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Zambia to officially protest to US government over Ambassador Foote’s remarks on Kapiri Gay Couple

Headlines Zambia to officially protest to US government over Ambassador Foote’s remarks on...

Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji
Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji

The government says it is set to present a démarche to the American government on Monday following that country’s Ambassador to Zambia, Daniel Foote’s views on the Lusaka High Court’s ruling on a matter of the Kapiri gay couple.

Foreign Affairs MinisterJoseph Malanji said Zambia has values and culture which must be followed by any person whether citizen or through any other accreditation.

Mr. Malanji was speaking yesterday morning when he briefed Journalists at his office.

The Minister shared the view that whoever wants to practice homosexuality can do that in countries where it is allowed and not Zambia.

“Because next time there will be a country which is going to establish Sex with dogs! And that must be brought to Zambians to practice? If people that want to practice gayism feel they can enjoy it, they must go to countries where it is practiced,” Mr. Thanks Malanji reaffirmed.

“I wish to inform the nation that yesterday I called the Ambassador of the United States of America to the Republic of Zambia His Excellency Mr. Daniel Foote to express the Government’s grave concern regarding the Press Release issued by the Embassy on the recent decision by the Lusaka High Court on a matter of homosexuality.”

“I wish to state categorically that in Zambia, we subscribe to and maintain the independence of the Judiciary as a fundamental tenet of our democracy. The Judiciary is the guardian of the Constitution and has the responsibility to interpret and safeguard it without any undue interference,” He added.

He also added that Mr. Foote’s decision to question the Zambian High Court’s decision is tantamount to questioning the Zambian constitution on which the judiciary makes its rulings.

“To question its decision by a representative of a Foreign Government is tantamount to questioning the Zambian Constitution on which the Judiciary makes its rulings. This is unacceptable especially on matters of an internal nature. The decisions by the Judiciary are made on the basis of the Laws of Zambia and not of another country. Consequently, it is the Zambian people who should decide appropriately and through the established practices and processes to change the laws.”

“The Government of Zambia takes great exception to the remarks made by the Ambassador on the decision by the High Court as well as his comparison of the homosexuality case to other cases of alleged thefts by government officials, political violence and poaching. The Ambassador may wish to note that all cases that are brought before the Courts of law are adjudicated based on the available evidence. It is extremely unfair and highly misleading to suggest that such cases are never brought before the Courts of Law,” Mr. Malanji said.

He has since advised Ambassador Foote to confine himself within his competence.

“Regarding the position of Zambia as a Christian nation in view of the Court’s decision on this matter of homosexuality, the Ambassador may wish to confine himself to matters that are within his competence.”

“May I take this opportunity to remind the US Ambassador and indeed other Envoys accredited to the Republic of Zambia that they have always been granted audience by the Ministry and the Government on matters of mutual interest. It is therefore expected that any sentiments on national issues if need be, are presented to the Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” he added.


    • Just build strong economies within Africa and stop begging from the west that way they will respect you…protesting for what…you scared to expel the US Ambassador for fear of the begging bowl running dry… Nigeria should have expelled him already,,,countries that have balls

    • Foote is a low level Ambassador no wonder he was sent to Africa…he is not a senior US govt official…just like a chola boy and he is very dull…just look at his face he doesnt look normal,,,and probably Trump doesnt even know who Foote is

    • How can foreigners respect our courts if we ourselves ignore judgements. Case in point is that of ministers illegal stay in office.

    • Umwenso. How can you complain there for someone who is here. Pa zed you have really given these western ambossodors big voices to speak as they wish & have they given you similar power in their countries? Look at your S.A. friends, they summon the person who speaks. Summon the makaka & have a sit down. Otherwise it will continue

    • This is a measured response from Malanji.
      I would have loved a situation where the Judiciary itself took on Foote because this sounds like contempt.
      It is important that the ambassador of the US understands that as long as our LAWs prohibits homosexual acts in the land, the adjudication was timely and precise.
      If the US ambassador has it up to here, let him leave. I must mention to him that even if a referendum was held on Gay rights in our land, my research shows that this subject is allien to the majority of Zambians. Democracy would win in favour of antigay or tribadistic behavior.
      Leave ambassador leave.

    • picking a fight with wrong people ….
      I hope this is chance for US to arrest some people like Kaizer. In some countries people look and acts like Kaizer are called Te…
      What is the difference between Kaizer and the guy who was playing with a huge knife at london bridge? Same same behavior. Gays don’t terrorize people.
      Seriously people think about it: Those 2 boys (now men) from Kapiri Compare Kaizer, who deserves to be jailed for 15 years?

    • We dealing with different subjects of the same law. You have to have ample evidence in every case under judicial review or undertaking. We have rulings on corruption coming our way. This case on homosexuality was not expedited at all, it followed normal litigation.
      Known corruption cases are also under litigation and eventually we will learn about their outcome.
      It may be true that foote has been under the homos3x stirrup in Zambia to champion the agenda. Who are these people? Agents of the Devil?

    • The Americans have an ambassador in Saudi Arabia a country that according to western viewpoints oppressed women. Have you ever heard the US ambassador there tell the Saudi government to give women their rights? No! He would be expelled. But Zambia being a poor black nation it is a playground for fake American would be civil rights activists. The Americans are always selective with their crusades for human rights. They are not even human rights but imposition of western culture on the rest of the world

    • It seems this govt is only hurt or listens when it’s a foreigner voicing his opinion look at FIC, 51 houses, Forest 27, Bill 10, corruption at Zesco, Sturd Mwale the list goes on that Zambians have been complaining about but ignored. Let’s just get Diplomats to speak on our behalf.

    • 1.6…Judiciary can not take on the Ambassador on the grounds of ‘contempt’ as he enjoys diplomatic immunity. If you ask me, the best reaction to the statement from the US ambassador was no reaction. That would have rattled the ambasssador….that he has been ignored and will teach him to stay in his lane. Now we risk giving this topic more mileage than it deserves. In-fact we will be playing exactly into the hands of what gay rights promoters want. Keeping the discussion alive. The best response to this issue was the one given by Uhuru Kenyatta last year when pressed on by a western journalist. That is ‘this is a non-issue and not worthy of discussion. We have more pressing issues as country’

  1. The question is why do you accept aid from these so called gay or sex with dogs promoting countries?
    You cannot have it both ways bwana see?

    • Most 1d10tic question.
      Extremely si.ll.y expression.
      Utterly myopic message.

      KK would say:
      Stup1d question.
      Stup1d asker.
      Sit down 1d10t.

      Take myopic as lacking foresight or intellectual insight in this context.

    • Thorn I was thinking after all that sh!t you have puked, you would then answer Webman’s question. Are you not going to answer it?

    • “Because next time there will be a country which is going to establish Sex with dogs! And that must be brought to Zambians to practice? If people that want to practice gayism feel they can enjoy it, they must go to countries where it is practiced,” Mr. Thanks Malanji reaffirmed.

    • UPND says as long as the economy will be fine they don’t care Haboutu sex H-against H-order of Nature! They started putting lipstick on the pig saying HH is a Christian! They should have said HH is SDA instead. We know who he supports! You cannot miss satanism if you know how Satan looks like.

  2. Somebody posed a question on watchdog asking the Minister: When did you become srraight? You were born straight right? And so are the gays. But every country has its laws which must be respected.So in other words ambassador Foote is asking us to change our laws and embrace homosexuality. Twakana

    • He (Foote) is not asking you to change your laws at all. He is just pointing out the fact that there are more grave questions concerning the way laws are flaunted by those who think they are above the law in Zambia. The gay people who represent a minor if not a negligible percentage of the population of Zambia do no harm to the general public. Are you afraid that they will teach you how to be gay? Why are you so scared of them and want to police your Christianity values on people who are different from you? Are you going to discriminate against other religions or people who are different from you? Come on! Zambia as a country has very loose morals and that is a fact. Fornication, adultery, prostitution, child molestation, witchcraft, tribalism, ritual killings, Satanism, covet, robbery,…

    • CONTINUED….theft by public servants and many more ills are the order of the day in Zambia. That’s why leaders in Zambia can steal from the public coffers without impunity. Gayism or LGBT as whole is the least of your worries in this immoral country called a Christian Nation. I too had to readjust my standpoint on this subject and as a country we can take a different stand on the subject without fear of rebuke. I think being gay is not contagious at all. Do not be judges and upholders of judgment preserved for the Most High The Almighty Jehovah the living GOD for you will also be judged. I will forgive you 70 X 70 times for insulting me for my views – thank you and AMEN!

  3. America is celebrating Thanksgiving for pilgrims who escaped religious prosecution so this will be bad timing to protest, our government should not be policing people’s actions thereby denying them their rights. Gays are already there in Zed let’s not lie to ourselves that we’re Christians with a drunkard president who presides over a corrupt administration. Leave them alone and no one would bother you, If you didn’t arrest them in the first place this wouldn’t have happened and we wouldn’t have known about it

  4. Dear Minister,

    While you are at it, also make a formal complaint to the creator of Gay human beings. Let’s not be excited about ourselves, just like HIV, the person next to you could be Gay including this minister but simply hides behind the stigma society has over this matter. Just like hunger, being Gay is real and there is no long essay you can write even to God that will turn it around. Look at it, this is the same foolish stigma society had over Albinos who are seen as being a different human being when not, who should I address that letter to?


    Bashi Nono

  5. First of all stop begging for money from them.
    US$355 million Mazyopa-Bombay drainage project in Lusaka should be cancelled and money spent so far immediately paid back to the US government.
    The same PF guys will even use this project for their political campaigns.
    These PF people are hypocrites and have no heart and souls.

    • Is their help premised on the fact that we should accept man seducing man? Grown man having it with a minor. Woman lusting on woman? Pastors and priests pedophilia acts? Change of gender from woman to man and vice versa? Man doing an animal? All in the name of minority rights.
      Extremely si.ll.y expression.
      Utterly myopic message.
      KK would say:
      Stup1d question.
      Stup1d asker.
      Sit down 1d10t.
      Take myopic as lacking foresight or intellectual insight in this context.
      Tell Foote, hey foote, when you come to Zambia, do as Zambians do s3xually.

  6. Clearly our Government believes in selective reasoning. The point of this statement was to draw attention to how a Government can corruptly spend $42 million on fire trucks and UTH is in ramshackles, how it’s (PF) violent political cadres can attack people and nothing is done about it, how our GDP and Reserves have been run to it’s knees and how the average Zambian is suffering with abject Poverty while the President’s friend is stripping indigenous wildlife in game parks, how traffic fines can be deposited in personal accounts and the Government does not even blink.. Clearly a time of reckoning is coming…

  7. Why go around policing people in their bedrooms? Did they call 911? You want to call Americans names yet they are much more advanced than you are. What developmental advantage does refusing gays give you? Our greatest enemy is using our intellect to dwell on issues that don’t produce any tangible economical gain. Wasting time on things that don’t add any value at all. Ati twakana ma gays! Are you gay yourself? Why decide for them? Whom did they harm by their bedroom acts? You were there?

  8. Why our leaders cannot distinguish a challenge?;
    an objection or query as to the truth of something, often with an implicit demand for proof.

    Apprehension will prevail to the challenger.

    Someone else has to hold us accountable for these two Lives and more.

    Ambassador Daniel Foote, has brought this to light, now it’s up to the world to throw stones or hear their anguish.

    • In Zambia, some goons have gone down for commenting on judgements in the most crude manner classified as contempt. If foote is a tribadist and a supporter of unnatural acts, our laws are categorical. S3x with your fellow man is unnatural. It shall remain so. S3x with an animal is unnatural. Our laws stipulates. One Zambian nigga was caught hammering his boss’s goat in some village. An unnatural act.
      Are you challenging our laws nigga?
      Let me help you understand. If you want to be freely doing your fellow man, parliament has to amend that law on unnatural acts. Then foote would be right. You lawless 1d10t supporter of gays need to petition parliament to flip that law.

  9. Please what consititution are you talking about which you and your president dont respect? On christianity..how can you preach about christianity to somebody who introduced it to you? America, UK and many western countries that recognizes gays are richly blessed by God. What about you? These countries that God has richly blessed dont even have days of national prayers. Africa should question why God has bypassed it?

    • You are extremely sick.
      Wikimedia reports:
      LGBTQ rights in the United States have significantly progressed over time, with the majority of the progress on LGBT rights having taken place in the late 20th century and early 21st century. While the United States Supreme Court has legalized many LGBT rights, they continue to vary by jurisdiction, and discrimination in jobs and housing is still legal in most states. The Equality Act, which was proposed in the United States Congress, would outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity nationwide.

    • In Zambia everything starts with parliament, the peoples representatives like the US’s Congress. Let only one parliament aspirant indicate that he supports gay rights and let this fellow, woman or man, tell electorates that that is his or her intention – to go in parliament and initiate the amendment of that law that prohibits h.o.mo.se.x.ual acts so will see if they will enter Parley like an aspirant US Senator or Congressperson would.
      At this point Ambassador foote is acting extremely i.m.ma.ture, ir.responsible, inflammatory and dangerous at the time we he has unpredictable Trump in that white house. How dare he challenge our supreme law? What does he think he is?

    • In Zambia everything starts with parliament, the peoples representatives like the US’s Congress. Let only one parliament aspirant indicate that he supports gay rights and let this fellow, woman or man, tell electorates that that is his or her intention – to go in parliament and initiate the amendment of that law that prohibits h.o.mo.se.x.ual acts so will see if they will enter Parley like an aspirant US Senator or Congressperson would.
      At this point Ambassador foote is acting extremely i.m.ma.ture, ir.responsible, in.fla.m.matory and dan.ge.rous at the time we he has unpredictable Trump in that white house. How dare he challenge our supreme law? What does he think he is?

  10. It seems the US Ambassador’s constructive criticisms have been EMOTIONALLY taken completely out of context by our many Zambians! If you read his official message, it is in no way supporting or promoting LGBTIs! Let’s not react out of emotions! What the Ambassador touched on is the disproportionate sentences our courts met out! How do you sentence a person caught in the private act of Adultery or Sodomy to 15 years in prison and a person convicted of a public crime of Corruption gets a lesser sentence of 10 years or less? That is the question all Zambians must be interested in getting answers to or we are all potential victims of injustice! We have people who were sentenced to 5 years for stealing a chicken! Why not sentence petty thieves to Community Service? Okay, what are we going to do…

    • Constructive criticism on our law?
      He hit the wrong target then. He should be engaging with the parliament organ end of Government not the Judiciary or the Executive.
      Ambassador Foot must understand laws, how are they are made, amended and preserved and I am pretty sure he does having come from the country (The great United States of America) of rule of laws.
      When the SCOTUS is adjudicating on gay rights in America, it references laws made, amended and defended by Congress in America.
      In short courts reference laws made by parliament. Foote is overstepping. American Law is not Zambian law and vice versa.

    • Stop supporting imperialists. He did not come out to protest when a dagga smoker was sentenced to 20 years but when his fellow gays are jailed he comes out loudly It’s all in context ndate

  11. Okay, what are we going to do about Gay practices that are rampant in our male prisons? Should we have CCTV Cameras installed so that those serving jail who practice sodomy should receive additional sentences! I think we have Loadshedding, Hunger and impending drought that we should preoccupy ourselves with than waste time trying to Police private matters of the flesh which don’t affect anyone the way corruption does! Dealing with issues Emotionally causes us to act irrationally to the point that we can turn trivialities into bigger problems for our country! We need to acknowledge that our constitution is a confused mess that not even Bill 10 will correct! We should be honest that we still have too many unconstitutional clauses in our constitution including Bill 10 that we should be…

    • Look you can tribadist with your fellow man in secret or without being caught. But when you vividly, openly and in public try to challenge the law? It must take its cause. Man falters all the time knowingly and unknowingly. Much like in biblical sense, quote, “So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her” – John8 vs 7. We falter.
      Much like you, you may be a secret adulterous fellow. When you’re caught, can yap that afterall every man commits adultery? Or since the US supports adultery in their nation then we also must allow married men sleep around anyhow. Or since there is a word adultery, lets just go with it. The law is clear in Zambia on gays. Change that clause and Voilà! You mwine…

  12. The frightening thing is the zeal and priority thr government is giving such a trivial matter. Why don’t we see such concern from pf government when their government officials are accused of corruption? When they fail to manage power supply? When they fail to ensure manageable debt levels? I ask this because each time these things have happened, the us ambassador has commented on those issues too ? So is it only gay matters that gets the government’s attention? Maybe we need a gay representative to complain on our behalf and that might get pf attention to resolve the many issues this country faces. Grow up zambians. U are reliant on the USA to survive so there is nothing you can do. Are you going to return and stop getting all aid from them? If not close your mouths and respect your…

  13. We should be honest that we still have too many unconstitutional clauses in our constitution including Bill 10 that we should be preoccupying ourselves with than trying to be Pharisees poking our noses in people’s private affairs of the flesh!
    Our ARV program is 100% Donor driven and if we want to create a storm in a tea cup, we are going to get a lot of people injured because of our village politics! The world is a global village and we must understand Geopolitics! A poor and extremely indebted country like ours has no voice on the world stage. If anything, we are very vulnerable and easy to squeeze! Can we adopt quiet diplomacy while we work ourselves out of the mess of debt we find ourselves in! Life is 90% how you react to your environment/criticism!

    • It’s a matter of law.
      E.g you molesting or defiling a goat is considered an unnatural act.
      Unnatural acts are punishable by law in Zambia.
      Laws can be amended, its starts with parliament and parliament anends laws.
      Identify a progay Parliamentarian to present a bill to the law makers to allow to tribadist please!
      Almost all Moslem countries can’t tolerate homosexuality. Foote alikes in those countries never criticize them. On development please do not appease Foote just to get economic support.
      Just use your God given resources well.

  14. What Mr Foote may be implying is that there re so many immoralities pillaging our social fabric and as a poor developing country gayism is certainly not one which should take centre stage on the devepment agenda and we’d likely be much safe ignoring it. It’s the politicians who re recklessly and hypocritically exaggerating on this matter for their gain but not knowing they’re actually doing more harm to their countries than good. For once and Christian as we want to be why not just consider this gayism thing as rubbish fit for the dump site and forget it. As some have already alluded there’s lots of sodomy in prisons and some sleeping with dogs ‘in tunnels’ but these are not things we want to preoccupy the minds of our children with

  15. Shouting about sex with dogs? Whose competence is lacking here? Monga ku tarven! Meanwhile our people are dying of preventable illnesses

  16. Mugabe destroyed his country because of wanting to insist to be right! What did all his ratings benefit his country? Zero! We live in this evil world where what is wrong will get wrong and us being small players in Geopolitics, we must do as Jesus cautioned us – be wise like snakes but be as harmless as doves. It is our negative stance which has made this LGBTI issue a big issue. Logically, it would diminish if we pay no attention to it at all! India was very clever about these LGBTI issue. The Supreme Court ruled that matters of the flesh should be Private matters and that the courts have many important cases to deal with than police the bedroom! Let us be wise Zambians! A great example is Driving! When you are on the road, you should expect many !diotic drivers. Rather than always…

    • Mugabe and Zimbabwe suffered at the hands of the West because of his resistance to the West’s quid pro quos on the country’s resources.
      The parasitic behavior of the West can keep you fighting yourselves as the secretly loot your resources as in the case of DRC. Take a study of the happenings in the Middle East and world politics and if your heart doesn’t freeze, you’re stone hearted. Right now they are being cautious about accepting you as IMMIGRANTS.
      I can’t imagine UAE selling its oil fields under the guise of foreign investment lure.
      The moment you will realize that it was wrong to sell your mines regardless of who was involved, we will begin to engage in real conversations.
      Just stop utwakulondola londolola and focus on your country.

  17. Rather than always wanting to be right all the time, practice defensive driving! If you pay attention to every barking animal on the road, you may not reach your destination! You may get killed in an accident! On the road, we see many heavy trucks and big buses overtaking carelessly! Supposing you find yourself in a situation where a truck strays into your lane at close range while trying to overtake, are you going to insist that since you are right, you will keep to your lane and the truck driver will know what to do? The chances are that you will be right and dead! The world is not promoting LGBTI practices but is promoting human rights for many minority communities! The LGBTI is now classified as a community in the world whether we like it or not! We should not get caught up in LGBTI…

    • We definitely can’t have a foreigner assaulting our way of life and beliefs unless they directly border on their lives and safety. Issues of a Mwisa negatively commenting on the judgement of what we currently consider an unnatural act hinges on undermining our sovereignty. We don’t want to be exceedingly unfair to foote but if he fails to lobby parliamentarians to change that part of our law which we as Zambians can’t do; and seeing that their is currently no Zambian civil liberties grouping advocating for the legalization of gay rights, we can’t have him launch an attack on the judgement. Just like Dobo. It is illegal for you to be found in possession of marijuana. We can’t have an ambassador from a country where Dobo is legalized preach to us. Come on guys! We can do better.

  18. We should not get caught up in LGBTI controversies! Similarly, our late President Levy Mwanawasa tried to stop importation of GMOs into Zambia. Has it succeeded? No! We have a lot of GMOs now in Zambia! Rather than fight the tide, we must flow with it! How else do you expect scriptures to be fulfilled? These things must happen but remember to protect everyone’s right to freely choose between right and wrong! Don’t be like Peter who thought he could go to prison with Jesus, only to deny him three times! Look at the bigger picture and risk not further destruction of your economy through sanctions! Your friends in Zimbabwe are crying! Learn from their mistakes! Don’t insist on being right. Be like God who did not destroy Lucifer immediately sin was found in him but allowed time and freedoms…

  19. Be like God who did not destroy Lucifer immediately sin was found in him but allowed time and freedoms of choice to reveal the sinfulness of sin! Pay attention to minority rights and government should have no business in policing morality! Or do we think we are doing God a favor by policing morality? God does not need our favor! Let each one look at the Mukula log logs in their eyes and stop looking at sawdust in the LGBTI eyes! Let’s talk about our Economy – our debt burden alone shows we lack integrity! Let’s talk about Loadshedding and high cost of doing business!

    • America is an admirable country world wide. This country is beautiful, developed and almost fulfilled. But there is one thing this country does not want you to do and righly so, you as a foreign entity trying to change its values.
      As a foreigner, know you lane. Don’t come here and impose your values, Foote knows this.
      Back home, Zambia’s values are embedded in our traditional beliefs and practices which highly negates rights bordering on LGBTQ. Our Laws are a direct emergency of our values that are espoused in our traditions. Now two admirable countries (America and Zambia) may share some of the values but not all. Mutual respect should be upheald. Like a foreigner should not attempt to change the course of American values; the same can be said about Zambia. Else Foote must leave.

    • As a matter of fact and just to add on this country has hundreds if not thousands of churches and still growing…what’s their role if not to fight immoralities gayism inclusive? If politicians are going to be the ones in forefront of initiating behavioural change then what’ll churches do? Shouldn’t it be enough for me to hear it from my priest that it is wrong and there after be up to me to decide? Millions supported the American women’s world cup winning team in spite of their attempts to use it as a platform to lobby for lgbt international support but not everyone bought into that though it’s also true that many still including some Zambians were made to review the side of their sympathies. That’s just a shade of the global situation

  20. Thinking of a BLACK MAN kaya….

    It’s true as old adage goes to say that “ once a slave always a slave”……..
    Black people will never be free on earth.

  21. Mhahaha this is a joke. Ati we respect the judiciary and the constitution…. Please spare us that rubbish. Are you talking about the rotten Zambian Judiciary or which one? Come on stop issuing statements that you yourselves as leaders don’t follow. We are fade up.

  22. For the sake of Zambians who believe that a white man is always wiser than the black Africans, WISDOM IS NEVER GENERATED FROM THE TISSUE OF WHITE SKINS, BUT RATHER THINKING, INTELLECTUAL CAPACITY, HUMAN CONSCIENCE AND WISDOM IS GENERATED FROM THE GREY MATTER OF THE BRAIN. In the USA, we recognize as a fact, that former Presidents Kennedy, Clinton & Obama were much finer human assets in that great country. President Trump’s intellectual capacity being parroted by Ambassador Footes, can be likened to a mind of Uganda’s Idi Amin. Trump is actually a laughing stoke as Americans (Democrats & Republicans) enjoy their dinner.

  23. Hey dull dudeloverboy.
    Your concerns are already addressed. Which school did you or are you attending nigga?
    Effing immigrant.

  24. Homosexuality is not only a health problem, it is also a social ill.
    If they were allowed to have it their way in Zambia, we will be having another social problem in our land. How does a man know that he is being lusted after? Mmmmmh! This is like animosity. Woman and man fighting over a man or female. Gees this is alien.
    From a dating and cohabiting same s3x arrangement to fighting for introduction of a law for them to be tying a knot, from there, they’ll be fighting for adoption. Then they will be pedophiling the adopted. Then they will want to be doing chicken, dogs, monkeys, goats and what have you, undeterred. Man! That would be societies gone to the dogs. Foote please leaves
    us with our primitive desire for an opposite S3X. We beg.

  25. Boyi ni pa zed pano tekanya kiss a 10 year old girl in Cairo road you will be picked its a serious offence than once stealing cash.
    Tell us about triumph and boarder crime how many babies have died?how many arrest have been made.wjy is information being hidfem

  26. Bestiality was accepted sometime back in western countries until it was decided that animals have a right not to mate with humans. Stopping the practice also meant human rights were infringed! Thus, rights are not absolute but relative.
    If Zambian law does not support homosexialism and classifies it illegal, then it is a crime to propagate or practice it. What is illegitimate remains so until legalised as such. America for example has use of cannabis and abortion as lawful whereas Zambia deems both as illegal.


  28. # Tarino Orange, ” Let’s just get Diplomats to speak on our behalf” and you an economic refugee in Brexit why don’t you let diplomats speak for you there where you are.

  29. Americans can never be trusted..Let the close the Embassy in Lusaka,so that they can go and practice homosexuality, been a super power is not a get way to oppress others and impose your sat.anic agenda, Look at what you did to Libya.

  30. In Zambia some men are caught having sex with chickens, goats, cows, etc. Where does one even penetrate a chicken? But it happens. People rape under-age children thinking it will cure aids. Some just rape them anyway just for satisfaction. Some rape mad women on the streets. Some are marrying under-age girls. Is being gay right? I don’t know. What I know is that there are worse crimes than two men doing each other. If two guys get busy, is that worse than marrying under-age girls? Is that worse than raping a five year old thinking it will cure aids? Is that worse than killing albinos? Is that worse than crippling plunder of national wealth? I am neither for nor against homosexuality, but I can ask óne question, anyone of you, tell me one thing that a gay guy has done to you personally…

  31. Iwe, you Angolan just shut up! Aikona kulimonesha ta, otherwise the US will impose sanctions and then it will be kunya bebele!

  32. Sin is sin, be it homosexuality or adultery. We know both Malanje and Lungu are literally addicted to adultery, a sin they commit everyday. They mustn’t be the ones to tell us which sin is bad and which one is good. This is between two consenting adults so leave it to the two and their God.

  33. Ambassador Foote must adhere to his diplomatic services – and refrain from poking his nose on the integrity of Zambian Judges. Otherwise we shall classify him as a deadly devilish RACIST. Besides, his so-called diplomatic service will depend on the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Elections that will restore sanity in the USA.

  34. The ambassador was right ,us Zambian we focus on prosecutor cases which u can change them but those who still our tax’s PAYE money them ,pastor are quite on those who still tax PAYE money

  35. Zambia is for the Zambians and we shouldn’t be intimidated by foreigners,we are not puppets.We don’t want to loose our culture like you have lost yours, to hell with your rotten culture.Foote if you a gay let me warn you, you will perish………

  36. Malanji, when you analyze what the ambassador said, you should not cherry-pick, because he highlighted a lot of issues like:
    1) Homosexuality carrying a 15-year term
    2) PF cadres being above the law and beating people with impunity with no reprisals
    3) Poachers killing animals indiscriminately and going off almost cot free
    4) Corrupt people being untouched by the law etc
    But what we see is that you have only picked on homosexuality and insist that the punishment follows our laws, so in your claim address, everything not only what suits you.
    But do the same laws allow for corruption, cadres beating up opposition members etc

  37. I agree with Mr. Malanji’s sentiment that Mr. Foote’s decision to question the Zambian High Court’s decision is tantamount to questioning the Zambian constitution on which the judiciary makes its rulings. This is so because you cannot change the rule or law over certain individuals. The judges had two things to do. To find guilty or prove innocence. If found guilty what follows is sentencing with a prescribed sentence not being set free like one proved innocent.
    Free advice to Mr. Foote you should have started condemning the prescribed sentence before anyone being found guilty. Like the case of DEATH SENTENCE, people have been condemning the sentence, not the Judiciary. The for you to be annoyed with is Parliament the formulator, not Judiciary the implementor.

  38. There are two GAY cabinet members in the PF government, one is married and the other is single, look carefully.

  39. Ambassador is not even advocating for gay rights. He is just shocked with the sentence. Why is government not talking about ambassadors other concerns ie stealing by government ministers. After all, we all know that that’s the main issue here that has angered our government. Ambassador is not advocating for gay rights

  40. There are certain cabinet portfolios reserved for articulate and intelligent Zambians, with the foreign affairs one being top of the list. To therefore appoint Joseph Malanji, an undocumented Angolan illegal alien, ex-convict with a fraudulent Form 5 certificate is highly uncalled for. He knows just how much the USA contributes towards our balance of payments budget and to treat their envoy to this country with such arrogance is politically suicidal. I just hope the US Ambassador will relay this behaviour to the State Dept in DC to make sure that the likes of Malanji, Kaizar Zulu, Lungu himself, Nkandu Luo etc are barred from entering the US.

  41. #42 Political Advisor,
    Please take your ignorance elsewhere, not here! There is nowhere in the Zambian constitution where one sexual orientation is favoured over all others. The point of ‘the rule of nature” is found in the Penal Code. Further, the Zambian judiciary does not only make its rulings based on the constitution, it also does so via precedent. So please don’t rush here making such ignorant stupid declarations, next time just shut up and let those who are informed and have something constructive to say do so. I’m so sick of Zambian scam of the world whose only preserve in life is KUNYA CHINYANYENYE!

  42. I challenge the Lungu government to refuse the $500million they get from the USA because of their anti-gay stand. Everywhere in Lusaka the water and sanitation projects as we are always reminded on the bill boards are a donation from US taxpayers. Can you communicate as you complain that we are also not accepting this money in the 2020 calendar year please our inept foreign affairs minister include that in your communique to the US Government.

Comments are closed.

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