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I’ll stop illegalities in the allocation of land in Lusaka Province despite insults-Lusambo

Headlines I'll stop illegalities in the allocation of land in Lusaka Province despite...

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says no amount of insults from his political opponents will deter him from stopping illegalities in the allocation of land in Lusaka Province.

Mr Lusambo says he will soon issue a directive regarding the Munali school land which some people are contesting in the Courts of Law.

He said he will respect the court processes but will ensure that the school benefits from the land.

And Mr Lusambo says he will soon move in to demolish illegal structures built on the Lotus Primary school land.

He has noted with regret that land belonging to the school has been encroached by selfish individuals putting up structures.

Mr Lusambo said he will not allow lawlessness in the management of land in Lusaka and will ensure that all land belonging to government is secured.

He said the demolition exercise will be extended to all schools in Lusaka Province in order to protect the resource.


  1. Very good!
    Please start with Forest 27!
    That is an important recharge area for our Borehole water.
    Human settlements there will contaminate our water with Sewer!
    Tell them!

    • I support you Bowman. Let them not transfer you – sort out that mess.
      “…Munali school land which some people are contesting in the Courts of Law…”.
      This statement worries the hell out’a me.

      An illegality is an illegality.
      I presume Land at Munali School is Government’s.
      Lusambo, if you know corrupt characters who have put structures there, name them.
      If LCC faltered in the allocation of that public land, say it.
      Who are those people contesting the impending demolition or confiscation of those structures and their eventual handover to the school or Government?

    • Laughable because Lusambo is known for corruption and illegal activities….just making noise when he is the enabler of illegal Land allocation with his fellow cadres….all these threats are fake and scripted just like the DEC fake arrests to dupe Zambians….its campaign time People expect a lot of this nonsense….mark my words no structure will be demolished….PF bandits are playing donchi Kubeba….just like Lungu and his fake promise demolition of Misisi and Chibolya….PF bandits know that they’re losing elections….bandit Lusambo is panicking, bandit Lungu is panicking, Barbarian Kaizer Zulu was on a scripted TV interview…too late too little Zambians are fed up with PF bandit nonsense

    • PF Bandits everywhere. Government employees been paid today? Busy talking nonsense. How much is fuel today? Has load shedding Finisised? How much is meali meal today? Zambians how much do u mis guy Scott? Guy Scott told you about this Bandits

    • Lusambo is working!!!
      Can Lusambo help ka lazy Kampyongo to clean up thugs and PF robbers from Cairo road? Seriously Lusambo can get those who “killed” Sean Tembo, but didn’t die. Kampyongo is doing nothing about the matter, Lusambo may even find those machetes with Sean’s blood on them at Kampyongo’s house.

  2. The correct approach is to determine if people building on this land acquired the land illegally. Dig deep and find out who was involved in providing authority to these people to build on the land. Which institutions gave authority to these people to build on the land illegally? This institution should be held accountable and be stopped from illegally giving land to individuals. Dont rush to the public gallery for political gains. Let the appropriate institutions undertake a professional investigation and if any illegalities will be found, let the law deal with all those involved.

  3. Hon.Lusambo..how about the UNZA Land at Chilanga Nursery encroached by PF thugs..that land was sanctioned by the late former Mayor Wilson kalumba who told those thugs to occupy it…we shall never forgive him..can you sortout those chaps too..

  4. The Munali Secondary issue is a simple one .The people at fault are most likely PF thugs at the Ministry on lands who should be made accountable for their actions . Lusambo is no saint either because he has taken too much of prime land in Lusaka and left none for most Zambians

  5. He just talks like a drunk call boy at the bus station, he knows the land illegalities start from the top of PF with SG. This big lump of sand is just playing to the gallery. Look at the Sturdy Mwale issue where has it gone he is still PS at Defence.

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