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Shortage of mealie meal hit Choma District in Southern Province

Rural News Shortage of mealie meal hit Choma District in Southern Province

Some of the donated bags of mealie meal
mealie meal

A shortage of mealie meal has hit Choma District in Southern Province.

Southern Province Deputy Kennedy Mubanga told ZANIS the provincial administration has written to the Ministry of Agriculture requesting for an urgent release of maize to Choma Milling Company to help mitigate the shortage.

Mr Mubanga has also confirmed that the milling plant has suspended production due to lack of raw materials.

A check by ZANIS revealed that most major outlets had run out of mealie-meal.

All outlets for Choma Milling Company, the major supplier of mealie meal,had run out of the commodity.

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  1. Pf does not care about southerners. Delayed supply of farming inputs and lack of action to combat hunger there while lungu village received inputs in record time.

  2. The economy is in ICU.It is falling from all the sides.mealiemeal shortage to high
    Price,dollar rate at 15 ,looming fuel hike
    Electricity hike ,load shedding. The list
    Can go on and on.mukula saga.

  3. The PF is committing ethnic genocide by deliberately starving the Tongas of southern province for not voting PF… what a bunch of thugs! This should be tried as a crime against humanity…

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