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Chief Cooma calls for expulsion of Foote from Zambia


FILE: U.S Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote displays the keys to the crowd before presenting them to Health Minister DR Chitalu Chilufya

Chief Cooma of the Tonga people in Choma district has called for the immediate expulsion of the United States of America (US) Ambassador Daniel Foote from Zambia back to his country.

Speaking to ZANIS in Choma yesterday, chief Cooma said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should send off Ambassador Foote before he causes confusion in the country with his advocacy for gay rights.

The traditional leader said the US envoy should not continue to be in Zambia because he might confuse young Zambians.

He reiterated that Zambia is a Christian nation with values that needed to be respected by everyone residing in this country.

Chief Cooma further observed that the behaviour of Ambassador Foote would mislead the nation if he continued working within.

He wondered where Ambassador Foote was getting the powers of advocating for gay rights when his President Donald Trump is on record condemning same sex marriage in the United States of America.

He said same sex marriage has remained a taboo and shall remain so forever in Zambia.

On Friday last week, Ambassador Foote said he was horrified by the jailing to two Zambian men for homosexuality on November 28, 2019 to 15 years imprisonment by the High Court of Zambia.

The US envoy said, “perhaps, it is time for Zambia to consider its outdated stance and obsolete legislation on how to treat LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) community, and all others considered ‘different’.”


And the Kasama Pastors Fellowship has expressed concern over remarks attributed to U.S. Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote where he has questioned the jailing of two gay men by a court to 15 years in prison after they were convicted.

Fellowship Chairperson Pastor William Mutale says that the people of Zambia will never subscribe to alien practices such as same sex marriages.

Pastor Mutale charges that it is sad that the U.S envoy could question the country’s judiciary over the jailing of the gay couple.

“We want to speak to Mr Daniel Foote and to echo the words of our President Edgar Chagwa Lungu that homosexuality has no right in Zambia because it harms us and our reputation as a Christian nation”, Pastor Mutale said.

Pastor Mutale has since challenged Mr Foote to concentrate on his job as an ambassador instead of coming to teach Zambians how to live.

“Homosexuality is not welcome to Zambia, and if he (Foote) feels that it is welcome he has no place in this country”, Pastor Mutale added.

U.S. ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote has come under fire from some section of society after his recent comment where he described a high court ruling sentencing two men to 15 years in prison for homosexuality as horrifying and harsh.

Ambassador Daniel Foote urged the Government to reconsider laws that punish minority groups.


  1. Well spoken Chief thank you.
    Infact government agencies should be seriously monitoring the activities of some organizations such as ‘ Peace corps ‘ in our rural areas.

    • Donald Trump does not head a democratic nation that would (in 2019) jail two men for being homosexual. Get your argument right. Part of the problem is we have hitched ourselves to a wagon that does not know where it is going or coming from. We should be ashamed that foreigners are the ones advocating for a more humane treatment of our own. The gusto they speak with, you’d think they would speak with the same forcefulness on issues of plunder/corruption, but instead they are silent only to resurface on the wrong side of this argument. Can’t even remove a Kaiser Zulu from his boundless portifolio yet you are busy trying remove a man for speaking the truth. Christian my foot.

    • Foote belongs the most corrupt and thieving Trump administration in the history of USA no wonder he is behaving like a jackass

    • He aint heard enough. This is kind’a response I expect from the custodians of our traditions and values. I was wainting for this.
      This Chief knows our routes and If I were a chief, Foote would have packed his bags.
      I can sense a lot of restraint from alot of MPs and Chiefs.
      We must treat Foote’s assault on our Laws, Values and Norms as terrorism.
      Who told you terrorists always wear suicide vests?
      I was terrified when I heard Foote yap in the manner he did.

    • PF 1mbeciles started the fight in order to cover-up theirs criminal acts. Why should anybody get involved to save perpetrators of grand corruption? Shame on you D1ck Head Henry

    • Why exactly do you want HH to enter this nonsensical fray instead of focusing on serious economical issues affecting our country. Lungu and Foote are doing just ok on this gay thing. Leave HH out of it. He is way above such arguements. Than you

    • How many times do you want HH to deny this claim. Leave him alone. Ask boma what they are doing about poverty and lack of power. We are not interested in who is doing what in their bedroom. It does not put food on the table!

    • Hehehehe!
      Talk about something else nigga.
      Apaso ni rain season. Get off you @ss till that land on your spare time. Poverty won’t touch your family and your think alike folks.
      Ask boma ask boma iwe njala ikufyokore mu 2021. The power issue will soon be over.
      My nigga “Ask Not What Your Country/Government Can Do For You ….”. John F. Kennedy’s

    • Leave HH out of this nonsense, It is an issue that PF have fixated themselves on to in the hope that the attention is diverted from the real issues affecting this country.
      There are more important issues this government should be tackling instead of focusing on 2 individuals. Have all Zambians been “infected” with the gay plague? Is this the biggest offense committed in Zambia by far? How about sorting out poverty, load shedding, unemployment, corruption, bad governance, tribalism, ignorance, poor education etc, etc

  2. Foote made a diplomatic blunder which will show him the door and out of this country.
    Ambassadormy Foote! He’s just a rogue diplomat an A$$ hole

    • @Mr Kudos don’t mistake Foote for HH you keep on abusing, you will cry. Sorry for the ordinary Zambian who will bear the consequences you rattled thieves. The good thing is that USA will prove that you are thieves. Watch this space!

    • The cheap 1d10t is a sadist. Ain’t he who is ungrateful.
      Helloo!!!! Chiefs you’re the direct architects of our customs. Can you emulate Chief Cooma? I will move to his kingdom mwe!
      Emachiefs aya imwe.
      Excommunicate Foote.

  3. Zambians have their own version of Christianity and it’s not according to the gospel of Jesus Christ. A Tonga will have several wives but will religiously keep the Sabbath and condemn those that worship on any other day as devil worshipers.

    • Tongas would not allow you to lust for their cows iwe. You won’t s3x their goats either.
      Some Americans have s3x with dogs, snakes and horses. They are never jailed because as they claim they have rights and this act aint an abnormality. It is a questioning in the LGBTQ. They question anywhere if, “Uyu John” can explore.
      Tongaz would definitely not allow you as a man to lust for their male child.
      No cattle lobola has been set for this because that act is a taboo. Inconceivable. Many zillions lights away.

    • We have many Hippocrates in Zambia. Homosexual, thieves, corrupt people, liars, false witnesses, unjust lawyers crooks adultery, formication, idolatry, witchdoctors wizards, Satanists and all those who do not stand for the truth will all be treated like homosexuals, Many of those who want Foot to be expelled from Zambia do one or more of things mentioned above are Hippocrates. There is no truth in them. I think Foot has done a great job by saying corrupt people and those who have stolen Zambian’s money should have been punishment more than homosexuals. What would Jesus have done if he was on earth? Many of believers are scared to air views.

  4. No body has ever seen the devil (apart from some well crafted, psycho allusions to how handsome he looks). Nobody comes to your bedroom to watch you do what your carnal desires permit as consenting adults. What is this fixation on this matter of homosexuality. If the concept is anal sex then let’s parade all straight couples who are doing it. Ifyabupuba fye lyonse kwati mwaba ku ma stone age era mwe finangwa mwe.

    • You miss the point iwe.
      The problem is recognition and PR. I don’t need to know that you’re gay. Likewise, you don’t need to know that I am Straight. Infact being gay is not gender at all. I need not say or specify that I am straight too.
      How a married couple does it is not your effing business.
      Stick to the point my nigga, our laws are clear. Laws are broken in more ways than one. We don’t need you to goal on top of the mountain saying you can’t fix a lady and all the feelings you have is for your fellow man. The I in LGBTI says one can lust for a man at the same time can wire a woman. What kind’a confusion is this? Let’s just stay simple.

  5. “Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right. It reinforces all other human rights, allowing society to develop and progress. The ability to express our opinion and speak freely is essential to bring about change in society. Free speech is important for many other reasons.”

    Why character assassination? That’s not us.

  6. Mr Footie , just with hold USA aid to Zambia until this brutal corrupt regime changes it’s behaviour.
    The PF are inciting their kaponyas against you.

    We all know you did not advocate for gay marriage , but expressed shock at the lengthy prison sentence while other crimes like corruption by PF that kill thousands of Zambians go unpunished….

    Do them the Zimbabwe way.

    Impose sanctions and travel bans on PF.

    Issue global confiscation requests for stolen funds from the donner community, especially in SA and Dubai.

    • We care a less if their aid that is tied to arm twisting us in to sodomy left with Foote.
      We can’t castigate the US for their values in their land. America is multicultural and belong to a cultural diversity society. Within them some group infuriated them and strongly permeated their communities with the LGBTQ agenda. In America they enjoy 3 somes. One man doing more than one woman say 2 to the minimum or one woman doing 2 males at the same time.
      This cannot be exported to Zambia in the full watchful eye of the our LAWS.
      Keep it simple for us. Let’s just be our primitive selves sexually mwe.
      Let that aid evaporate if it is tied to arm twisting into a taboo.

  7. The ignorance in Zambia has reached alarming levels. The same anti gay laws you seem to rely on where imposed on this country by your colonial masters. And yet today you want to claim that homosexuality is a foreign thing? No you monkeys . Homosexuals have been in this country since time in memory. Your colonial masters don’t even use the laws that you so promote. So a zambian judge wearing a white wig enforced a foreign law dating back to 1911 from northern rhodesia and you think that is a zambian value ? You dull negros

  8. The ignorance in Zambia has reached alarming levels. The same anti gay laws you seem to rely on where imposed on this country by your colonial masters. And yet today you want to claim that homosexuality is a foreign thing? No you monkeys . Homosexuals have been in this country since time in memory. Your colonial masters don’t even use the laws that you so promote. So a zambian judge wearing a white wig enforced a foreign law dating back to 1911 from northern rhodesia and you think that is a zambian value ? You dull gorillas

  9. The ignorance in Zambia has reached alarming levels. The same anti gay laws you seem to rely on where imposed on this country by your colonial masters. And yet today you want to claim that homosexuality is a foreign thing? No you monkeys . Homosexuals have been in this country since time in memory. Your colonial masters don’t even use the laws that you so promote. So a zambian judge wearing a whlte wig enforced a foreign law dating back to 1911 from northern rhodesia and you think that is a zambian value ? You dull negros

  10. Truth Be Told, Without GAY issue Ambassador Foote was OKAY with Corruption, its the GAY issue that made him talk. Freedom of Expression must not be used a tool to influence young people into this despicable EVIL of Homosexuality, disturbing family progression and peace of families, such a right that destroys society in such a manner must have limits. This is not a political issue, but that it threaten our very existence as Africans, a white Mans Project to starve family progression and extinct the black race. We will fight tooth to Nell on this, Gay rights shall not a foothold in this country. Our traditions and Values shall forever be upheld. May The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless the Sovereign Republic of Zambia

  11. The Tonga Chief forgot to also call for the expulsion of US donor aid ($500million per year).
    You can’t have it both ways.

    • If I was asked to do my fellow man from behind on condition that I am given what ever amount of dollars, I would certainly refuse. For us Africans, gaysim is unacceptable subject

  12. I dont support same sex marriages but the reaction to foote’s comments are not proportional to his comments. He just expressed an opinion. If he had demanded a change to the law then the uproar could have been justified. What will develop this country is not jailing gay people but pursuing and caging people who have stolen millions of US dollars for the development of this country. The common man has been relegated to the shackles of poverty with no hope in sight.Leave Foote alone and concentrate on what is eating us alive- CORRUPTION!

  13. …And the corruption bit of Ambassador Foote’s comment, dont you want to hear more? It’s more important than s*x surely for an economically and debt ravaged nation like Zambia. Anyway, as usual the Lesbian fag will die off soon, but not the crunching debt, we are with it all the way to 2021.

  14. Corruption, stealing from the poor, from widows and orphans, violence, etc is
    all evil; homosexuality is equally evil, in fact is an abomination. We are
    Christian nation and we have laws that govern us; the US Ambassador should have
    just pleaded for a lighter sentence rather than encouraging us to accommodation
    such evil in our society, which is destroying the so-called developed worlds.
    The devil is the one pushing this homosexual agenda to prepare for the
    Antichrist; we don’t have to bow to the evil agenda – let us work harder, fight
    corruption, rebuild our industries, health & educational systems, etc and
    develop our country; we’ll not need this dirt money from gays.
    God bless Zambia!

  15. Foote sinned against the diplomatic rules the west told us we were to all sign up to.

    Let him go home. We can’t have another candidate to add to our list of presidential aspirants.

    Talk to KK and ask for wisdom of responding to supremacists.

  16. Wabaanzi Mwami Cooma?? Nguni wamutuma kukanana boobu? Utatusampuzyi. The issues Ambassador Foote raised dont warrant his expulsion from Zambia. Chief, you should be pushing for jailing of government officials stealing public funds. A serious chief should be calling for expulsion of corrupt government officials from the public purse. Perhaps this Chief Cooma is benefiting from stolen public funds??

    • Stop dragging the chief mufimalyashi fwabupuba iwe koswe.
      The chief has said his own and he is a zillion% correct and precise in his demands.

    • Ba Mwami, imvula yatanga, amukalime…leave this platform to your subjects. Amubone mbobamutukana ba Mwami. Tondolo musuma (bemba)

  17. Thorn in the fresh, the chief either dragged himself into this or was pushed by whoever forced him to issue a public statement. My opinion stands that his demands are not correct. You can support the chief’s demands all you want, but dont tell me that I am dragging the chief mufimalyashi fwabupuba. I am not a koswe and I am not the one who dragged the chief to issue the demand he has made. If you run out of substantive arguments dont start insulting innocent people. Just be a thorn in your own fresh!

  18. Same sex marriage, how does it go? Is it like drama where people just pretend to be husband and wife? Nature does not provide alternative that’s why Iam sure animals do not practice it. Can some one educate me how it goes

    • Do your research properly. A documentary shown recently by various psychologists and conservationists evidenced that animals do practice this, and these animals were not tamed either. It was a random experiment!!

  19. My country of Canada accepted the sodomite agenda and I warn Zambians NOT to accept it! first the sodomites talk about “equal rights” but as soon as they get their acts legalized and the right to marry, they infiltrate institutions and attempt to push their agenda on everybody including children. Pro-sodomite legislators in Canada legalised unspeakable acts against children, lowering the age of consent. Perverted sodomite activists have “drag queen story time” and “gay-straight alliance” pervert clubs in schools to stalk children and groom them into the sodomite deathstyle. Perverted parades consisting of thousands of sodomites defiling themselves publicly and running around naked are commonplace. DO NOT ACCEPT IT, ZAMBIA. Sodomite abomination is NOT harmless and WILL bring God’s…

  20. .. wrath. It spreads through society like a cancer undermining public morality, freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of religious conscience. I have since left Canada to protect my children. Please DO NOT accept this abomination, Zambia I beg you. Do you really think if you give place to the devil that God will bless you? This is an attack from the devil against your country on multiple fronts. Fast and pray, saints!

  21. Sometimes we should learn to let things slide. Its better to ignore Foote and move on. We should not feel offended by him. In the end he will look like a fool himself. Mbuyo business is illegal in Zambia.

  22. Thank you Ambassador Foote! You have hit the PF nail on its head and the result is PF trying to hide their tribalism, corruption and theft of millions of USDs in donor and borrowed money behind their middle gay finger! This ka Chief should read the Ambassador’s speech again. There is no advocacy for gay practices in that speech! Go to NIPA and enroll for a short course on the do’s and don’ts in international relations. Your kateka said gay people are sick? Really? Should we conclude that he is sick also for stealing from a widow and her orphaned children? Don’t play with fire when you know you live in a grass-thatched hut! Understand International Diplomacy and exercise self-restraint! It’s very troubling watching this video that has gone viral and painted Zambia black! Is this the best…

  23. I didn’t know Choma has dull chiefs!
    Maybe the Chief can’t read! Can someone read the Ambassador’s speech. If people don’t understand simple comprehension, then our education system is dead! Let’s put it this way. When someone says they are Advocates for HIV rights, what does that mean? Does it mean one is advocating for more HIV infections? No! It does not mean you love HIV! Advocating for HIV rights means addressing discrimination society tends to place on people living with HIV! When Foote says why should a Gay person receive 15 year jail sentence when a a corruption convict receives less? Who has died because of this Gay act? How many are dying because of corruption?

  24. Inonge Matauka had a break down on the Namwala Cooma road when Chief Cooma came along with his priced cow and fixed the car quickly for the Barotse Royal princess. In gratitude, Inonge asked Chief Cooma if she could do anything for him in appreciation. Cooma said, please help me tie the cow! That’s Chief Cooma for you, copulating with a cow leaving a princes and this is the scam of the world today talking about christian values he does not have while hiding his notorious zoophiliac se’xual pervertion! Forsake yebo suntwe, wa kasondoka pe!

  25. This foot should be worried about his president who is facing impeachment not to talk about a country he doesn’t know well.

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