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US Ambassador and YALI disagree on homosexuality laws


United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote
United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote


US Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote must restrain against the temptation were the US will be seen to be imposing laws aimed at tolerating homosexuality among the Zambian population, the Young African Leaders initiative (YALI) has charged.

Speaking at a Press Briefing held on Sunday, YALI President Andrew Ntewewe noted that sentiments by the US Ambassador and his outright condemnation of the Lusaka High Court which must be seen as independent from any influence in the administration of the criminal justice system may lead Zambian to have an impression that the US Government under President Donald Trump desire to interfere in the country’s right to self-determination.

Mr Ntewewe said Zambians have a duty to defend Judges and judicial system against any conduct calculated at undermining their independence in the exercise of judicial functions, adding that the Courts in Zambian exercise should be seen to exercise its judicial authority based on the powers conferred on them by the People of Zambia, who are a sovereign.

The YALI Chief has also expressed disappointment that bodies such as the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) who claim to have a duty to defend the Constitution have not risen to defend the High Court for imposing a minimum sentence against the attacks from foreign entities.

He has equally wondered why the Church which is responsible for promoting higher standards of morality and Godly behaviour has remained silent when judges are being attacked for sending people involved in homosexuality to jail.

“In fact, those two misfits who were jailed to 15 years were given leniency by the sentencing judge who administered the minimum sentence of 15 years when he could have opted for the maximum life imprisonment as stated in sections 155 of the penal code , chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia,” Mr Ntewewe noted.

In calling for political parties to come out strong in defence of the courts and the country’s laws, Mr Ntewewe further demanded that the UPND who are associated with the Africa Liberal Network, an openly gay-promoting organization should come out and state their position with clarity on whether they support the sentencing of the two misfits to 15 years or not.

YALI has since assured the judiciary of their full support and that of Zambians and emphasized that it is unfortunate and unacceptable for anyone to make comments that demean the country’s sovereignty and the hard fought independence.

Meanwhile, YALI Governance Advisor Isaac Mwanza, commenting on the Constitutional amendment Bill Number 10, has appealed to members of parliament both from the ruling and the opposition to rise beyond partisan politics in order to give Zambians what would be best for posterity.

Mr Mwanza said it was gratifying to note that LAZ and the Chapter One Foundation were allowed to exercise their right to petition the courts who have speedily determined the matter.

“Our view is that the constitution of Zambia belongs to all citizens of this country, those who wanted it amended by enactment of bill number 10 or those who don’t want it enacted into law. None of these two opposing groups are bigger than the other in terms of having a say on their constitution and must respect divergent views on the proposed amendments,” Mr Mwanza said.

And answering the question on whether YALI expected diplomats to join internal political debates the way the US Ambassador did, Mr. Mwanza wondered what would happen if the Zambian Ambassadors in Washington were to join the Democrats in calling for impeachment of Trump.

“We don’t believe our Ambassador will last another day in the US if he decided to join the internal debate in America by taking a hard stance on the calls to impeach US President on allegations that he tied aid to Ukraine in exchange of his own political interests. So we expect foreign diplomats to also restrain themselves when it comes to the governance of this country or the type of laws we decide to have,” said Mr Mwanza



    • ZAMBIA belongs to Zambians. We shouldn’t be enslaved just coz US support our institutions. Slavery ended a century ago. Lets respect one another’s culture.

    • Yali was founded by a gay loving US President. But u I like your courage and patriotism to African values. Means.u were not brainwashed to think same lile them. Ambassador Foot, there re so many issues in US including impeachment. Will we heat u speak about it as well?

    • US Supreme Court has allowd Trump to impose discriminatory policies against gays. Trump is financing impeachment, summoning of financial records, etc. Have we ever heard our Ambassador speak in US against these internal matters, even on behalf of millions Americans who disagree with Republicans? Insoni ebuntu.

    • There is no way Ambassadors wishes would have been given effect by Lusaka High Court. The minimum sentence for crimes against order of nature is 15 years. We have maintained that provisions for good cause. We dont want to become like US, children becoming gays at early stage and running for highest office of the land.

    • People talk about not wanting to be “enslaved” or controlled by America. Meantime we have become a chinese colony thanks to Lungu.
      But, the US Government has no right to impose their twisted moral code on us. Even though I still maintain that the punishment is just too excessive. If you go to zambian prisons, hompsexuality is rife because you have people who are deprived of contact with their wives. So if we are really serious about curbing this vice we can start there.
      Now as to Ntewewe and others who are barking so loudly, you are just hypocrites. Some of you are adulterers who are unfairhful to your wives. Others are busy beating their wives and sleeping with little girls. Today you want to make noise as if you are clean. Others are drunkards and serial gamblers. My freinds, the…

    • Some people’s arguments are shallow. Its no defense to say because prostitutes are not jailed then one found.guilty of homosexuality should not be jailed. Mwai wamuzako sibagonela panja. Let those boys enjoy conjugal rights in prison. Infact polygamy, chidyerano etc have been of our culture. Will the US also legalise polygamy because its legal here?

    • I think Ambassador was out of order. He cannot dictate what laws we must have. This disagreement between YALI and Ambassador is good and shows the independence of mind which US Govt promotes

    • This Yali organisation is fake and a fraud. Who is Andrew Ntewewe? What has he achieved in life? He is just another Chilufya Tayali

    • S I L L Y boy. The Ambassador did not attack the judiciary. He attacked the culture of zealous pursuit of ga y people when the corrupt are going unpunished.

    • Is YALI so called leadership not on the list of thieves who stole donor funds and have been hiding behind blind support of the visionless fellow thieves for temporary protection? What kind of stinking vomits can you expect from the whole rotten body?

  2. US Ambassador did NOT make any comment about thieving YALI.
    As a matter of fact, YALI chose homosexuality issue to divert attention from the other subjects of Mr. Foote statements like rampant institutionalized corruption, theft, bribery, lack of transparency, biased and inept judiciary, inept investigative organs, collapse of the rule of law………..
    Mr. Ntewewe, does your choice of one subject (homosexuality) should be interpreted that you endorse all other stated illegalities of the current administration?
    Can you please clarify where YALI and yourself stand on all other subjects raised by His Excellency?

    • UPND ni zee! Party has homosexuals in media teams and other leadership positions as per Liberal African Network requirements. They can’t speak out. Same with many others. Lets defend our culture and our constitution. We are not gays

    • Offences under different laws have different punishment. We punish gays severely because the practice is despicable by our standards. When.we decide to make corruptuon publishable by death, like in China, it will be us as a people to agree and not the US.

  3. Ambassador Foote wanted the Court to impose the minimum sanctions provided in our anticorruption and money laundering laws to a crime provided by the Penal law. He wanted the culprits to be slapped with 5 years as opposed to the minimum of 15 years provided in Penal Code. Thats his definition of rule of law. He wanted them to br acquitted even if homosexuality is provided as a crime which is punished under our laws. We may as well be releasing everyone who commits these crimes of passions such as rape, defilement, etc. You see Ambassador why u must never use emotions to comment on these issues.

  4. The dreams of pharaoh are one. It is clear in this case what YALi mission is , and is no different from the powers that be in zambia. Then what is alarming is the level of shallowness and unintelligence exhibited here. The day you become truly independent , having your own security, control over your own economic, tradition, culture, even political independence, then you can earn the right to argue as you have done.

  5. Why challenge UPND to state its position on the sentence passed on two guys having sex in their private quarters? You think UPND is as useless as you are to be giving opinions on useless things. The fact that you are asking UPND to comment means you dont agree with the sentence. You are very stupid bunch of *****s. You go and ask Lungu to comment.

    • UPND embraced homosexuality and homosexuals in the party rank and file. Media team homos. Secretariat homos. And party others structures. Its a toll order to expect them to comment on such matters. They dont want to discriminate against themselves

  6. When Obama founded YALI, his mission was to brainwash every African child going to America to accept homosexuality as a norm. When Donald Trump came into office he has reduced funding for this program aimed at brainwashing our people. Glad we still have people with a conscience to reject gayism. Means while a few others were brainwashed, many others have not. Its also good for democracy to see Ambassador and YALI on different sides. Respecting eaxh other’s views and space is what democracy is.

  7. By the way has YALI reimbursed the money they “borrowed” from UKaid in the name of elections monitoring? Don’t bite the finger that feeds you. Elections are coming soon and Usaid, EU and Dfid are the largest donors. So ba yali, who will sponsor you this time?

    • Good question. The are waiting for Hakainde to reimburse the money he “borrowed” from privatisation of our national assets. Once he does, Zambians will vote for him.

  8. Being a judge is different from being an Ambassador. Ambassadors are no different from politicians. They speak changing politics but Judges speak the law. So 15 years was indeed leniency on part of the judge. However, if Ambassador Foute was Judge, he would be making his own laws and enforcing them. People would not know what to expect from his court. Pandemonium would reign.

    • It must be very difficult to be a judge in Zambia. Balancing inbreed 1mbecility, bribes, politics and laws must be exhausting.

  9. America has been desirous to brainwashe our people so we could adopt the American way of life of LGBTQ. Have always been suspicious of these movements of taking young people to America. But this disagreement shows the brainwashing scheme has failed. Am in support of Trump cutting more money to these programs and even abolish them. You can see clearly that Ambassador Foote wanted our courts to bend rules to suit those gays. Rules are rules. Thats what make society predictable!

  10. There are no eminent brains in the Zambian judiciary with the intellect to change law and generate new case law. All they do is apply penal code, fair or unfair. They are incapable of reforming a constitution full of contradictory clauses.

  11. Daniel Foote should be sent back to America and bring in someone who will respect the laws of our land. We don’t interfere in the laws of America. They should leave us alone. What a sordid act to defend! Sodomy!

    • There truly must be something wrong with your sort. Why refer to yourself as queer, and you want me to support your queerness? No please, I will support normal, as queer is very denigrating.

  12. Now you want the church to speak out. When you were busy propagating your foolish NDF you never involved the church and now they are important. Infact let us not be play double standard here. Homosexuality is a wrong just like any other offense like corruption. We should see you act against corrupt individuals as well. Homosexuality and corruption fall under the 3 big vices. Kill, steal and destroy. Infact ministers should show leadership by paying back the money and allowance they got occupying the office elligally. You are talking about independent judiciary and respecting rule of law. Why have ministers defied court ruling.? Hypocrites imwe

  13. By the way, if Foots is a gay, let him go back to his country before we subject him to the same court and sentence him to 50years in prisonment.

  14. Thumbs up YALI it is great to note that there are youth organizations that can stand and defend the laws of our country.

  15. If Ambassador Foot cannot manage to live in a country that criminalises homosexuality, he should ask Trump to recall him or send him to South Africa. We unfortunately are not ready to compromise with our Christian, cultural and moral values. This isn’t America where morality doesnt mean anything.

    For UPND, we know they cannot say anything because of their association with the gay loving group. UPND is a danger to this country, if they are given power.

    • Pa Mtima Why UPND has any another political party commented say FDD NDC NAREP RPP UNIP ZDC UPP MMD SP ZRP NP have all these and many others issued comments u will die of jealous for UPND

  16. “If you think homosexuality is a sin, then your very life is a sin. If you think homosexuality is disgusting, then your very mind is disgusting. If you think homosexuality is a disease, then your very existence is a disease.”

    Fxxk Zambia

  17. Love is never wrong.
    Love is the solution, not the problem.
    The act of loving isn’t an exclusive club.
    Hate is inhumane.
    You should not disapprove of something that cannot be changed.
    Orientation isn’t as important as happiness.

    • Just go to a quite corner and die. Thing is, your kind of love is not acceptable in our Zambia. So Lindsay, just go die hating Zambia for choosing to do right. Homosexuality is not for Zambia, finish and klar!

  18. Any Zambian trying to side with the US ambassador is a slave, a beggar and doesn’t know and has infact never been to US. It’s blindness and foolishness to believe that simply because its US everything they say and do is final. Those of us that have been there dont even wish to live or stay there. As long as you black, you treated as second or third class. Recently native US blacks have embarked on journey “back to roots, Africa” why if i may ask? And some creeps here are supporting this ambassador, shame!

  19. There are more clever ways of implementing the law.

    Pick your fights wisely. The presidential advisores are very du.ll and have no clue about global current affairs. Even if this was ment to take people’s attention away from the economy, it could backfire. No one is saying accept homosexuality. Just be more tactful and aware of the situation.

  20. “Christian, cultural and moral values”. As a so called christian country with cultural and moral values, how come it’s ok for “christian” politicians to openly steal, fornicate, transmit sexual diseases to young girls, commit adultery, practice tribal divisions, be corrupt etc, etc, etc? In the eyes of God, there is no small/big sin. If homosexuality is such a big sin in the eyes of Zambian Christians, then so should corruption , adultery, and drunkenness be!! Zambia seems more Christian than those who introduced it to them. There is nothing for opposition parties to be wasting time on this PF issue!!

  21. country of Zambia know that moral conscience of the world as being disturbed for severe mental suffering of these two lives. We join ambassador Daniel Foote to bring this to light. Remember your part of nations of the world. Isolation is not good. remember what you told the world, at United nation general assembly in New York, USA. Who was in attendance?

  22. “Zambia is a christian nation” and this phrase is not just a mere say but we have evidently seen how God has been faithful to us as a Nation since day one. In spite of the many challenges we might have faced and still facing we as a Nation should not shun away from Gods love for us.

    We understand and fully know that the U.S is of great help to this country but them trying to impose a culture that our own culture is against won’t work out. The bible states that “my people perish because they lack knowledge” hence it is in such cases that we should showcase our faith and stance in the God we serve as a Nation


  23. But people … why did God give a woman? mmm I cant image going for an exit full of faces while a clean and clear door which God gave man is there. Imwe ba stupiid did God say you will be propagating using an anus of a man?? You gays why dont you reproduce your own children but you recruit innocent children….ukutumba ba fikamba imwe!!!!.

  24. The US and other like minded bilateral partners should halt financial aid just like the British government did.
    The PF know that that the US and many western nations endorse gay rights.
    Why does the PF go begging for money from them?
    Worse still, the PF fly their ministers to South Africa and India for treatment when they are sick . South Africa and India support LGBT rights.
    The PF and its minions are hypocrites.

  25. yadayadayada is all i see from most people, well if u want to see who is out of order, keep daring america and see Aid withheld, lets see what order u will have, most people speak loudest even though they have never even seen a border sign post in their lives,u should move in order to see the big game at play here, dont act like a nincompoop and just fart out comments, when you are playing with a guy with a big stick, u respond with brains cause muscles dont work, ask zimbabwe and cuba whats its like to be on the wrong side of the USA. now zambia with the current level of brain capacity in boma, crushing an economy with no sunctions..just try to imagine what happens if AID IS WITHHELD…

    • Just wait and see,

      Pity is , it is the already suffering Zambians who will be dying when aid is with held.

      Becarfull with trump.

    • Thats being naive in your analysis man. Just because a person helps me does not mean I have to accept whatever rubbish morals he imposes on me. We help and respect the culture of those we are helping. If thats the underlying principal of the USAID to Zambia – to impose rubbish morals on Zambia , then I fear such aid lacks genuineness and can be taken elsewhere.

    • Truth Hates

      When you are a broke country, a begger country , you chose your fights wisely.

      There are diplomatic ways of imposing your laws without offending the world order.

      Let’s see who blinks first……

  26. Go to buzz cafe on a Friday and you will be shocked at the number of GAY patrons. Zambia should legalize GAY marriage, in fact I want to set up a GAY NGO, you will see how much funding I will get.




    • Why are you quick to perform God’s work? Did God tell you He needs your opinion to judge those He created including your self righteous and high moral ground.

  29. Simply put! What the US Ambassador is trying to say is that we can’t legislate morality. But unfortunately, his sentiments rubbed some people with HEQ’s (High Emotional Quotients) the wrong way such that they are presiding over as judges, juries and executioners. Let God be the judge of us all, can you imagine what would happen if God acted this emotional like many are behaving? He would wipe us out all without any single being left because in the end we’re all just as guilty as ’em, for even our righteousness is as filthy rugs before the Lord… Let us not be quick to judge!!

  30. Smoke weed you get locked for 10-years…Homosexuality gets you…15 years. Plunder GRZ resources through corruption and denying Zambians medicines, better education and better life gets you 2years or suspended sentence…Working illegally in government drawing an illegal salary by ministers gets you….o years. Now when you convict people our Judiciary do you factor in the impact especially the corruption and economic crimes have on ordinary Zambian later on the poorest of the poor? How does homosexuality between two consenting adults impact my life or smoking weed by an adult person impact my functioning as an individual? There is no independent Judiciary in Zambia if we have a mafia state where there is a law for the elite and the law for kambwanga’s.

    • Corruption involving millions of $$s leading to poverty is just as serious as homosexuality. Be consistent…that’s what the US envoy is saying!!!

  31. I haven’t heard HH and UPND condemn US ambassador on the home sexual comments.Which side are they taking ? All Zambians, political parties ,the church and well meaning NGO’S condemned the act. But to be mute speaks volumes .

  32. Zambia as a country do not care about thousands of children starving to death in the streets but they do care about who people sleep with. SHAME ON YOU CHRISTIAN NATION.

  33. Jesus Christ is GAY, GOD is an African Black Woman, and Zambia is the country in the whole world that has received more AID in the history of International AID. Which of those 3 statements is a fact?. SHAME ON YOU ZAMBIA.

  34. Zambia has laws that undermines the freedom and liberties of humans. Are we not all supposed to be free under the eyes of the transparent man in the sky?. Zambia lives in the past as most of its citicens that have been brainwashed by religion, that believe or not was brought to this country by the same colonisers we all despise. Churches in Europe are empty and still European countries are much richer than us. Churches in Zambia get full every weekend and we are on of the poorest countries in the world. What makes God love Muzungus so much. The answer is that there is no GOD. Religion is a tool to make us poorer, don’t you see? Are you all blind?. Colonisers gave us Religion so we could stay poor endlessly. Wake up Zambia, AID and RELIGION make us poor. Do you really think your…

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