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Sean Tembo attacked during a peaceful protest against the $42 million fire tender

General News Sean Tembo attacked during a peaceful protest against the $42 million fire...

Opposition PeP leader Sean Tembo
Opposition PeP leader Sean Tembo

Patriots for Economic Progress Leader Sean Tembo was yesterday attacked by people he has termed as aggravated robbers along Cairo Road while they were undertaking their 13th peaceful protest against the $42 million fire tender which had full permission from the police.

The incident occurred between National Milling and Farmers House where the attackers arrived on the scene in about three Toyota Corollas and were clad in black t-shirts and blue jeans, and a few of them had applied white powder on their faces, ostensibly as a disguise.

Mr Tembo said the attackers were about 12 in number and carried an assortment of weapons ranging from pistols to machetes and assulted PeP members who ran in all directions.

He said those who were driving the PEP vehicles on the convoy were pulled out assaulted and searched of all valuables including phones and wallets.

Mr Tembo said he was personally attacked by three assailants and he managed to identify two of them as Mr. Paul Monga, the Lusaka Province Acting Chairman for the ruling Patriotic Front and Mr. Reuben Banda, a well known Kanyama PF Cadre.

He said the third assailant who attacked him was not easily recognizable as he had applied white powder on his face.

He explained that after searching him, his assailants went away with the wallet which had K8,300 in cash, bank ATM Cards, Driving License among others and also took away my his phones, an iPhone 8 Plus and an iPhone 7.

Mr Tembo said he was hacked twice in the head with a machete and in total, there were about 11 PeP Members who were assaulted.

He said he together with those other injured victims were driven to UTH were they received treatment and was given several stitches for his wounds and was later sent home for security reasons.

Mr Tembo said he has reported the case of aggravated robbery to the Lusaka Central Police.

“Much as the two assailants that I was able to identify are well-known PF cadres, I would not like to rush and prematurely conclude that they carried out this aggravated robbery on us under the sanction of the political party that they belong to; the Patriotic Fron”, he said.

“However, as the days pass, we shall see how much appetite the Zambia Police will have to arrest Mr. Paul Monga and Mr. Reuben Banda. If the Police are reluctant to firmly enforce the law in this matter, then we can all conclude that this aggravated robbery on ourselves was not only sanction by the Patriotic Front but possibly by President Lungu himself because it is only President Lungu who posses the power to stall a criminal investigation”, Mr Tembo added.

He has given Mr. Paul Monga and Mr. Reuben Banda as well as their colleagues who attacked PEP a 72-hour ultimatum to return the goods, money as well as make arrangements for compensation of injured victims and damaged property.

Mr Tembo said all the citizens of Zambia reserve the right to take any and all measures necessary to get justice in this matter.

He said what Mr. Paul Monga and Mr. Reuben Banda must remember is that just like any other human being, they are made of flesh and blood.

Mr Tembo said PEP will continue with the 42 scheduled protests against the $42 million fire tender scandal.

“We shall not be pushed around by anyone whether in the Court Room or on the streets. When we decided to form this political party, we were very alive to the fact that Zambian opposition politics is largely dominated arbitrary incarcerations and physical violence. In this regard, we shall announce a new date for our 13th Fire Tender Protest, given that this one was disturbed”, he added.


  1. The most unfortunate part about this whole thing is that at a certain time the beaters will turn on their masters. And Batman Lungu is quite about all this.
    Trying to instill fear, alam and despondency on citizens that are just exercising their democratic rights.
    I wonder what these society misfits see when they look themselves in the mirror. SHAME!!!!!!!

    • Sean has named his assailants, let us see what the PF (Police Force), all this violence is because we have an incompetent Commander in Chief, and that is Edgar Lungu, not much, not much….the man is clueless on everything…

    • PF guys on this blog, your silence is ear-shuttering. I think we can all agree that the violence being perpetrated by PF is absolutely unacceptable. And if you love Zambia, you must speak out against it. In addition you must advise your bosses in PF that they are walking on very thin ice. These same thugs will be the ones attacking them and their families very soon. You cannot control rabid dogs. I know that some of you are involved in stocking and perpetrating this stuff from the shadows. You keep out of site to keep your image clean. I keep saying if you are not careful, you are planting the seeds of a civil war.
      You may think that fear will keep people silent, but I assure you that the rate at which anger is rising, you are in for a shock.
      I guarantee you that by mid next year, you…

    • Ngatamuleumfwa mwakula ponokwa! Fisiyeni chabe fi ma demo. Vima fire tender muchitila ma demo are even damaged beyond repair. Take care of your families .

    • This Sean Tembo also shouldn’t be trusted…chances are he could be working with bandit Edgar Lungu because Sean Tembo is a known bandit himself and he is wanted in Botswana….African Politicians full of tricks…looks like PF bandits are scared of UPND after the Kitwe rally…and weak and hungry Politicians like Sean Tembo can be used to distract Zambians from UPND momentum…Never trust a Politician….very good at acting

    • Flashback..Late Mike Mulongoti….it turned out he was actually working with bandit Edgar Lungu in secrecy…Zambians were fooled when he brought up the fake Lungu NRC story….meanwhile he was getting brown envelope and medical evacuations from his brother in law bandit Lungu…donchi kubeba…

    • Zambians please don’t be distracted by Sean Tembo, MMD court ruling,Bowman Lusambo,Fake DEC arrest, Chibolya Misisi demolition,Kaizer Zulu scripted interview etc…just concentrate on getting rid of PF bandits in 2021….otherwise Zambians might end up with the same PF bandits in 2021 due to opposition vote splitting wich is being orchestrated by Bandit President Lungu

    • This Sean Tembo was attacked badly and a few hours later he is up and running and giving interviews all over Lusaka…after being hacked in the head with a machete…..isn’t he suppose to be in hospital or at home recovering ???? and why didn’t anyone take a picture of the attackers….PF bandits are good at donchi kubeba…Easterners are very good at wako ni wako

    • So you have suspects already. That should be good news for Police.
      Lawlessness is lawlessness whether in Mapatizya or Sesheke or Mongu or Kaoma or Chawama or Lusaka.

      Rule of Law must prevail.

      You know what to do sean or you have already done the needful.
      At this juncture Paul Moonga and Banda Reuben are presumed innocent until proven otherwise you know where? Yes in the courts of law.

  2. Nothing will be done to those PF thugs, lungu and kapoyongo are fully aware of their actions and give blessings to the violence…

    It is only HH and CK who do not get attacked by cheap caders because they have international exposure , the rest of Zambias citizens who protest are at the mercy of extreme violence from PF , in full view of the police…..

  3. How is suffering today? How much is fuel today? How much is meali meal today? Has load shedding Finisised? Civil servants paid today? Zambia the fifh poorest country.

  4. Sean Tembo you are saying you will continue with your protests? If you love yourself and your family I’m strongly advising to stop these protests. You will be murdered and the ones to suffer most is your wife and children. Justice will certainly prevail over all the perceived wrongs of this government one day. Let them continue looting. It is their time but time to account will also come and it is fast approaching

    • Mwandi sean continue. Don’t be a coward. We need to see how much longer a democratic string suspended on the political deck will last for PF.
      If you have police clearance and the blessing of the POA, please protest you @@s out. Such is healthy in a democratic society.
      Also solicit for police escort (1 or 2 officers). This is cardinal.

    • And what are you saying to those who fought for Zambia to be free huh? if they took your advise you’d still be colonialised today. Sean is talking and acting on behalf of the cowardly masses in Zambia.

  5. Sorry for that…….
    Mr.Tembo you have been protesting for fire tenders for 12 times(since 2016) without your desired results.Then why keeping on protesting…?
    We even know the political bias in Zambia really can you risk your life like that…?

    • “ The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

      Albert Einstein

  6. President kaizer Zulu said the only violent party in Zambia is upnd. So maybe those beatings by pf were greetings of love according to hiv loaded Kaizer

  7. How the angel has fallen no-one knows maybe this humble angel was the devil all this time…Time will teach this fallen angel a lesson.

  8. Like roaches out of a hungry house these violent cadres will migrate – perhaps to PeP itself – when the leaks in the PF boat become too arbitrary to ignore. Watch the space. Remember how violent Banda became a darling of the UPND overnight?

  9. Let me get thisp right.First we lose $42bn through outright corruption, then people try to protest against this crime and PF sends criminals to kill them?The police will do nothing about this,Lungu will do nothing about this.These 1diots are about to set the nation on fire just to save their thieving asses from jail but they dont know they are complicating their doomed future,Moonga this you have committed is called aggravated robbery,dont complain when time to answer comes.Does the f00l even know the minimum sentence?

  10. Sean Tembo you stop those protests or else you will be killed. This government that is anchored on lawlessness and abuse of power won’t look after your family after you are gone forever

    • He is fighting for a noble cause. Keeping the alleged scandal alive.
      Let sean protest.
      Nanga ni protest ya nyoko?
      Musiyeni mwine koma!
      Ati chiputa!

  11. If PF has a hand in this , they should know that they are just de- campaigning themselves. You must know that Zambians hate violence. PF , please stop this nonsense ..stop it to save the party whose support is slowly shrinking coz of this bad behaviour.

  12. The dullness of many opposition leaders is really shocking!!!This Sean Tembo has been protesting since 2016 over those $42 million fire engines and nothing happens or he has achieved nothing.Then he wants to continue until he dies,is that being normal?This is what lack of employment has done to these politicians in opposition.Continue protesting at your own peril.But recall,its your wife and children who will be suffering once you’re murdered(God forbid)!!

  13. You friend Chipimo just quit quietly on his own before any panga banged him on the head. Think deeply about this. Just saying…

  14. A few days ago when UPND cadres attacked someone at ConCourt, PF cadres filled the space here to call UPND violent cadres and why they should not be voted into power. Today where are they?
    I’m waiting for a statement from that PF NGO cadre Ntewewe. In fact the attack on Sean Tembo is more serious considering the injuries he suffered. This how questionable some of these NGOs can be.

  15. This is despicable and should be condemned by any right thinking person. It doesn’t matter who was attacked in these circumstances. I note that one or two people are raising doubts on Sean Tembo’s character – is that relevant? Primitive political thuggery in this time and age and perpetratted by persons holding positions in a party.

    As someone has said, lets watch what ECL/PF says/does and the police

    • Allow the courts to deliberate. At this juncture sean has half truths.

      Rule of Law.

      I have witnessed a s3x offender take a long walk to freedom because the witness was a prostitute, drug addict and a drunk at that.

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