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Chibamba hails Malole’s appointment as ZNBC D.G

Headlines Chibamba hails Malole’s appointment as ZNBC D.G


ZNBC Director General Malolela Lusambo
ZNBC Director General Malolela Lusambo

Veteran Broadcaster Chibamba Kanyama has welcomed the appointment of Eng Malolela Lusambo as Director General of ZNBC.

My Kanyama who once served as D.G at the public broadcaster said Mr Lusambo’s appointment is a good one.

“Mr. Lusambo served as Director Engineering at the time I served as Director General at the institution. He was also my workmate at the time I first joined ZNBC as a broadcaster. During the time I was Director General, Mr. Lusambo used to occasionally act in in my place, signifying my total confidence in his acumen,” Mr Kanyama recounted.

“He was my main advisor on the Digital Migration process and remained so to my successor and Government. When I was leaving ZNBC, Mr. Lusambo was among the three names I submitted to the Board as possible successors even though the organization was going the open market for the new DG. I was very disappointed about myself when he did not get the position.”

Mr Kanyama described Me Mr Lusambo as a very quiet man who fights no one, a hard worker, disciplined and someone who has built a very solid team in the Engineering Department and undermines no one.

“I, therefore, urge all ZNBC staff to give Mr Lusambo the support he needs. I also implore Government to give Mr Lusambo space so that he can execute his functions freely with the sole guidance of the Board.”

He added, “Mr. Lusambo, I am very happy on your appointment. It will soon be an election year, meaning a lot of pressure in that office but remain professional and always seek the support of the Board. You will succeed.


    • It is just unfortunate that he has a wrong name. Lusambo??
      Dispite all his achievements at TopStar’s ZNBC, people will associate his appointment to Bowman Lusambo.

    • Mr Bowman Lusambo and Mr Lusambo Malolela are not related…Pathetic to equal Mr Malolela’s first name to Bowman’s surname

    • A cautious congrats.
      Okay, I see.
      But if you knew you had Malole an insider, why did you even bother the public with a job advertisement for DG.
      1. Don’t excite the public for the one job you already knew the filler of the position would be.
      2. The fellow was appointed by the ZNBC board ka? How many people applied for that job?
      Congrats but I would have loved a situation where you were subjected to some competition. If you were, thumbs up.
      The praises Chibamba is showering on you is somewhat bias and corruption to the core. I would rather Kanyama just stayed mute at this juncture. What does he know on HR issues?
      Was this a breakaway from tradition, though? Last time I checked president appointed parastatal heads. He appoints the board anyway. Board Members are PEPs.

    • ZNBC’s output isn’t engineering services but broadcast of news, entertainment, etc. Quality of this content is wht matters and Lusambo will hv no say in it.

    • very quiet man who fights no one, Zambians should be worried. That’s not the kind of man who will fight for freedom of the media
      That’s exactly the kind of man an oppressive government wants at a puppet broadcasting company. Rest assured DeadNBC will continue singing pro Lungu praises and jeering the opposition

    • @Nemwine. Engineering is an important component of broadcasting. I’m sure Lusambo has a lot of knowledge on other components of this business. In mining not all general managers are miners. Other disciplines such as metallurgy and general engineering have given us GMs.

    • @Ndanje even if it is an important component it is a support function. Most broadcasters don’t even have it because it is subcontracted out.
      It’s not ZNBC’s core business so a professional in the core business like Reuben Kajokoto should not be overlooked for an engineer to head the broadcaster. The journalism profession’s ethics are very different from the engineers ethics. Journalism ethics are tougher because one has to navigate sociopolitical conflicts that only a social scientist would understand

    • CHIBAMBA, what is there to talk about? You guys are so Dull that you failed to transform ZNBC to be self-sustaining? That is the most unprofessional run institution full of dunderheads. The Aljazeera, CNN and South African channels were established way recent than ZNBC. This so called Engineer will do nothing and we should just close that useless TV Station.

  1. why bothering us about ZNBC,we no longer have interest in that institution do whatever you want to do even selling it to the Chinese we don’t care.

  2. I was in the same class with lusambo, hre cant manage that position, the boy needs to be pushed he is not a self starter not even at UNZA he had to struggle to graduate with a silent. DG position requires people like CK or bowman . HOWEVER, GOOD RIDDANCE FOR HIM THOUGH HE WILL ONLY LAST UP TO DEC. 2020

  3. Chibamba Kanyama, when you are invited by companies to talk on the economic outlook, please avoid, I was talking to the ex minister, I will be having dinner with this minister, I am still part of the IMF, I am going to meet this diplomat. Just talk about what you have been paid to do, you seem too full of yourself. Be yourself, I think you are a good guy but avoid too much personal issues

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