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Today’s Message: Greater Than The Past

Headlines Today's Message: Greater Than The Past

Today’s Scripture

“The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,” says the Lord Almighty. “And in this place, I will grant peace,” declares the Lord Almighty…”
(Haggai 2:9, NIV)

Greater Than The Past

God wants to amaze you with His goodness! We are living in a day when God is increasing His favor. Maybe you have seen God’s goodness to a certain degree in the past; but in reality, you haven’t seen anything yet! God has favor in your future that will supersede anything that you’ve seen! The Scripture talks about how the glory of the latter-day will be greater than the glory of the former day. That means what God did for your parents or grandparents, He’s going to surpass in your generation. The blessing and favor of past generations were good, but we serve a God of increase! He has greater things in store for your future! Today, get your hopes up! Enlarge your vision. Be expecting God to bring opportunities across your path. Be expecting to meet the right people and get the right breaks. Prepare your heart and mind to receive the increase and expect to see greater things in your future!

A Prayer for Today

“Father, thank You for blessing and increasing me. I believe that You have great things in store for my future. I surrender every area of my mind, will, and emotions to you in Jesus’ name. Amen.”


    • @Stardust
      Don’t generalise your experience with church to every one.If it made you docile, you were probably at a wrong church.Good churches enlighten.

    • @ Sharon
      Mental illness is treatable.For your information: Isaiah 24:7 of the white man’s bible declares that your white god is also your satan.

    • Vladimir Putin Of Russia Says Another Truth About Africa
      Africa will never be independent, Africans believe in Europeans, Americans and Chinese more than themselves. They do not trust each other, African engineers / technocrats do not have the platform to practice what they have studied. They hire Chinese people to build roads for themselves. A white man will commit a crime in Africa but no action will be taken because the African authorities consider us whites as half gods, which is far from the truth. A black man can be kidnapped in Europe, harassed and even killed, but no African authority can even challenge him.


    • “I have never breathed easier than I did when I left the church. I felt as if so much weight had been lifted from me.”

  1. Zambia under pf, apparently is a Christian nation. A Christian nation where the president is evidently involved in theft of natural and government resources, where his advisor goes around torching poor peoples property and trigger happily shooting, where gay citizens are persecuted using colonial laws and considered dirty while zambia has one of the highest heterosexual HIV infection rates. I can go on… now tell me why would anyone read such an ignorant book like the bible? This book is not even worth wiping your behind with

  2. Which Gods did Africans pray to before the colonisers came? Which Gods did Afro-Americans pray to before slavery?
    Ask yourself that. It is a profitable business. I am coming to create my own flock. I am going to fleece it like no man’s business! I am going to be rich!

  3. I am very disturbed that I can only give this post one thumbs up.
    On the money!
    To the point!
    Best to date!
    Let’s not forget wonderful!!!

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