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Fred M’membe literacy programme receives accolades in Southern Province

General News Fred M’membe literacy programme receives accolades in Southern Province

Socialist Party President Fred M’membe
Socialist Party President Fred M’membe

THE Fred M’membe literacy programme has received accolades in Southern Province, opposition Socialist Party member Lydia Chifunda has disclosed.

Chifunda, a teacher from Livingstone has said that the people of Southern Province were gratified that those who did not receive adequate formal education were now accorded an opportunity to learn how to read and write.

Chifunda said despite people having a good command of English, some of them did not know how to write.

“So far as you know and can see all the parties we have and those who were created long time ago have never ever come up with such programs. It is only the socialist party which has come up with these good ideas,” said Chifunda.

She said the literacy programme would empower people to make informed choices in society.

“As you know many people have been swindled due to not knowing how to read and write but once they have join the Fred M’membe Literacy campaign it would help them to do things on their own,” she said.

Chifunda added that the program is giving a huge opportunity and benefit for the party and the community to know where they go exactly and to make right decisions.

And Mwiya Siyuni a teacher in Chirundu is elated that the people of Chirundu are responsive to the literacy programme.

“The Fred M’membe literacy campaign is against illiteracy and ignorance, Fred M’membe literacy believes that education liberates us from poverty,” said Siyuni.

Siyuni said he knows and believes that the program would benefit the people of Chirundu and the country at large.

Meanwhile, program National Coordinator Martha Daka has encouraged teachers doing the program to take the campaign seriously.

Daka said the program has to be taken seriously for the liberation against ignorance among illiterate people.

Daka said it is important for teachers to take the campaign seriously to make sure the project was successful.

“ I am calling on the people of Zambia to work together with our teachers in their area so that they can join the campaign and move the country forward,” said Daka.

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    • Chifunda kupusa. Why arent you surprised withn the fact that someone can be good in Tonga but still be iliterate.
      You only think it’s a shock for people to have a good command of English, but not know how to write? That means You only associate education with the colonisers language.
      Yayi baba A person can be educated without knowing English. Most Russians don’t know English but they know algebra. Most Japanese don’t speak English but they can assemble a Toyota
      Abash inferiority complexes

    • What is wrong ,even if gets him a few hundred votes? The cause is good, let other candidates from nd their own community centered work

  1. It is a very good initiative.However, why personalise the program as ‘ Fred M’membe Literacy Programme’ instead of something impersonal like ‘ Socialist Party Literacy Programme’ since the program is being run on the Socialist Party platform?Is he going to be life President of the Socialist Party or his successor will rename it as ‘ Chakuti Chakuti Literacy programme? Such traits by M’membe are similar to that of Mnangagwa who has proposed to rename every street after him.

    • Others do personalize too when they officiate a road, hospital or nursing school. They even claim that they have donated such and such as if the money is out of their pocket when it’s tax payers’ money.

    • @Enlightened
      Oh I see,so they are one and the same when it comes to personalising..lol It does not augur well to name something after yourself when you are actively serving.If the programme was named long after he had served the party and by other party members in recognition of his contribution,it will be honourable. Now like this,how is he going to criticise a serving President if (s)he starts naming everything after him/herself?

  2. Fred is always very innovative. He is passionate about literacy and teaching profession. Good job dear comrade Fred. How I wish all politicians joined hands to invest their time in educating the underprivileged

  3. Fred is a criminal in a suit. A white collar hyena. He thought he could bring down a sitting president but his ex lawyer taught him a lesson that will haunt him to his grave. You created a political monster that consumed you, Fred-Life’s a b!tch…

  4. Visited Matero a few days ago and was amazed how the Socialist Party is now a force on the ground, some members from Zambia’s major political parties narrated how the grassroots mobilisation strategy could bring serious surprises in the 2021 elections – well done

  5. The Fred Mmembe literacy program…..sit back tekanyeni for this is not a new idea. Chifunda, Siyuni and others excitedly calling this a first obviously have no inkling of early post independence programs by the UNIP led new government then. In the Southern province the literacy program was widely referred to by its modules known as “Muzenge” and differently referred to according to spoken languages of the other national regions. It’s a good thing that Mr. Mmembe has revisted it and is talking about it noting the importance of literacy but his party must first understand what led to its failure under a similar ideology socialist UNIP government! To say its a novel idea only proves the point that Zambians have a short memory of happenings around them and the history on the birth and…

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