Home Headlines UPND challenges President Lungu to sue authors of Mukula Scandal report

UPND challenges President Lungu to sue authors of Mukula Scandal report

President Edgar Lungu inspects Mukula tree recovered By ZambiaNational Services officers at Lwanshimba Camp in Northern Provinc
File:President Edgar Lungu inspects Mukula tree recovered By ZambiaNational Services officers at Lwanshimba Camp in Northern Province

The UPND has challenged President Edgar Lungu to engage his international lawyers and commence legal action against the publishers of the report in which he is implicated in the mukula scandal.

Party Deputy Secretary General Patrick Mucheleka says the allegations are very serious and there are provisions in the Zambian constitution which can trigger impeachment proceedings against President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Mucheleka said if President Lungu’s lawyers are having challenges to locate the contact address of the EIA, they can engage the Zambian Embassy in Washington who will easily locate the address on which to serve the writs of summons.

He said the country needs answers from President Lungu and his daughter Tasila, Ministers Given Lubinda and Jean Kapata.

Mr Mucheleka said a court action will bring all the details Zambians need and if they are innocent, they will be vindicated.

He added that it is interesting to note how the PF are panicking over the Environmental Investigations Agency report which has exposed the Mukulagate scandal in which millions of dollars are allegedly being stolen by named persons.

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  1. Yes, other than blowing hot air, let the PF sue the authors of the report.
    Will they, or will continue the blame and distract game?

    • Of course he wont because it will expose his corruption all the more. I can assure you, what you saw in that report is nothing. This is a corrupt man. Rotten to the core.
      And the minions you see on this blog trying to defend him are small fish that have been given tuma cintracts, or board positions, or foreign service. So they make all of that noise because their survival depends on the table of grand corruption.
      No objective mind can see all the corruption in Lungu and defend him tooth and nail. And go further to start blaming outside influence pushing for regime change. But we are not blind.
      And personally I am very proud of what am seeing among my clansmen in northern and muchinga. Tubasowe ba makaka!

    • This is how UPND thinks, logical and by book.
      Not fi PF who are just insulting HH, diplomats and us in diaspora.
      Lubinda himself is minister of Justice, he shouldn’t be abused, he should get those Environment Agents by now.
      Jean Kapata said she will sue Zambian Newspapers, atleast that was more respectable comment.
      The accused chief explained well, and he even said Mukula is not trading fast, but now it is Ndale trees.
      And you know Ndale is our lightening defense tree.

    • This is not a UPND issue alone. I am happy though that they are giving a Lungu a chance to exculpate himself. But we all know that Lungu or Mr. Jean Kapata, or wh0re Tasila will not sue anyone.

      Just why did Lungu even introduce the daughter to thieving? Does he know what will happen to her in prison? Prison guards will be queuing up to do this poor girl. Shame on you Mr. Lungu, as a parent, you should not have involved your daughter in this.

      As for Mr. Kapata, just send him to a male prison. He is so ugly no one will touch him. Shame.

    • Ok ba upnd, on this one you have been quick to come out. Let your kalema come out and speak about ambossodors linking of homes to aid. Tell the country were you stand.

    • Mukula tree is Zambian natural resource just like coal in Maamba, copper in Kitwe, Solwezi and Kalumbila. Mukula cannot be exported for the benefit of one chief. It’s that simple. The office of President of the Republic of Zambia does not issue export permits.

    • The authors of Mukula report are just some useless broke individuals masquerading as NGO….and they have no physical address…just a rented mailbox at the post office in Washington DC…..

  2. Scatter teeth is as guilty as they come, jut like he is guilty about all the corruption allegations, the useless humble moron is just a plain thief, only PFoools cadres think that he is innocent but that’s because they are dull…This Mukula no vision thief is a disgrace to the nation, the ka worst president on earth with very very long fingers, kawalala uyu

  3. Maybe the PF should be subpoenaed to provide clarity on this…obviously we can’t have a president whose image is being “tarnished“ all the time…

    • Lungu cannot dare to sue EIA the Publishers of the Report becoz he knows that the Report is accurate. It will be a mistake for Lungu to sue EIA becoz it will be self incriminating. To make matters worse Chief Nkula of Muchinga Province has revealed that he was given permission to export 100 containers of Mukula by President Lungu. So the EIA Report is Correct and there is No basis to sue or deny the Report.

  4. impeachment proceedings against President Edgar Lungu so that HH can be in power. Wait for 2021 , Mubanga. Ababilima tabaya

  5. A very good response from UPND. Ba PF since you are a government good at reaction rather than action please sue EIA so that the country knows if it is true or not that you have balls, we are waiting.

    • Worst of time hiring an international lawyer who will charge in dollars with the aim of stealing all the dollars in any black man’s account

  6. Its only the ballot that will save the Zambian people we can talk but no solution there is no smoke without fire Zambians open up work up Boman Lusambo is one of them.come 2021.

  7. Hopefully those individuals being mentioned in the illegal Mukula cartel have been paying correct taxes to ZRA. How much would one make from 40 containers? We need our share of that money through taxes. U can keep the rest otherwise u are a potential jail bird.


  9. That is the most logical thing to do rather than persistently making noise accusing the UPND! Everything has got time and now is time for us to know the truth!!

  10. Zambians, do not let it stop at Cousin Skeeter’s “Chimutengo cha mukula china chagwa, awe boi tasila, mamama!” Funny but not funny!

  11. Ba Mucheleka – Clearly, your little time in Parliament did not help you understand the way Government and the Presidency work. You cannot connive with your sponsors and concoct an unsubstantiated documentary against the President and then ask the President to sue. Complete waste of time. These tactics will just consolidate ECL against you and come 2021, you will see the results. Working with external forces against your countrymen (ECL is not suffering) to attain power is the worst approach you can adopt. Just like walking out of Parliament on a very important Bill (just because gay rights are not enshrined and you want to hide by peddling falsehoods against the Bill). Now we know that the reason why you are against BILL 10 has more to do with gay rights than what you are cheating people…

  12. Fellow Zambians, don’t we have fellow citizens serving jail terms for flouting Fish bans? We were told there is a Mukula trade ban. When was it lifted? Hasn’t the Law been broken here? Why was a chief allowed to export 100 containers of Mukula when the ban was in force? How much did that Chief pocket? Has his chiefdom residents benefited anything from the Mukula exports? How different are our chiefs from our politicians? Are they not the same? Is there no cause for impeachment and prosecution for all involved?

  13. Comment: transparency is needed we’re such matters are concerned. we have been seeing uncountable containers loading mukula while it is said that they barned.

  14. In a case like this it is not for the president to sue. Let those that are accusing him come forward and provide the evidence Zambia needs. How is it that when two homosexuals are arrested, then an organisation in the US mysterious accuses the president? There is more to this than meets the eye. It starts with a global depopulation agenda. If they Tasila and Jean the baptist are guilty we need to know; if not then let us move on to ministers paying back Zambia’s money. Also more independents getting elected. PF and UPND are equally useless.

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    • This is a serious indictment on President Lungu, his Family and Ministers involved in the Mukula Exports. Chief Nkula has already revealed that he was given permission by President Lungu to export 100 containers of Mukala. President Lungu needs to come clean and tell the Nation who else he gave export permits for Mukula and what was the Forex prejudice to the Zambian Economy. This Corruption in Mukula Exports is an impeachable offence. Time will tell.

  16. I am waiting to hear from any of our Tuntemba opposition parties to sue EIA for defaming the President thevwsy they sued CK

  17. Mucheleka, so when are resigning from trible UPND citing triblism and joining PF? You are not credible Mucheleka because everyone including even Trible UPND know that it is a matter of time before you cross the line like GBV.

  18. Let the UPND engage their international lawyers to sue ECL. ECL is too busy with national development issues such that those who are not running any Government should pursue the law issues of Mukula. The idea is to derail the development agenda of our nation so that they say that ECL has failed and HH can claim some form of legitimacy. These are satanic politics not fit for our great nation.

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