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PF leaders continue to challenge HH to state his position on Same Sex Marriage.

Headlines PF leaders continue to challenge HH to state his position on Same...

Copperbelt Patriotic Front Provincial Chairman Nathan Chanda
Copperbelt Patriotic Front Provincial Chairman Nathan Chanda

Copperbelt Patriotic Front Provincial Chairman Nathan Chanda has challenged opposition UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema to state his and party position on homosexuality, despite the fact that the UPND leader is on record to have categorically stated that he does not support same-sex marriage.

Both the UPND and Mr. Hichilema are on record to have publicly said that they do not support same-sex marriages

Despite UPND’s public position, Mr. Chanda said today that he is shocked that Mr. Hichilema has categorically failed to state his and the UPND position on gay rights in a country like Zambia which is a Christian Nation.

The PF Copperbelt boss said the desperation of Mr. Hichilema and his UPND to be in State House is so alarming, shameful, unZambian, unchristian and against the belief which is the preamble of the Zambian Constitution.

Mr. Hichilema revealed that private investors from the US have pledged to invest over US$25.8 billion in Zambia in the first 5 years of his administration.

Mr. Hichilema said in Washington DC at the Woodrow Wilson Centre.

” But we question who these private investors are? We want answers from you sir? We can’t allow you to auction the country, in a similar manner our mines were privatized and only a few benefited immensely by becoming rich overnight. Tell the Zambian people what you went to do and the conditions for the investment from these so-called ‘private investors’. These are questions we want answers from you, sir, go on TV and tell the voters whether you support same-sex marriage” Mr. Chanda asked.

Mr. Chanda has also asked the Church and other civil societies even if some get funds for the same people please come out open on issues of gay rights which are been championed by the opposition leader.

“The Three Church Mothers body silence is so threatening. We have seen some Church come out strong on Bill 10, political violence and other issues. But we are dismayed with the silence on the championing of gay rights by the oppositions.”

“As a Christian nation, we want to ask the Church to openly condemn this championing of gay rights. It is clear in the Bible that marriage is between male and female, lady and gentleman. Now we wonder what Bible the UPND is reading if it supports the championing of the marriage of same-sex. Even animals ‘dogs’ surely know that this one is a male and female,” Mr. Chanda said.

” Let’s be objective and patriotic United Zambians for once politics aside. Just because you want to rule Zambia then you want to allow and support selling out our national, Christian values and culture. Shame on you, ” said Mr. Chanda.

Mr. Chanda urged Zambians to open their eyes and see,  open their ears and hear to these leaders who want to become leaders of Zambia.


“With little power in opposition, some people are behaving like masters and kings what more with instruments of power in their hands. They will come and sell your churches and there will no longer be Christianity in Zambia. For warned is forearmed,” he said.

We will stand with the Zambian people and our President in defending our Christianity, national values and culture


  1. In fact, it is easier to organize a demonstration against gay rights than it is to organize a peaceful demonstration against the 20 hours load—shedding that has shut down people’s businesses. In Zambia, proof that the President is gay can make him lose power, but he can’t be voted out even if he admitted that he is a thief. It’s not the laws which are outdated, it is our thinking (News Diggers)

    • And these thieves know how to take advantage of our reasoning, or the lack thereof. Incarcerating people for fairy tale crimes while people are dying from a healthcare system looted by government thieves.

    • Does PF want HH to show them physically that he is against homosexuality of they perhaps want him to paint a picture? I think this is now a tired story and we should move on to other issues. Its boring , sorry (YAWN!!)

    • The pf has been clobbered by the US. The ambassador hit the nail on the head without fear and now pf are in a state of panic.
      You are trying to draw HH in a fight that you started. Finish it alone. You see, the pf is used to bullying the opposition. In Amb Foote, they have met their match. More so his boss is completely mafia and unpredictable such that should he decide to act, this regime will crumble even before 2021.
      Am disappointed with UPND Copperbelt youth team. This is the time to hammer these dunderheads, but alas, you are quiet. Common on.

    • Am sure he is too preoccupied on how to put the next meal on the Zambian table (beef) and also contribute to the GDP of this country, always remember an idle mind is the devils workshop, if people in this country were preoccupied with work, work, i dont think they will be entertaining such thoughts,certain things do not add any economical value to our country.

    • Hichilema is the waste opposition leader ever. He has no sticking points; he can not stand up for anything that threatens his chances of being voted president. It took the US ambassador to say what he is supposed to be saying. In the past weeks alone there has been the Gay sentencing, the ruling on the the powers of the Litunga, the parliament ruling on Barotseland, among others, and he hasn’t said anything. Barotseland and Zambia needs a voice that will speak for the Lozi People.

    • A bemba saying says “For a hyena to be bold, it must have a place where it is pressing its butt.” Zambia knows where the hyena is pressing its butt. When Zambia was fasting and praying someone went to sell.

  2. Did you hear that Akakunkubiti ka Nathan Chanda got nearly $1million from KCM? this what America comparing. how can a gay man be jailed for 15 years while PF is stealing and sharing kcm resources?

    • @2, Did you hear that he did inside trading during privatisation and took the money to PANAMA and when he dies the money will end up in the guy we know’s pocket? That is what Zambians Ha talkin’ HaBOUT.

  3. Lets talk BILL 10!
    BILL 10 Major Content-Apparently..!!!!
    It is impossible to defend the contents of Bill 10 because they are entirely injurious and against the will of Zambians.
    No one Patriotic Zambian can defend this….
    1. A President who can negotiate his or her way into State House after losing an election, via a strange coalition clause.
    2. A Parliament where the ruling party can increase its seats at will.
    3. The Cabinet being able to contract debt without any control and then also waste it as the FIC is weakened.
    4. The President being able to create and realign provinces and districts at will.
    5. Limitless Ministers and the return of limitless Deputy Ministers.
    6. Elections that are academic because the ruling party can achieve 2/3 majority in Parliament by just…

  4. 6. Elections that are academic because the ruling party can achieve 2/3 majority in Parliament by just increasing nominated members and then be able to change the constitution as they please.
    7. A Bank of Zambia with no control over money or on financial banks.
    8. A President whose mental and physical capacity to hold office cannot be investigated.
    9. The ruling party that can legally use public money to campaign during elections as Ministers stay in office.
    10. The President being able to increase or reduce the number of Judges in the Supreme and Constitutional Court at will.

    • Ka Lungu Presido of Zambia knows very well he has pocketed money belonging to the people of Zambia
      A guy who buys himself a Private Jet for millions of Dollars in the name of Zambia Air Force is nothing other than a maroon who only thinks of himself if at all he has a Tompwe
      The Guilty are always afraid. The guy wants to shift attention to a useless subject of Homo Sexuality running away from real issues. He is a total failure. I don’t know what Ba late Sata saw in this guy, kana chaya ya Muzungu anikonde while having a hidden agenda. In the old days one would think he is the one who bewitched the late Sata
      Lungu is useless and has no clue of what is required of a President, however in Countries like Zambia, anything is possible. People are really oppressed to such an extent that…

    • Cont……
      Lungu is useless and has no clue of what is required of a President, however in Countries like Zambia, anything is possible. People are really oppressed to such an extent that even life under ba KK was better.
      With all the scandals they guy should have been impeached if it were in the USA, Britain or other countries where there is Democracy. In Zambian it is not possible as Zambia is now under Dictatorship and Police control and brutality. It is a pity for the young and future generations

  5. But Zambia has really become a banana republic. These chaps have taken advantage of the ignorance of most of our people. Why are you avoiding to respond the issues of millions dollars of Donor funds he alleged have been stolen.

    The ambassador made serious allegation but because these thieves understand that using the issue of gays will gain them political mileage and important issues will be ignored brought out by the ambassador.


  7. Sir you have alot to worry about than HH. Copperbelt is crumbling under your watch. Just last week you had a rally addressed by kampyongo you can share with us what happened.

  8. Still flogging a dead horse when what the country needs right now is direction – of all the more serious issues facing the country, you choose to speak of same sex marriages. What a waste of space these PF chaps are! Non-issues and pretending to be ‘holier than thou’, yet they are the worst hypocrites to have trodden the Zambian soil. What values do these charlatans have? What christian nation? Idolaters, more like, and looters without any scruples. It is so pathetically clear on how backward the country has gone in governance and the enhancement of human development matters

  9. Leave H.H. alone, its the Zambian government and the US. not HH.stop politics of hate. You will face the wrath of God. Our God the Almighty Is The God of order. He is watching.

  10. PF with its leadership is an irritating boil on running national affairs! Failure to discern issues of national importance runs in the party’s veins taking advantage of the below average intelligence general standing among Zambians. Zambian society to the largest extent does not condone only certain practices among gays and so long they are Zambian they have entitlement to rights enjoyed by every Zambian under prescribed laws. Those attacking the ambassador including the president for the remarks are tactless thinking their foolish pride will take the country anywhere with their reasoning! As much as the sentence was excessive comparatively for child molesters/defilers, rapists, incest I am of the view that laws allow recourse for the aggrieved and even gays are protected by the law even…

  11. These chaps sound so excited talking down Amb Foote,wait,wait,wait a minute…. these bazungus are strategists and always very United!! When the US will decide to “strike back” ,they will be supported in solidarity by their kith and kin,the UK ,EU and it’s Member States and the world will become too small for some of these excited twits!! It’s more about stealing and corruption and some of these chaps will suffers asset freeze and travel bane – it is a question of time

  12. Chanda most well informed churches like Catholics have analytical approach to issues.Even the issue of gay they treat it with a humane approach of how to rehabilitate perpetrators rather than hurt & hate them! In this case they will come with a statement that will explain how they agree with Amb Foote on corruption,theft,limited democratic space and how they wish to show love compassion to those who fallen out of the law on matters where even the Bible commends reproach – te iwe ka Chanda to tell them what to say!!

  13. You know what they say: when stup.idity meets ignorance. The result is these diminutive characters with an opportunity to hold a microphone.

  14. Surely there’s something much better to engage HH on than this disgusting topic of same-sex marriage. That’s why the ruling PF can never convince people to vote for them again coupled with the retrogressive Bill 10

  15. PF has lamentably failed. It is crystal clear. In their usual dullness, they would rather bring in HH. Sort out your kwacha is crazy, your exchange rate which is all over and your inflation which is causing havoc. 2021 is a no contest

  16. I don’t care what HH supports, all I know he is coming to liberate Zambia. And you dandala heads, American ambassador did not champion any gay rights, he just lamented the harsh punishment as compared to our bandits stealing our resources. And also the ministers must pay back the illegal salaries

  17. The focus should be on addressing the very issues affecting our people, our economy and solving the many problems we have in our country, not diverting attention away from all the failures and thieving whilst blaming climate change. The topic of same sex relationships is not going to bring about economic prosperity, Bonehead. Tell us as to how you intend taking Zambia back to the GDP levels you inherited from MMD and reducing our debt levels to what they were before you started looting the coffers.
    Simply trying to divert attention from the real issues affecting all whilst continuing unabated with your looting. Indeed sad!!!

  18. This is little dunderhead is provincial chairperson for the whole PF of copperbelt? What he is saying shows you the caliber of leadership in some parties.

  19. Sometimes i sit down and wonder the caliber of politicians in the ruling party. Are they comedians, scare crows or just dumb. Cry my beloved country. Instead of worrying about one month import cover, you are busy wasting time challenging some one’s beliefs. After all we know that some of you are priests in some shrines.

  20. HH had already told you repeatedly that he is an Adventist and doesnt suport gayism.
    But amazingly you still continue to bark at him.What do you him to say?Instead tell the people on how you will end loadshedding,corruption,and If your 64 ministers who occupied office illegally have started paying back the money owed to the state.

  21. Zambia has a position on gay and same sex marriage and thats why those two were sentenced to 15 yrs in prison. I then dont understand why *****s like Chanda wants to know HH’s position on the same. Does it really matter what an individual position is on anything once we have a country’s position. There are things that even presidents hold different opinions from that of the country. Suddenly all the PF thugs have taken time off from stealing to talk about gays. The American ambassodor called you corrupt thieves and yet not even the president has come out to challenge the allegation….why? Instead you concentrate on gays that dont affect anybody but gays themselves. I would urge HH not to respond to this fool chanda. Let him take his arguements to Lungu….there are on the same…

  22. HH is power angry and he not patient he can’t sleep and he using all avenues just to get to plot one.But he always remind himself that power comes from above even if uses gay organisations to fund him it will not work.God is in control of this land.Some people will talk rubbish but it will not work.He failed an interview in UK,so now he wants to use satanic means to get power no it doesn’t work that work.Chanda well done to come out open to the tell church to have a voice on this topic,we know some churches are have gone off the rails.

  23. well done Chanda this Gay must come out open and tell the nation,he is afraid that these gay organizations will stop funding him,manson man satanic.We know his connections.

  24. I can believe people are this daft. Blame games won’t solve our problems and I know sincerity is a far fetched ideal in most of us. No progress results because we are enemies of ourselves

  25. Comment:but hh has got a woman, so you can’t stay for a second without talking about hh,shame on you ba pf I can see that you are not comfortable with him

  26. Nathan Chanda is very dull,the message from the American ambassador was directed to the PF government on various issues like corruption,embezzling of public funds by government officials,political violence by PF cadres on their oppenents and he did not talk about supporting gay rights but rather on the need to reduce the sentence on the gay couple,and why are you bringing in HH in this matter,why are you not discussing the other issues which the american ambassador raised but rather you want to divert people`s attention from real issues like stealing of public funds that the USA ambassador talked about

  27. Comment:Now I agree politicians are less learned the issue was about gay not what this Mr Foote talked about he was suppose to bring what he wanted on the matter to the attention of the government and not to go other way the after that he can bring corruption and other issue latter. Now I doubt the education background of Mr Foote come on the point. We so him with him in western province with some government officials praising what they are doing now after touching to what he does he is annoyed…. Pliz no gaysim in Zambia and there after bring the same story of corruption we hear all the time let us finish first the issue which brought these talking not out of the issue on the table

  28. Comment:US Ambassador commented on the hash sentencing. He is not promoting Gayism. He is also calling Gov people thieves at grand scale but are not jailed. Chanda wants HH to state his position on gayism which he has said many times, and he is Christian man married to a woman Mutinta. Shame on you Chandra and your likes of PF cadres blind supporters of looters. Why not ask HH on his position on Gov thieves.

  29. Batili-Ki, my friend i conquer with you. In fact Hichilema is the waist opposition Leader, a normal person cant allow sex marriage. Only satan can allow such but this is not his world or country, its almighty`s, And Zambia is a christian Nation.
    We don`t really know what is going on with the media, it seems there not thinking right to support such evil laws.

  30. Zambian politics are very funny and sometimes immature …even if HH states his position about this matter what effect or authority will it carry bcz as far as it is he is just like anyo other ordinary citizen who follows every law created by the government of the day………let us be thoughtful in way we handle certain issues regardless of our political affiliations..

  31. UPND clearly want to bring gayism to Zambia in exchange for funding from these funny characters. In 2021 be rest assured that no matter how much money you will splash,PF and other parties will be given votes and not your up and down party.

  32. Upnd is failing to either accept or deny whether they support gayism or not on Prime T. V. Hon Ngulube is a very intelligent lawyer and his explanation is very clear unlike the other two who are just waffling.

  33. Its one Zambia one nation and only those that understand whats involved in leadership and Christianity can get the concept of gayism. UPND is of no position and power to bring up something which is of satanism as a result of wanting to win.come 2021 its ECL Chapwafye!

  34. Hichilema is the waste opposition leader ever he doesn’t even know either to support or deny the law of same sex marriage, everything happens for a reason. God created man and woman meaning he knew that its not biblical for man and man to marry and reproduce . say no to gayism !!!!

  35. iwe ka chanda yo are saying ati let HH go on TV and tell the people of Zambia over his stance on same sex marriage, when did you ever see or hear HH on ZNBC because that belongs to Lungu and yourself as pf cadres.

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