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Zambia engages a Germany firm to help with the printing of ballot papers for the 2021 general elections

General News Zambia engages a Germany firm to help with the printing of...

MINISTER of Works and Supply Honourable SYLVIA BAMBALA
MINISTER of Works and Supply Honourable SYLVIA BAMBALA CHALIKOSA recognises the importance of collaboration between Zambia and the European Union for mutual benefits.

The government has engaged a Germany firm to help with the printing of ballot papers for the 2021 general elections.

Works and Supply Minister Sylvia Chalikosa says the engagement with the Germany firm is part of the revamping of government printers.

Speaking to ZNBC News in Solwezi, Ms. Chalikosa revealed that government printers is not currently ready to print the 2021 general election ballots but have engaged various stakeholders to revamp the company.

Ms. Chalikosa said the government has invested in Government printers and still wants the ballot papers printed locally.

And North Western Province Permanent Secretary Willies Manjimela has called on the Ministry of Works and Supply to refurbish dilapidated government buildings in the province.


  1. Another fail, three years ago Works Minister Mutati was busy buying machinery for Govt Printers and telling us ballot papers will be printed in Zambia; we have still not made process we can not even engage UNZA’s new printers. We are just good for giving away millions of dollars to foreigners.

    • Yet some PF govt official and thick PF cadres are they first to shout that they are sovereign state. Show me a sovereign state that can not print its own ballot papers!!!

  2. Print ballot papers in Zambia. Why do u have to bring everything outside the country? Anyone who is not comfortable with ballot papers printed in Zambia should not contest elections.

  3. A questionable government run by a party accused of irregularities during last election picks a company to provide ballots. Does that make sense? Why can’t an independent electoral body be in charge of contracting such delicate products? Oh I forgot even the officials in ecz are selected by lungu. So what are the chances of a free and fair election? Zambia is a failed state

  4. KK and UNIP used to print voters cards and ballot papers at Govt Printers including the one he lost to Chiluba. Elections are now very serious business. For some people it’s an opportunity to make money. I don’t understand why we should be talking about elections now, it’s too early

    • These ECZ officials have been going overseas to where ballot papers are printed for 20 years surely they cannot replicate the same machinery in Zambia

  5. OMG! We were not ready to take over from Super Ken. May be our independence came too soon.

    Honestly we can’t go on pretending we’re free when all signs indicate otherwise

  6. Retirees are not paid and you are wasting money for ballot papers. print them we are ready to assist you to be voted out.

  7. I remember the first time i voted in 1991 as a young man, the ballot papers used were printed by Government Printers (GP)and it was not a big deal. what has really changed now that GP cannot print ballot papers to save millions of kwachas that can be used to buy medicine and other necessities that the country needs.

  8. German company to “help”. LOL.. Are they doing it for free and out of the kindness of their blessed German hearts?

    • In other countries, the State takes care of printing costs, at least €300,000 to cover the costs of printing ballot papers.

  9. Only waiting to see action and fulfilment of every promises then i will make a comment otherwise am a watching blind . Don’t forget that you know the right thing to do don’t even pretend or swindow

  10. Thank God that the Germans are in this. Thank your very much to Germany. I heard that there is a lot of votes stealing in Zambia by the carrent government. Even i read that some opposition party members were arrested because of ballots. Even Mr Mwaliteta was in prison for all this. And even there is one one who is on the run because he is wanted by the police because of all these votes. I have forgotten his name but his name was like a Lozi name. Mwaliteta knows everything about this

  11. Why don’t you tell us the name of that company? German companies are efficient, transparent and not corrupt but not cheap.

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