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The government’s response to issues affecting the agriculture sector should be a source of concern

General News The government's response to issues affecting the agriculture sector should be a...

Ministers- Katambo, Chiteme and Mwakalombe, PS Mushuma and Director Lishomwa, 21-02-2019. MNDP
Ministers- Katambo, Chiteme and Mwakalombe, PS Mushuma and Director Lishomwa, 21-02-2019. MNDP

The government’s response to issues affecting the agriculture sector should be a source of concern for every Zambian who has hope of seeing this country develop.

The people’s Alliance for Change is disappointed with the Ministerial statement issued to Parliament by Finance Minister Michael Katambo which did not give any hope to a farmer whose inputs have been withheld by agro dealers over delayed payment for inputs supplied in the previous farming season.

Like everyone else, PAC expected Mr Katambo to tell the Nation when the K374 million owed to agro dealers will be released but to our surprise, the Minister sounded clueless on when the money would be paid.

It is disheartening that a who has been mandated by the Head of State could shamelessly tell the nation that he is not aware when the money will be released to pay the agro dealers to ensure efficiency in the distribution of inputs.

We want to remind the PF in case they have forgotten that the reason why we are facing this hunger in Zambia today which has affected over 2. 3 million people, is because we had no rains leading to most farmers harvesting nothing. Why then should the PF create man made famine because of lack of Vision?

Should the PF fail to sort out these issues among them the payment to agro dealers, Zambia is heading for another food crisis created by the Patriotic Frong.

Farmers have prepared adequately and should be given the inputs on time to enable them plant.

Government should realise that agro dealers are critical in managing the e voucher system under FISP hence the need to pay them the money because failure to do so will spell doom for Zambias agriculture sector.


  1. FISP and NOT drought is responsible for this Food Crisis this country is facing! Let me explain. FISP has created a dangerous DEPENDENCY SYNDROME among our small scale farmers such that they can’t even graduate from FISP dependency! Secondly, it’s shocking how farmers in other countries farm all-year round and in Zambia we only farm once a year during the rain season. Why Zambians Why? Do you still think your government with its many problems can make you rich? It’s time to abolish FISP! Is it any wonder that we are classified among the 5 hungriest nations in the world? As for Agro dealers, learn your lessons. Find alternative ways of dealing with farmers directly! GRZ is broke!

    • The government has know money! Please zeds start eat leaves or dirt. I told u those bandits are corrupt and useless.. Guy Scott was much better than those bandits, so enjoy your load shedding, meali meal prices and your fuel prices.

  2. That this ministry is critical to Zambia cannot be underplayed. So there are a few areas that the Minister has to look at;
    1) for example, I live in a farming community but I have not had an extension officer visit my farm – which is less than 10km from CBD – in the 10 yrs i have lived here. So I have problems in how to sample soils, get them tested, what crops to grow etc, etc
    2) TV1 and TV2 have program after program of religious programs and musicals – but you WON’T find programs advising on agriculture in the same abundance and yet we want to prioritise agriculture!!
    3) There are far too many under-performing Chairpersons of co-ops such that the FISP has become a source of profiteering – no reports from chairpersons on the effectiveness / graduation of farmers in their respective…

    • Ministry of Information is not giving us useful information for national development. Too much useless stuff like dancing, politicking, singing, praying and playing on our TV stations. So little information that teach life skills, scientific orientations/trends & technical knowledge, industrial revolution, entrepreneurship and knowledge of what others in developed countries are doing for possible partnerships.

  3. Woe to the nation whose leader is ECL. He is always on the move pretending his ministers are on top of things. Katambo and nkuwa are clueless. I miss Sikatana, MHSRIP

  4. People like [email protected] are so USELESS & CLUELESS like his P.F party, & Drunken excuse for a leader J0nathan CHAKOKS!!
    I can bet you my last Dollar, if you asked Katambo to identify a tomato plant he would NOT, though he is supposed to be in charge of the Agricultural sector in Zed.
    If you asked Katambo, to go to your farm, go into the kraal & bring forth a cow to milk, he would pick a Bull, coz it’s big, & in his mind the bigger the animal, the more milk you would get.

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