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Ireland pledges support to skills development programmes

Economy Ireland pledges support to skills development programmes

Irish Ambassador to Zambia Seamuso Grady
Irish Ambassador to Zambia Seamuso Grady


The Irish government has pledged continued support to initiatives that are aimed at providing sustainable solutions to poverty issues in Zambia.

Irish Ambassador to Zambia Seamuso Grady said his government is committed to be part of Zambia’s economic development and aspiration of not leaving any one behind hence it will support any programmes aimed at addressing poverty.

Mr. Grady cited the Built It International Zambia (BIIZ) as one programme that is aimed at addressing poverty by empowering vulnerable people, especially women, with survival skills.

The Ambassador said Ireland supports quality education as a human right for all children because it is critical for development and laying a good foundation.

Speaking in Chibombo today when he officiated at the graduation ceremony for BIIZ, Mr. Grady explained that so far, Ireland has given the institution a grant of about 95,000 Euros to train over 98 youths in bricklaying, plastering and carpentry among others.

He added that Ireland is committed to investing in skills development and employment programmes for disadvantaged young people, adding that youths are the heart of the future.

Mr. Grady further noted that the acquired skills will help the young people to get employment or open their own workshops where they would be able to earn some income for their survival.

Meanwhile, Built It International Zambia (BIIZ) Board Chairperson Rueben Lifuka explained that since its establishment in 2008, the institution has trained over 1,000 trainees that are contributing to the economic development of the country through construction.

Mr. Lifuka expressed concern with the increasing levels of poor execution of construction contracts, adding that there is need for local contractors to engage skilled and well-trained manpower.

He noted that BIIZ is committed to offering quality skills in the construction industry as it is accredited by both the Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA) Zambia Qualifications Authority (ZQA).

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    • Zambia has become one of the fastest developing countries on the continent of Africa thanks to the visionary President and the PF government. God bless Zambia and God bless this peaceful nation.

    • Lets refuse any form of aid from these corrupted minds of Homosexuality. We cant be a two forked tongue country and ask for aid from homosexuality acknowledging countries. Full stop

    • When the gay Irish Premier states that Zambia is imposing harsh sentences on LGBT, what you going to say? You refuse these pledges also from the onset, you shameless beggars

  1. So this government is seeking AID from countries with gay leaders. The Irish Prime Minister is GAY and PF government has told USA to take their AID back because Zambia does not allow people who behave ‘against the order of nature’ to give us AID.

    Come on Lungu, tell the Irish to stick their AID up their backsides!

  2. “Zambia is a Christian country with pure values, culture and we don’t want any relationships with those that support gay lifestyle!!!!”
    Hypocritical Christians all of you lot. Double standards and of course we all know that beggars are not choosers!! Why is PF not refusing this support from a country that supports homosexuality, has a prime minister who is gay? Once PF smells the money, they forget their so called Christian principles and they hide the issue under the carpet. They are waiting for their share of the money because they are thieves and hypocritical!!

  3. When the gayy Irish Premier states that Zambia is imposing harsh sentences on LGBT, what you going to say? You refuse these pledges also from the onset, you shameless beggars

  4. If a sovereign state (Zambia) believes that another sovereign state has interest in their development, someone in mother Zambia must get his/her head to be observed. No country in the world has ever developed through handouts.

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