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The American Ambassador has a beef with PF Government which has nothing to do with jailing of Homosexuals – Sinkamba

Headlines The American Ambassador has a beef with PF Government which has nothing...

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Green Party President Peter Sinkamba says the American Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote has a beef with the PF Government which has nothing to do with the jailing by Lusaka High Court of two Kapiri Mposhi homosexuals.

The Green Party leader says the United States has some of most stringent sentences for sexual offences in the world which by far cannot be comparable to the 15 years imposed on the two homosexuals.

“Take for instance the case of sexual offender Jeffrey Epstein who liked young women. In 2008, prosecutors forged a deal with whereby he avoided federal charges – which could have seen him face life in prison – and instead received an 18-month prison sentence, during which he was able to go on work-release to his office for 12 hours a day, six days a week. He was released on probation after 13 months. Last month Jeff committed suicide in prison avoiding life imprisonment this time around,” Mr. Sinkamba said.

The real issue that has pissed off the Ambassador is corruption.


“In essence, the American Ambassador is a hypocrite. It is not fair to condemn the High Court for the harsh sentence. Sexual offence sentences in the United States are harsher and can attract up to life imprisonment on Federal charges. Even polygamy and bigamy are serious sexual offences which attract 15 years or more. So, what is the fuss about on the 15 years?

“The real issue that has pissed off the Ambassador is corruption. This is the axis of evil for the beef. I think the Ambassador is just pissed off due to rampant corruption in PF Government. It appears to me that he had to find an excuse to spit it out the beef!

“It is also important to mention that here in Zambia there are even stiffer sentences for victimless crimes, such as possession and the so-called trafficking in cannabis. These offences attract up to 25 years. In actual fact, our prisons are full of cannabis related offenders. We have more than 7,000 prisoners who are languishing in jails across the country for cannabis-related offences. This is almost one third of the prison population since there are about 22,000 prisoners across the country. In all fairness, this is where we expect the Ambassador to express disgust instead of 2 out of 22,000 prisoners.

“Lastly, it is important to also mention that sexuality is a regional or country issue. For example, polygamy is a legal sexual issue here in Zambia but an offence in the USA. In the USA, LGBT is a legal sexual issue but an offence here in Zambia.  We, as Zambians respect the sexuality of Americans on LGBT. Americans must also respect sexuality too.

“If Americans feels strongly against the laws of Zambia on LGBT, the best thing to do is to open up the American visa system for LGBT people. May be, America can have a green card system for LGBT people which could be used as a means for such people to easily travel and settle in the USA where LGBT is perfectly legal. After all, we do not have many Zambians in the USA compared to other African countries like Eritrea and Ethiopia who went there in great numbers on a deliberate American policy.”

“The most important lesson from this hullabaloo is that PF should seriously address the corruption. This PF Government has not put in place a Trump Strategy. If one day President Trump wakes up and tweets sanctions on Zambia, then our medical care system will crumble like a cookie.The writing is on the wall and we shudder to see such a move happen in the near future going by the economic performance of Zambia.”



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  1. Well said Sinkamba. The real issue that the US has with PF, is the rampant corruption and mismanagement of the economy.
    And for Lungu to start saying silly things like “the USA can withdraw their aid if they want” shows how short sighted, ignorant, incompetent and unaware of there suffering of Zambians. because he and his family go out of the country for medical treatment he doesnt care about the rest of us.
    Let them cut the aid. Wait and see what will happen when the hunger deepens.
    Lungu and freinds are corrupt. Even a two year old can see it. How much more a country that has the best and most sofisticated intelligence network? They know every single corrupt deal, and every single ngwee or cent that has been used for corruption. When the day comes for Lungu to face the ICC, I…

    • When the day comes for Lungu to face the ICC i promise that the US will be a major source of the evidence that will be stucked against him and the likes of Kaizer.
      I mention the ICC because the direction PF are taking Zambia will lead to a brutal dictatorship and possible civil unrest with unfortunate and unnecessary loss of life. At the end of that process, Lungu will be called to account for his deeds. Just like others have learnt the hard way, he will also learn. Remember Mubutu, Mugabe, Gaddaffi, Saddam, Gbagbo, Idi Amini….all of them thought they were untouchable. But their day of reckoning came.

    • Journeyman: Trump will not recall Daniel Foote. Ambassador Foote is saying exactly what the USA wants him to say in Zambia.

    • @Nemwine spot on. These clowns dont know Donald Trump. He doesnt care who you think you are. Worse still, for PF cadres tp start threatening the life of the ambassador….? Do these people know who they are messing with? Do you know how much value the US puts on its citizens? How much more a Us government official? You are digging your owm grave ba PF. If the US takes action against you, do not be surprised.

    • The guy is gay and thats why he is unhappy that his colleagues have been sentenced to 15 years. He is the same fellow supporting those parties whose leaders are members of the LGBT. We warn him and those parties he is using to drive gayism and Lesbianism that in Zambia we shall not accept your dirty sexual practices. Ifyabuba uko kwine ku Washingon. Tell even that party you are sponsoring at mu Zambia twakana!!!

    • Very few people will not agree that Foote is a hypocrite.
      I admire a man who will stand up and call a spade a spade. Having a hypocrite in the US Embassy is bad.
      In today’s America be wary when the current US admin suddenly begin to label a country corrupt. When the current POTUS labeled UKRAINE corrupt, it turned out that that was the reason that lead to his impeachment inquiry.
      The beef Foote has with ECL or Malanji is beyond Sinkamba’s comprehension. There is a lot that goes on behind the curtain viz local political players and ambassadors and corruption. Foote tried to allude to it but it seems he is being biased. Foote is a corrupt entity. How can a corrupt fellow hate corruption?
      Refer to the current US ambassador to the EU’s story. Nail biting.

    • Which is worse, one man to marry two women or one man to marry a fellow man?
      We may be poor but here Mr Foorte has pressed a wrong button.
      Can America take this devil advocate away and send us a God fearing Ambassador.
      Even in America itself there are states that do not support same sex marriages.

    • Viva Green party! These Americans are cultural imperialists who want to enforce their stoopid values on us. If someone differs with them he is primitive.
      You Zambians who imitate them through fake accents and hip hop and fake names don’t realize that you are being mentally colonised. They will be very happy to see so many African wannabe Americans because that creates a market for American products while you languish in loadshedding

  2. Ask foot what he says about African Americans who are brutally killed by the police for no reason except that they are in a dark skin , this guy keeps silent he is an hypocrite .

    • Trump already knows who has stolen what, how much they have stolen from where and where it is hidden. It’s now a question of time before he blows off the lid. Watch this space, somebody will cry soon.

    • Just how can a corrupt entity help fight corruption.
      Foote is a corrupt nigga.
      I began understanding these ambassadors and their corruption when UKRAINE that heavily depends on US AID militarily was labeled corrupt. Read widely folks and follow international news closely.
      Foote is nothing but a questional physical entinty corruptionally.

  3. Sinkamba the big story is NOT CORRUPTION as you have thought of,what sort of corruption the American government can they besieging with Zambian economy which is underneath of deaths?.Superpowers will not matter much for dying of economy especially in the third world economics.They don’t get benefits after all.Look the case of Ethiopia,Malawi,Zimbabwe etc. and the economic relationship with the west.
    The real issues are based on China’s categories of political discourse in Southern Africa.Since 2010 China has sets economic gripes that the west have condemned using corruption tags to hoodwinks and downplaying Political influences of China.This is real in American’s sight.

    • Finally someone has hit the nail on the head!!!

      The US ($31bn) has lost it’s position as the leading donor to China ($38bn) and that just annoys them. This also translates to the ‘under the table’ deals their corporations are losing out to the Chinese…and you think they will be happy.

    • Tell this Sinkamba, he thinks the US Government is not corrupt for foote to genuinely shout woof woof.
      Corruption is used for emphasis when expressing an opinion.
      KK was not a fool to choose to be non aligned.
      So every leader is Africa is perceived corrupt. Certainly every leader in the world is relatively corrupt.
      Can foote a corrupt entity fight corruption?

    • Tell this Sinkamba, he thinks the US Government is not corrupt for foote to genuinely shout woof woof.
      Corruption is used for emphasis when expressing an opinion.
      KK was not a f.o.o.l to choose to be non aligned.
      So every leader is Africa is perceived corrupt. Certainly every leader in the world is relatively corrupt.
      Can foote a corrupt entity fight corruption?

  4. The PF know that that the US and many western nations endorse gay rights.Why does the PF go begging for money from them?
    Worse still, the PF fly their ministers to South Africa and India for treatment when they are sick . South Africa and India support LGBT rights.
    The PF and its minions are hypocrites.

  5. Well said Sinkamba. But if the diplomat has evidence of corruption in PF, why not bringing it forward? Couldn’t our more inclined to China than western be another issue if not the major one?? America is not happy with countries that are dealing with China. Whatever the case, let this diplomat go to hell with his threats of cutting aid. We can not sell our values to America just because they help us….NOOOO!!!!!

  6. I think sinkamba is underestimating the western worlds classing an adult persons sexual preference as a human right……..

    And sinkamba is generalising prision for child sexual offences with “sexual offences”. Child molestation is a serious crime in the west.

    In the west, with some of the most advanced scientists and medical organisations , it is known that some people are born gay, born in the wrong body. It is something many can not help and suicides are rife among young adults finding them selves born the wrong sex. That is why gays are protected.

    • It’s just a disorder.
      Talk of people who want to change their sexual orientation. Didn’t they cause confusion in the US on which convenience room to use?
      Straight women didn’t want to share loos with transgenders. Total confusion in the city.
      If a disorder can’t be fixed now wait even ab100 years until advances in medical tech makes a breakthrough.
      Its premature for us to engage in vice when they still have issue with it.
      Their new normal is that a gay character can even go to church and some even wantvto administer sermons.

    • @john yes that is their argument although science has never conclusively proved it. The gays say that they are born that way. But there are some ex gay people who claim they changed to straight people after being prayed for. So we don’t know who we should believe

  7. You got it right, Peter Ganjaman Sinkamba, I also thought so and I mentioned it here that Foote seems to be upset about the issues he listed like the wanton poaching slaughter of wild animals. The PF also seem to be upset not about the gays but that Foote touched on the business that now every jack in PF is in. Cadres from the bus stations are now showing us so much wealth and have kudus and other wild animals in their backyards. Ministers who haven’t done much in their lives are now owners of game ranches. This is the reason they’re upset about whistle blowers exposing their animal capture schemes. We’re now in a kleptocracy

  8. Homosexuality is a demon, just cast it out in the name of Jesus, its demon possession. Now we dont care about their AID if he wants they can withdraw, we were not created to be fed by the USA

  9. The writer is a *****. Did he really put jailing two consenting adult men in the same category as know PEDOPHILE Jeffery Epstein!?

  10. Comprehension, comprehension, US ambassador is not for gay rights. He is just shocked with the sentence. Zambians start listening please. Let the man voice out please

    • What’s shocking about that? In fact he should commend the court for taking the minimum sentence as prescribed by law. I’m sure if there was a lower sentence the court would have used that. But in this case, what did he expect the judge to do after finding them guilty? Make his own “illegal” lower sentence?

  11. Comment: Roman1:22-27 although claiming they were wise, they became foolish 23and turned the glory of incorruptible God into something like the image of corruptible man and bird’s and four footed creatures and reptiles 24Therefore,God,in keeping with the desire of their hearts, gave them up to uncleanness, so that their bodies might be Dishonored among them 25they exchanged the truth of God for the lie and venerate and redered sacred service to the creation rather than the creator who is praised forever.Amen 26that is why God gave them over to uncontrolled sexual passion, for their female changed the. natural use of themselves into one contrary to nature 27 likewise also the Male left the nature use of the female And become violently inflamed in their lust toward one another males…

  12. The US to introduce greencard/ visa invite for African LGBTs? You must be jocking. But again that will be most interesting as it will be biggest test to the hypocricy of some so called anti LGBT persons and groups. Who doesn’t want to go to America? True hypocrites will resurface and there’d likely be a stampede as every lumpen jostles for a ticket to dreamland. Trump will be the last to allow such absurdity

  13. The major problems Zambians face are corruption and rampant tribalism! I honestly don’t understand what two consenting adults’ bedroom business has to do with the courts of law. Homosexuality has been with humanity since the advent of times. Besides Inonge, all PF ministers are committing adultery and fornication, daily!

  14. I hope the ambassador and the EU are noting the names of these noisy buckets like Sinkamba so that next time they apply for a visas, they’re denied! South Africa should do the same too, nowhere to hide for these vicious bigots anywhere.

  15. Its all about the upset of western against eastern influence in the region.. Thats what america is really worried about. And what really pissed them off is going to the arab world to ask for aid. As you very well know, all aid comes with strings attached, and asking for aid from an arab country may mean the accelarated spread of islam in a so called christian country. As many may be aware, there is a war of religions in the middle east.

    • Just imagine a man climbing on the other man, from behind? Mr Foote! In Africa we can’t simply imagine that.

  16. Why allowing other race to have powers on our judgment which was fair. In fact that judgement was not much they should be saving life in prison because we are Christians and we need to demonstrate even though we are imperfect creatures.

  17. the 4billion dollars offered to zambia ,to support killing zambians through ARVs M CREATING more cancers,to zambiansn juan cryst look at how our graves have filled up because of blindly recieving AIDS
    iif 4 billion dollars was invested in bringing American companies and created pensionable jobs to zambians then it could be another story
    just flooding zambia with condoms to un employed population rubbish aid

  18. This issue must be sorted out with great diplomacy and wisdom, rushing into saying that US can cut aid we don’t care. There are so many good vehicles labeled USAID, so many textbooks in schools, so many medical equipment and medicine, millions of dollars just to mention a few. Government must be very very careful over this issue.

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