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Police Arrest 4 UPND cadres in connection with the Shooting

Rural News Police Arrest 4 UPND cadres in connection with the Shooting

Zambia Police

Police in Mpulungu have apprehended four UPND cadres in connection with the shooting of six PF cadres who were left injuries.

The incident happened on the 5th December 2019, around 20 hours.

Police have since recovered a homemade short gun and air gun allegedly used in the shooting incident.

The suspects are currently detained at Mpulungu police station.

Northern Province Police commissioner Richard Mweene has named the suspects as Victor Sikasote, Samuel Sikasote, Isaac Kalumbi and Christopher Sikazwe.

Mr. Mweene disclosed that the injured are Beatrice Changala and Probe Mbazima who sustained bullet wounds.

Mr. Mweene says others are Davison Silupya, Kapembwa Sikazwe, and Diency Mwambazi.

Mr. Mweene further explained that four of the Victims are hospitalized in Mpulungu.

He has since warned UPND cadres to avoid using guns when they lose elections.


    • These are the issues that Foote alluded to. The lack of fair application of justice. Where are the culprits that killed a UPND member in Kaoma?
      They are roaming the streets free despite being known.
      But for alleged UPND members, they have been apprehended in a blink of an eye.

    • Quote :He has since warned UPND cadres to avoid using guns when they lose elections.

      This last statement is strange ,My question IS THERE A TIME WHEN THEY ARE ALLOWED TO USE GUNS ? That statement needs serious clarification.


  2. Very quick to act where they can point blame to alleged upnd cadres but when we have video evidence of their president, his daughter and senior ministers involved in illegal makulu trade nothing happens. Even where a plethora of people have alleged Kaiser zulus trigger happiness the thug is still freely walking. A failed state is what zambia is .

  3. The fact that Police has acted swiftly and apprehended the culprits is indicative that the perpetrators are indeed UPND cadres for were they PF, nothing could’ve happened. And Edgar wants us to keep quiet, I don’t know what goes on in his head

  4. Meanwhile Kaizer Zulu is free raoming the streets of Lusaka and drinking with friends.
    This is total break down of law and order. The law will only apply if you are not from pf or connected to plot 1.
    We pray that 2020 comes and wheezes by to 2021 so that we can remove this corrupt and evil regime.
    Be warned ,all pf police cadres,a special prison awaits you.

  5. Wrong is wrong,No justification of their thuggery behaviours.I don’t know why people are shooting one another. We are brothers and sisters. I am tired of PF and UPND attitudes.We need a new political part which preaches peace.

  6. So they are confident of winning elections after they have ruined Zambia —— does this mean that rigging is already taking place ?????

  7. Looking at the names, it was UPND brother shooting PF cousin. Are you sure they were not fighting over nshima in their house?

  8. I have said it before and i will say it hagain..These animals in UPND are not in government …what more if..God forbid..We dont want ba homo

  9. The commissioner warned upnd carders not to use guns when ever they lose election, so interesting bwana commissioner i can’t believe it’s coming from a senior police officer.

  10. Imagine Eeeat I concur with you these people are very selfish and I don’t see why people are supporting them,coz of nshima you sell your birth right shame on you.Kankanja please deal with them jail the culprits to jail for life so that they a learn a lesson and they become example to others.

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