediocrity. This is what happens when they educated do not step up illiterates take over.
    Mother Zambia, how long are you going to be [email protected]£d? Even his deeds show 2013 or after 2011 nothing before that as he was just a squatter.

  3. This is actually good. Comments above stop being emotional. When clowns like Kaizer are brought to the light, it is a good thing. Means democracy and God’s hand is working. It is better we know what he is up to in the light, than let him run around unchecked in the shadows. The more he is exposed; the more we as Zambians can know what to do with his arrogant self. Think about it. Watch the video to the end. We need more interviews like this. Next bring smiley Sikazwe, Vincent and Chitotela, plus the other crooks.

  4. What he’s saying doesn’t add up. How can fighting a fellow cadre in PF over land be a political battle battle designed by opposition?

    • Each of the cases he is asking for evidence but who has guts to take him
      To police or court.In Africa all leaders
      Need such people to do dirty jobs for ruling party.

  5. typical. playing a victim and not taking any responsibility at all
    kaiza you’re a public person, being paid by tax payer’s money, you’re supposed to lead by example. no one is trying to kill you stop telling lies and behaving like you’re the victim when you’re the victimizer
    I don’t understand why Zambia likes recycling the same old politicians, all they do is wild their power and behave recklessly and steal with impunity. how are you gonna move forward as a country when no progressive minds are being put in decision making roles. you’ve dora and the likes, what new ideas do you think she’ll bring to move Zambia along with the rest of the world?

    • A leader of a murderous group or gang knows very well that the mostly likely hand to overthrow or kill him is amongst his own charges thus Kaizer’s fears. Atrocities also have a threshold and despite the hasty arranged clean up effort interview, to the public eye Mr. Kaizer Zulu is a menace to society.

  6. Costa was actually very blunt and took Kaiser to task, it is just that Kaiser had all the answers prepared.
    It was my first time to listen to him speak and he did a good job, I think Kaiser should be in mainstream politics, Lungu should consider kaiser as running mate 2021 and the President 2026.

  7. ECL is forever grateful to KZ for rigging 2016 Elections for him. KZ is a King Maker to Lungu’s Presidency. For this Reason ECL cannot sack KZ no matter what his shortcomings maybe. Besides 2021 Elections are around the Corner and ECL needs KZ badly to Rig the 2021 Election in his favour. KZ is the Master Mind of the 2021 Election Rigging so ECL cannot sack him. With Bill 10 enacted into Rigging 2021 will be a piece of a Cake considering that Lungu now controls all Electoral Institutions which includes ECZ, ZRP,ZAF, Concourt, High Court and the entire Public Service.KZ is key to ECL’s Mission to successfully rig 2021 Election to Retain Power at all costs. So far ECL’s Strategy to Rig 2021 Election is on course. Time will tell.

    • Interview part of 2021 Election Rigging strategy, I wouldn’t be surprised that he paid and rehearsed the questions before. Expect more drummer.

  8. The hatred for KZ being Manifested here is unbelievable! Obviously his no angel and has made mistakes but come on, the guy has cleared the air on a lot of issues but because you hate him you can’t give ear to anything his said. Look in the mirror if only your opinion of KZ being guilty is want holds, how different are you from him?? Let’s judge him and all others objectively.

  9. Zambians are very gullible. Costa eats from politicians now. Some spin doctor from Ministry of information and this short moron Costa planned to fool all of you. KZ spent money to try and clear his image. But educated morons in Zambia can’t read between the lines. Why give him the audience in the first place?

  10. Kaizer is a reflection of the mentality of the appointing authority. The man is comfortable with a clown like this in his inner circle?? What a president – the real pits!

  11. The answers hw was giving out were not all what costa was asking him , this guy is just a thug who is not fit to be at state house

  12. No depth in the interview.

    This guy asks the same question six ways from Sunday.

    Most of these interviews are 15 minutes tops but they stretch the crap to an hour and wonder why Zambians are watching cable TV instead.

    The interview made Kaizer sound more believable.

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