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President Lungu, Rotten Courts, and the deplorable 15 years’imprisonment for Gays

Columns President Lungu, Rotten Courts, and the deplorable 15 years’imprisonment for Gays

The two Kapiri gay men being taken away after making court appearance
File:The two Kapiri gay men being taken away after making court appearance

The deplorable sentence of purportedly gays to 15 years’ imprisonment for a mediocre “crime against the order of nature” speaks to the moral bankruptcy of Zambia’s judicial system. No right thinking person, let alone judge would pronounce such a sentence unless one is mentally unstable or forced to undress oneself to win political favor from the supreme leader.

I am embarrassed to even call this foolishness a legal ruling–it is simply nauseating, malevolent, and irrational. Courts are the conscience of the nation, but in Zambia, they are rapidly becoming fountains of injustice and moral inanity. No wonder hoi polloi overpopulate lice-infested jails, while politically connected villains get away with it. The 15 years’ sentence is a prime example of this farcicality.

I have repeatedly indicted our justice system as rotten to the core. How many rapists have served 15 years in prison? How many corrupt politicians have been sentenced to 15 years? And how many politicians have been arrested for sexual harassment? How about those who have raped and even impregnated minors? In today’s Zambia, we pay judges to punish the innocent and reward dishonest officials. To expect justice from the rotten Zambian legal system is like looking for a good piece of meat from the rotten cadaver.

There is no moral or Christian basis for this thoughtless or crazy ruling. Until the uninformed court proves how sex between two consenting adults violate my individual rights, this ruling is a testament to the incompetence of those who sit in our courts. So what has happened to legal decency? Who has bewitched our courts to pass injustice for justice? Besides, is it not an insult to the dreams of independence that we can employ King Henry VIII’s law (the man who married six times) to send born-free Zambians to jail in 2019? Or is this an illustration of courts dancing to political interests? Kaya!

Corrupt politicians love immoral courts and religious leaders. Amidst lack of moral judgement, Zambian courts have become instruments of discrimination. Who does not know the number of politically connected criminals who roam our streets with pride? Who does not know corrupt politicians who drive expensive cars and grab other people’s wives and husbands? Unless they backslide from the worship of the Criminal in Chief, they remain above the law? That archbishops, bishops, pastors and priests are silent on this unjust ruling is hard to believe.

As a nation, we have lost the sense of integrity. Even preschoolers would see the injustice of this ghastly sentence. Judges are not automated machines who are programmed to dispense prison terms without ethical reasoning. Laws don’t change themselves, but are changed by legal minds that challenge the basis for such senseless and foolish laws. Any level minded judge would not only question the immorality of such laws, but also refrain from furthering the injustice.


Appearances are deceptive. President Lungu may appear imprudent but he is a strategic politician. His rise to power speaks millions as to his ability to dupe masses. This deplorable ruling is not coincidental–rather it is part of his 2021 election strategy that PF cadres have raised over and over again. Unfortunately, HH is caught in it.

Whereas I address HH’s role in this ruling, the Lungu administration is internationally known for corruption–something that has led to numerous criticisms from Western ambassadors. But like Museveni of Uganda, Lungu expects the donor community to lobby him to pardon the gay couple–the leverage his corrupt administration has been longing for in attempts to deflect from verifiable cases of misuse of donor funds and the growing concerns on constitutional amendments. Should Western ambassadors get their wish, they will happily celebrate Lungu’s intervention in this PF-self created human rights crisis–providing the false impression that he supports good governance. But we all know better–his heroes and mentors are corrupt war criminals like the late Robert Mugabe, Paul Kagame and of course the murderous Saudi regime.

But there is another strategic reason for the same. As donor funding dries up, and calls for transparency increase, the PF administration will explain the donors’ blacklisting of Zambia as due to Lungu’s opposition to homosexuality. With Rev. Sumaili on its payroll and countless religious leaders shout “more money in our offertory plates,” this far-fetched claim will mollify ignorant Christians to sing:

“Onward Christian” [thieves]! Marching as pirates,

with brown envelopes going on before.”

And countless pastors will compete in singing:

“O when the [thieves] go matching in,

O [Lungu] I want to be in that number.

O when the [thieves] go matching in.’

But to human rights advocates, the sentence is immoral, senseless and unjust! If anything, the person who pronounced this evil sentence is not even worth the title, let alone, to sit on the seat of justice.
Your blessed insults I willingly await.
Rev. Kapya Kaoma 
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  1. A gay man or woman has never done anything wrong to me or affected my livelihood by sleeping with their partner. However, lungu, a heterosexual excuse of a leader has infact led to the worst economic and social phases this country has ever seen. Furthermore in a country that calls itself Christian and anti gay, it is interesting that it has one of the highest rates of HIV in the world. Zambians purport to hate gay people but infact the main problem is that they are not gay. To all those illiterate people please Google the meaning of the word gay.. you will find it means happy. A lack of happiness in your lives has led to to hate gay people


      “A Nation on the Brink

      The kwacha is the world’s fourth-worst performing currency this year. Daily power cuts last 18 hours after a drought drained hydroelectric dams, and there’s not enough money to import more energy.”

    • In our old time to curtail this debate our elders would simply say if you sleep with a fellow gendermate, your groin area would swell or you’ll ran mad or something bad would happen to you, Alas – this information age is undeterred.
      I haven’t read this article due to the headline. I had to scroll to the bottom to know the writer. I will comment from comments mainly and so I won’t read article but just say, Thanks to our laws.
      Homosexuality is not only a health problem, it is also a social ill.
      If they were allowed to have it their way in Zambia, we will be having another social problem in our land. How does a man know that he is being lusted after? Mmmmmh! This is like animosity. Woman and man fighting over a man or female. Gees this is alien.
      From a dating and…

    • …and cohabiting same s3x arrangement to fighting for introduction of a law for them to be tying a knot, from there, they’ll be fighting for adoption. Then they will be pedophiling the adopted. Then they will want to be doing chicken, dogs, monkeys, goats and what have you, undeterred. Man! That would be societies gone to the dogs. Please leave us with our primitive desire for an opposite S3X. We beg.

    • Rev Kapya Kaoma please get a real job and contribute to the development of Zambia…how do you find time to write all these boring articles…where do you work..who is your boss??? and have noticed that you like gay stories very much…hint hint hint…

    • I get amazed that there are people who reason like rev kaoma. As rev I thought should have been the light. But it is very clear that it his head which is rotten and not our laws and our courts. Homosexuallity is an abomination which must not be tolerated by any upright person or society. Am personally glad to hear the 15yrs. Kaoma you are not fit to be a leader. The rev title is enormously misplaced. May God have mercy on you.

    • What level of education is this so called Reverend? Laws are not made in courts but parliament. Judges just interpret them and apply them when passing judgements and imposing sentences. Go back to school based Reverend. There after read the Bible and get what it says correctly.

    • Satan’s priest has spoke HAGAIN! Rotten Satan and “HAIL” are also as rotten! You will feel the heat there one day!

  2. What Kapya Kaoma says what Foote says are not different from what Derrick Sinjela said. The toothless court should lock them Locke and Kaoma lock them up for 18 months

  3. What Kapya Kaoma says what Foote says are not different from what Derrick Sinjela said. The toothless court should lock Foote and Kaoma up for 18 months

    • Foote has what is called diplomatic immunity. An American diplomat killed a person in the UK through a car accident and she is claiming diplomatic immunity from persecution. The accident happened because she was driving on the right forgetting that she was in the UK where where they on the left. Efforts to face persecution in the UK have failed because of diplomatic immunity.

  4. Who was offended by these two gays? Was it God? Or Lungu? Or Sumaili? How may men have @nal s£x with women and are jailed? How about women giving blow jobs to men? Should they be jailed? How about men who wank? According to the bible Onan was killed for releasing sperm outside the [email protected]? So should we kill those who have coitus intruptus?

    • I haven’t read Kapyas article but going by your comment you seem to suggest that when a man and woman are married, there is a prescribed manner of making love. I doubt. As a married Council what married people decides to do in their rooms is strictly their business.

      For the gay convicts and gays in Zambia, there is a law that you must amend to enjoy your fellow s3xmate. To change that law, the parliament end of Government needs to amend that law. You 1d10t know how. If you don’t know, better keep quiet.
      Courts don’t adjudicate from the blues, they follow the laws prescribed by parliament assented to by the president. Its unfair for you to attack the courts. The question is, in a democracy like Zambia, where we the electorate largely descent homosexuality, do our lawmakers stand a…

  5. The American Ambassador is a hypocrite. Sexual offences in the United States such as polygamy and bigamy attract similar or even stiffer sentences. Polygamy is a norm here but an offence in the USA. Homosexuality is a norm in the USA but an offence here. We respect the sexuality of Americans. They must respect ours too.

    • Their journey into accepting this social vice – homosexuality – didn’t happen overnight. This issue is still by and large a problem here in America.
      This nigga, Foote and his devil kapya are really hallucinatists.

  6. Remove the specks in yours eyes first Mr USA there is a lot of injustice going on in your country on Mexican boarder poor conditions where innocent babies are isolated from parents very inhuman.
    Now if have evidence on government or political leaders then report but if you don’t have shut up. Remember I’m jail even innocent are jailed for for failure to to defend in Zambia ,USA, etc.
    Remember what you regard to be big may not be to us.you may kiss your daughter but to us its a big crime

  7. This PF government is a big risk to all Zambians! They behave like rabid K9s that want to react to everything!
    Wise people choose their battles carefully! What happened to quiet diplomacy?
    I pray we don’t escalate a trivial issue of LGBTI because the ultimate losers will be ordinary poor Zambian citizens! Leave trivial LGBTI matters alone! It’s not LGBTIs who are causing corruption in Zambia. It’s not LGBTIs causing shortages of medicines in our hospitals! Can we for once avoid using emotions when confronted with criticism! When an Ambassador speaks, it’s the country he or she represents that is speaking! He is not supporting LGBTI practices but helping to safeguard the rights of minorities as provided for in the UN Charter to which Zambia is a signatory!

    • Don’t get politically twisted on this. Don’t argue from a standpoint of ignorance too.

      This is a very simple undertaking. In parliament, the organ of Government charged with the responsibility to enact and amend laws, we have a lot of opposition members and independents.
      The challenge:
      Petition your lawmakers to appease Kapya and foote. A private citizen’s bill can be taken to the floor of Government too to kick start debate on gay issue. Test the waters.
      Else lobby foote for the money for a referendum to have people, the Zambian citizenry have a say on whether likes3x fellows can date, marry, adopt or divorce in Zambia.
      Foote’s country underwent this process and some States in America still struggles to understand let alone accept this social ailment. Foote is a hypocrite…

    • He’s a homoReverend. I don’t think he even blesses his food neither does he pray when he wakes up. He’s a DEVIL’S Reverend.

  8. The ignorance displayed by Zambians accompanied by our cognitive dissonance is linked to our poor quality educational system. This also shows in the comments. No critical analysis whatsoever – its about hearsay and some twisted Afrocentrism of sorts.

    Any legal matter that is emotive should always be tested and found to be worthy keeping in the law books. The antisodomy law is a British handed-down law and served its purpose then and can no longer be justified as observed from the harsh sentence and the already filthy and congested prisons.

    There is no way you can rehabilitate homosexuality because there is nothing wrong whatsoever especially as two consenting adults should be involved.

    The term we are fond of ‘vice’ should always be correctly and appropriately used – not…

  9. Kapya Kaoma you are a Gay *****, who doesnt know you, you are not an activist but you are yourself Gay. The Zambian law is clear about gay, go first change the law then blame the courts. Why are u only speaking out on corruption when there is gay judgement, why dont you condemn corruption n political violence long before the gay issue if u really care about issues to do with corruption

  10. I wonder why this is an issue to people who are not even part of zambia. Maybe if you read section 155 of the penal code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia you will understand why the judge did so.

  11. 5 years or less could have been better i think PF is planning to use this sentence in some hidden scheme to make themselves look good

  12. Every human being is free to choose how they live, who to sleep with, who to talk to and that is that. If someone thinks it is okay to toomba a man fyakwe. Woman to woman fyabo who cares. Pa Zed it is another hit song by Paul Ngozi. What about married men fuuuking around. Polygamy is normal in Zambia. Basiyeni ba ku mbuyo it is their problem chapwa. As long as they are not after your asssssssssssssssd

    • And they will get asylum and leave you with your load shedding, mukwa trees, 42 villas. You will soon be jealous of them that it was not you.

  13. All I can say is chose your battles wisely, the USA and E.U. contribute billions to Zambians health and education systems….and that contribution is based on adherence to human rights…….

    Don’t follow MU7 blindly , Uganda is a country of geo strategic importance to the USA hosting US bases…..MU7 knows this and can stick his middle finger to the yanks where as Zambia would not survive 1 year without western aid

    • It will be the already suffering Zambians who will be dying without US aid ….. PF ministers and judges will survive fine.

      Was this judgment meant to deflect attention from the economy and or sink HH ?

      There are silent ways of enforcing your no gays agenda….

      Chose your battles wisely

    • @Spaka. I bet you are the type that would do anything the western world asks you to. I bet if they asked you to stick it to your mother for a few coins you probably would. I wouldn’t be surprised you probably are doing something of that nature to sustain your livelihood. Have some pride FFS!!!

    • IllSayWhatIWantToSay

      Look at this coward rat changing names……. we know who you are , you have no shame blogging from the comfort of the uk while millions of ordinary Zambians suffer in Zambia , and you don’t seem to understand that millions of Zambians rely on western aid, the USA alone keeps hundreds of thousands of hiv patients alive in Zambia, get is in your thick skull , you are beggars, you can not survive without western aid, you can enforce your laws , but there are more diplomatic ways of doing so……

      And I would not let my dog fuc.k your mother emend if she paid me…..

    • Spaka you are one colonised m.f.!!! You think Zambia cannot survive without western aid?? OK, say we kick out Glencore, First Quantum etc and replace them with Chinese owners, would we still survive?? Western aid is tied to free trade-without it these western multinationals who siphon billions of dollars from Africa wouldn’t be there. Free your mind, you freak!! There’s life beyond western norms, how has China, Asia or Arabia thrived???

    • Thorne in the flesh ……

      The original corrupt Pf rat appears who was signing dunnuna the loudest…..where is the economy to day badala ???

      For sure Zambia can not survive 1 year without western aid……

      Even the Chinese will not give lungu and pf anymore money

      And if people have been siphoning billions out of you, it is because you are du.ll , you are corrupt , you are thieves , you steal from your own pockets and thing you are intelligent , just look at how you paid $42 million for 42 gonga fire trucks that would cost any other country $12 million…..

      And for sure jailing 2 consenting adults for their bussiness and being proud of that is a gimmick to dupe the PF kaponyas away from the limping economy , but unfortunately that will not provide jobs nor will it end…

  14. I have read some comments and I have read the article. Here is my conclusion. If you want homosexuality to be illegal, fine.
    I think it should be fair. Sentence all types of criminals equally. And fix the justice system so that currupt officials also get punished. They are taking the food from our mouths and steeling our children’s future.

    And to the guy that said gays would adopt children for pedophilia. Sir you are ignorant of people. Please educate yourself. There are gays all over the world And very few of them are on the sexual preditor lists. You have a wild imagination think be a use they have sex with one another that it is a decease that will take you from anal sex to having sex with animals or children. As a matter of fact most child sex abuser are heterosexuals. When…

  15. Complete nonsense and not newsworthy!!!
    Kapaya Kaoma just come out of the closet and state your s3xual preferences, we won’t judge you! If you can’t get the facts right don’t expect your opinions to be taken seriously. How long has this law been in place? Is it before or after PF came into power? What is the minimum sentence prescribed? As someone has already stated, have you lobbied your local law maker to try and change this law?

  16. Donald Trump removed the same sex web from their White House portal the moment he entered the presidency

    That’s the best he could do coz he csnt change the law.

    Here we cant imagine that San can sleep with anotheran against the cause of nature.

    In some countries some men marry each other and one calls the other wife and the other husband. Then they go and adopt a child and the child is told.to call one father and the other mother.

    Is this the confusion we want in our country

    U tell me! Even wild animals are so natural that they only.go for the correct portion of ecstasy

  17. its good that they a in prison so that they marry for 15yrs where there a no restriction every one in prison practice homosexuality, staying there for ever will make them happy as husband and wife man

  18. Such is the reason why us Africans seem to be at the bottom of the pyramid. This issue of how 2 people choose to perform their sexual activities should not even be at the top of the national agenda, for heaven’s sake!! Who cares about what my neighbours are doing as long as they don’t interfere with my activities??
    By the way, my colleague is such a hero. He is a charity worker and he organizes fund raising events to raise money for some deprived Zambian schools and he is gay. The consultant in emergency department who treated a closer relative of mine is gay. May God bless these wonderful people.

  19. Really Rev. Kapya Kaoma , this is undisciplined and a shocking hysterical write up by a fake Rev. Do you not have enough church matters to attend to?

    Look President Lungu is NOT responsible for this ruling. The judiciary are and judged in accordance with the rules of the land. You and your Western supporters know fully well that President Lungu and the current Party have pardoned and released many Life prisoners, and commutated Death Row sentences more do than at any time and more than USA and other countries (and more than Kim Kardashian!). Improved prison accommodation and improved life within it.

    • You are just trying to create hysteria and it’s insulting, that you think the people of Zambia can not see your poor attempt to cause riots. The PF party is the only party capable of leading Zambia at this moment in time and for the seeable future.

      The other partys are too young and lack experience to take on this mammoth task of leading. Most Party Leaders are just salivating capitalist businessmen hoping to get their hands on untold wealth. The most desperate HH will cause carnage in this country with his tribal politics.

    • #WeAreNotHongKong.

      Hands off Zambia Westerners. Go jump in the cold wet snow ……..and leave sunny Zambia in the sun to Us!!!!

    • AKA

      Becarful spreading hate speech against gays from the UK.

      To report you To GCHQ you will find your self in problems….

  20. Comment:this is the problem with today’s churches, they have revs who don’t understand roles. this kapya guy is he really a man of God? these are the type who are busy sodomising young boys in the name of God.

  21. rev Kapya: “Your blessed insults I willingly await.”

    Yes here are some, you are a stupid idoit, you don’t seem to have a mother, you were probably born from masturbation.

  22. Kapya, is Daniel foot your friend? Look, that Ambassador has never complained about corruption, not ever, but he loses his head and reveals everything about himself over an unnatural act for which the Judge is simply interpreting the provisions of the law. Why? He is certainly not against our endemic corruption, otherwise he would not have been singing about good cooperation blah blah in recent engagements with the same corrupt elements.

  23. What God did the Africans pray to before the colonisers came? What God did Afro-Americans pray to before slavery? Everyone abandoned the gods of their forefathers. Shame!

  24. Mwebantu sure! Just the act of sodomy itself is so disgusting. Every right thinking person must detest and despise that act with all the contempt it deserves. All diplomats accredited to Zambia must respect the laws of our land, or else they should be sent back to their countries and bring others who will respect our laws period!

  25. Shemekka! are you normal? why are you supporting a wrong thing man! guyism is actually forbbiden in this country and whoever is found in the act will be caught and put in prisonment for actually 10years and not 5years because thats so discusting.

  26. I really doubt if this Reverend is really a Reverend otherwise his tone and hate for the President is just appalling. He needs repentance.


    Daniel 2:21 King James Version (KJV)
    21 And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:


  28. This “Reverend” is from the depth of hell itself. How does he interprete scriptures like Romans 1. Actually I think he falls in the description of Romans 1:26-31. Reverend for the devil indeed. Speak for yourself and not as a Reverend because your views are directly opposed to the Holly Word of God. So rebrand your self as the devil’s advocate because that’s what you are. Don’t be a “wolf in a sheep’s skin!” Come out. Migrate to US and marry a fellow man. I wish you a multitude of your biological gay children in that marriage. Don’t miss represent Bible believing christians. May the Lord point you to the cross for salvation!

  29. A human being can justify anything! Murderers, rapists for example can argue their corner quiet ably. The question is whether these acts are normal or not. Heterosexuality we all agree is the normal way to procreate. Nature has chosen those who can contribute to the human genome without harming it and wired them into heterosexuals. Homosexuals are not wired for procreation for this reason. This is why they safety eject their faulty gametes into non-genital orifices. It’s not their fault.They are nature’s gene scavengers. They should be left alone and not punished.

    Rev Kaoma is confused about the nature of homosexuality and should leave the church for atheism.

  30. you are an impostor and not a REVEREND you are the people tarnishing the image of Pastors what you have written is horrible enough BUT to call yourself a “REVERED” one is SATANIC

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