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President Lungu in Luapula Province for Political Rallies

Headlines President Lungu in Luapula Province for Political Rallies

President Lungu  on Arrival at Mansa Airport
President Lungu on Arrival at Mansa Airport

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is in Luapula Province for a two – day working visit. after his plane touched down at Mansa Airport at 16:05 hours.

While in the province the President will drum up support for PF candidate Chanda Masheke in the forthcoming Milenge Town Council Chairperson by-election.


The President will also hold a series of rallies across Milenge District beginning with Luela, Mulumbi and Kafwanka areas.

On Tuesday, the Head of State will wrap up his tour of duty in Luapula with rallies in Butimbwa and Milenge Boma before heading back to Lusaka.


    • When does this man work? Are government employees been paid? How much is fuel today? How much is meali meal today? Has load shedding Finisised? Busy travelling.

  1. That’s why the country is in such a state, the lazy ka worst president doesn’t know what he has to do…. its to just show those scattered rotten teeth on the run way every f*cken day… tired of this sh1t.

  2. President Lungu, please invest heavily in the Northern Circuit of Zambia as we all know that that’s the economic giant and hope for Zambia. The circuit has fertile land and suitable climate for agriculture, good if not more than enough rains both for agriculture and energy needs and huge market potential in DRC and Angola huge tourism potential. Make it easy for private investors to come and invest there. We need a reliable and functioning airport in Mansa, please

  3. At least they were honest this time its not “Lungu’s two day working visit” to mislead us as usual.

  4. The President is on duty, to distribute equally across the country without leaving anyone behind the new debts that we have acquired from Abu Dabi.

  5. Well done Mr. President, luapula has actually good fertile land for agriculture, therefore visiting there as actually changed people`s minds. In the look of things people are very happy and we pray that they should continue been like that and appreciate for what you have been doing for this country.

  6. @Chichi
    You ask when he has time to look at pressing issues concerning the country? It is better to handle issue on site than in the office and you know that. When he doesn’t travel travel you are the same people that say His Excellency does not visit to see for himself.

  7. Mzambia wa Zamani!
    the president isn’t misleading anyone by visiting certain parts of the country he is actually spreading the love he has towards Zambian people don’t assume things in the way that they are not ..

  8. Nostradamus!
    please stop saying that the Pf leadership is a disgrace that’s not true at all because the government of the day always has an objective ….

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