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UPND is being sponsored by foreign dissidents to frustrate the ongoing constitutional reforms

Headlines UPND is being sponsored by foreign dissidents to frustrate the ongoing...

Eastern Province Minister, Hon. Makebi Zulu
Eastern Province Minister, Hon. Makebi Zulu

Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu has accused the opposition UPND of being sponsored by foreign dissidents to frustrate the ongoing constitutional reforms.

Mr. Zulu said that there has been a lot of resistance to Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 among some UPND MPs because of being pushed by their leader owing to foreign interests sponsoring them.

He, however, noted that some MPs like Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa have risen above propaganda because they see the positive aspects of Bill 10.

Speaking during the PF Interactive Forum in Lusaka yesterday, Mr. Zulu also wondered why the UPND is not talking about other clauses in the Bill which emphasize on Zambia being a Christian thereby discouraging foreign acts such as homosexuality.

Mr. Zulu has dismissed allegations that Professor Lungwangwa who is Nalikwanda lawmaker has been bought by the ruling PF.

And PF media director Sunday Chanda said the report alleging involvement of President Edgar Lungu and his daughter TASILA in the illegal exports of Mukula trees is part of the UPND propaganda aimed at tarnishing the image of the Head of State.

He charged that part of the UPND propaganda strategy is to collapse the financial markets and trigger a regime change.

Mr. Chanda said Zambians will see a lot of propaganda messages against President Lungu and the government ahead of the 2021 general elections.

When contacted for a comment, UPND Deputy Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa distanced his party from any propaganda against the President using some international platforms.

He also stated that his party is not entirely against all contents of Bill 10 and admitted that it has several progressive clauses which are however outweighed by the negative ones.

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    • PF has really run out of ideas. See how they are panicking issuing statements every where trying to support themselves & their chief pompwe. Kuya bebele Zambians will not be fooled again, never

    • Same washed out story with no credibility or evidence. Just wild accusations from crooks trying to save heir political interests.
      1. We have rejected bill 10 on a wgole scale. It is only the greedy that want to save it.
      2. The mukula report has credibility, backed by reliable sources.
      So PF, take a leaf from Lungu who went to Abu dabi to look for real eastate. He knows his time is up and he needs to flee after 2021.

    • Makebi, a dull lawyer and cream of PF intelligentsia (him and Tutwa Ngulube). Where does PF harvest such dull and poor lawyers. Their Boss Edgar Lungu, a lawyer himself, was deregistered by LAZ for stealing from a client.

    • My man it’s not about whose sponsoring which party. It’s about doing things right and making people have confidence in us not the sponsors. PF needs to work hard and listen to people. PF is divided and amongst the PF itself, there are PF leaders who are very happy with the lose because they have been sidelined. Charity begins at home and there is no way we will win against the opposition when we cant be united . Nothing works where there is a division. Dont blame UPND in everything, you actually helping Upnd become stronger.

    • Every hyena in PF is having erectile dysfunction and sleepless nights over the Mukula saga. Makebi, Chanda, Lusambo, Emmanuel, Antonio, the only idyot I didn’t hear is Tutwa, he is depressed for losing Bill 10.
      This shows that UPND knows how to kick PF in the balls. PF can’t wait for this year to end, they had a tough 2019, really tough.
      I feel sorry for those things in PF, and have you noticed how they have lost weight?

    • PF stop acuzing UPND, admit that you have failed us. where are yo promises before elections? check yoselves. dis time around we have closed our ears not to hear anything fm u, ur a let down. y ar u failing to tel us on kaisa sulu? why ar u failing to pay retirees? every second talking about upnd and useless bill tweno, start boxing yo katutundu kuyafye bcoz de mo u stick to power de mo closer ur geting to b locked up fo de plunder u av chewed. fyakuifwaila. lwenu. to day bill ntweno tumoro upnd a de leta fake news. that is how ur no fake news. JUST PAY RETIREES THEY ARE A FORCE NOT TO FORGET, THIS GROUP WILL VOTE NO IN 2021.

  1. They blame everyone else but themselves.
    Talk about the mealie meal cost ,loadshedding, high levels of corruption, incompetence, and shear lack of vision.
    UPND this, that,your bill 10 is trush and dust bin material.
    Those Christians closes are less important more so because they are coming from pagans like lungu,lubinda and makebi.

  2. Both the PF and UPND have lost credibility to preside over the Constitution amendment process because they have reduced it to a show of mighty between Edgar Chagwa and Sammy Chintombwa. We Zambians can survive without a Constitution so it isn’t a priority. The greatest favor PF can ever do to Zambians is to stop the wanton plunder

    • Ayatollah ati Na ci tollah fye……lol. Now PF Bloggers are now saying Lungu is rubbish too like HH kikikiki

  3. I remember how this story of an opposition party being sponsored by foreigners even from UNIP days. They were called demagogues and Keith even sung a song about it(ubuntungwa twalipoka).
    My independent thinking is that all political parties must disclose their source of funding. In many publications, the allegations are that foreign entities do contribute towards ALL political parties.
    On the constitution, bill 10, I have this to say. If a parent gives you all you need and only one aspect is bad which says for example every day before sleeping you will be beaten. Would you support him fully because he gives you other good things? Why not just do the right thing all the way? The issues raised by civil society are cardinal and remember you will soon be part of the civil society, so it’s…

    • @Joe Mwansa. UPND had proposed a clause in 2014-2015 that was going to require political parties to disclose their sources of funding PF shot it down. The party in power never wants to disclose its source of funding.

  4. This the same Minister who was quoted saying: “Bill 10 is a bad Law” but becoz of Collective Responsibility he will vote for the Bill in Parliament. The problem is that Bill 10 is a PF Bill drafted to serve the interests of PF. The thrust of Bill 10 is to weaken Parliament and the Judiciary and strengthen the Executive by concentrating all Powers in the Executive Arm of Govt. Bill 10 is a recipe for a Constitutional Dictatorship without any checks and balances. Bill 10 is a Life Boat for Lungu and PF which they want to use to rig 2021 Elections to Retain Power. #Stop Bill 10.

  5. We know it it is very true this upnd party is being sponsored by outside originations but a word to these satants,guys, freemansons this country belongs to God and HE will vindicate us.

  6. This guy a lawyer? Oh – sorry – correction: No wonder this guy is a lawyer. You have a continuum of very smart and very dull ones – just look at ZIALE outputs especially on the first try.

  7. Mwebantu I think my whlte wlfe is pregnant. I will keep you informed. We are not sponsored by foreigners . Some of us just have whlte wives. Its called love

  8. Object (a) of Bill 10 is to revise the Preamble in order to reaffirm the Christian character of Zambia. By this, the Preamble is to be amended by deletion of words ” multi-religious” and the substitution therefore of the word ” Christian “.

    Now,the beginning and parts of the Preamble in the Constitution reads:
    ACKNOWLEDGE the supremacy of God Almighty;
    DECLARE the Republic a Christian nation while upholding a person’s right to freedom of conscience, belief or religion;”

    And further down the Preamble continues to say:
    ” RECOGNIZE AND UPHOLD the multi-ethnic,multi-racial,multi-religious and multi-cultural character of our nation….”

    My question is,why delete ” multi-religious” words because in my opinion,the word ” Christian ” cannot be…

    • In my opinion, the word ” Christian ” cannot be a substitute for “multi-religious ” as it is clearly mentioned in the “DECLARATION ” and multi-religious falls under “RECOGNITION”.
      Mr. Zulu don’t you think this is a source of dissidence among non Christian Zambians who might have felt marginalised?

  9. “….Mr. Chanda said Zambians will see a lot of propaganda messages against President Lungu and the government ahead of the 2021 general elections…..”

    They know how they have been stealing lead by lungu.

    How can a party in power expect
    ” a lot messages of looting ”

    Its like saying…..

    ” when you go to the bar, expect to see a lot of drunk people”


    All we can say is, we expect lungu to refute each allegation and sue the originators.

    Also we want to know what miracle bussiness tasila lungu is engaged in that has made her a millionaire in less than 10 years…..

    Zambia is currently experiencing, an economic downturn NEVER seen before, corruption is @ a RECORD HIGH, economy & Kwacha contracting on a daily basis, loadshedding, + the visionless bandits can’t even keep up payments for aircraft they NEVER needed but ordered thereby losing the deposit, wildlife Lechwe, & fauna Mukula is sold & eaten by J0N4 his Daughter, & cronies, houses mysteriously appears like seasonal (toadstool) mushrooms, 2turdy Mwale paid Millions for work not done, & to top it all the Fraudster masquerading as President J0n4 keeps a violent arsonist /thug [email protected]!zer, & drug peddler Val.d.e.n, close by his side, & ALL OF THE SUDDEN H.H & UPND ARE TO BLAME??
    Zambians DO INDEED deserve these [email protected] ruling them straight into…

  11. Those are rubbish report from the Minister it just shows that you are afraid of the UPND party you Poor Fools Party you should about Mealie meal ,Fuel and poor Mongu Lusaka road which had pot holes which turned into ponds when theres Govnt in power. On Mukula issue people are seen what’s happening as there’s no smoke without fire.

  12. And China is sponsoring PF through Mukula, not so?
    Sata was sponsored by Taiwan. What is wrong with UPND getting sponsored? Actually, undercover investigators are the ones helping Zambians and the opposition! PF has lost its moral mandate to govern! They have committed crimes against Zambians by using state resources for personal gain! What we need is a tribunal to investigate all those who have been mentioned in the Mukula saga after which the impeachment process should follow! Opposition MPs, we are counting on you to restore sanity in this country! Makebi, Just say Ambassador Foote has really hammered you to the point you have started hallucinating… kikikiki

  13. Having read the comes about this foreign interference above You will always have interest from abroad to shift the balance of power in countries of interest like Zambia That is why like Austrialia and the US there is need to restrict and enact laws that prohibits and makes it mandatory to disclose donations source of political influence and those activities that affects the economics and sovereignty of the country Sometimes it may be difficult to prove materiality of influence but if you set it in acts and narrow those it makes it clear for those individual politicians to be carefully how they conduct

    But again to simply have a BLANKET acquisitions OF those of OUR…

  14. FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES perceived to be sponsoring may not be fairly so because it could be not true and correct and must be narrowed to individuals and not as a region or nation as per say because they are not in support of those “Business donation parties” It has a danger of creating suspicions about those friends wanting to support and alienate the party further

    The best is to narrow into issues and bring out those affirmatively and impeach/prosecute in national interest

  15. But its clear that we are behind in terms of Geopolitics We need to up the legal and institutional capacities because what you have here is very small influence Image that influence starting with Our schools and Universities like in Austria and South Africa affecting financial sector and politics in energy transformations including the DRC So we need the laws like we saw in the decisions in the Counsel Robert Mueller campaign finance laws Its increasingly becoming difficulty for exposed countries like Zambia in these sought politics You can see it in China Russia new activities For the country like Zambia to emerge we need define ourselves and insulate it doesn’t matter who and which…

  16. So even the application of period of influence should not be seen within 5 years It could have been influenced earlier 40 years or 50 years ago and Zambia should be able to see through and notice The Betrayal patterns off course becomes noticeable activity during the campaign periods when national duty and interest calls Some like the economists you can clearly see that “these are Russians” that needs to be put on a correct path or like this seeking for presidential Office under his party be banned or prosecuted under state laws or improved

  17. Evidence counsel! Please be above board as a lawyer!! Mwalatusebanya! Mailo HH sold a park, today UPND is being sponsored…chimbwi no plan at play here, just convince them of what progressive things you have put in the PF-led constitution! If democracy was ruling by the people, we should be done away with the useless bill 10. The presumable should actually read…” we the Pfools” no we the people. It actually sounds like a party constitution than a national one!!

  18. Years ago, then VEEP Mr Godfoolish Meandering was so incensed when the Supreme Court struff off the Public Order Act as being ultra vires the constitution. Overnight, he enacted a new one through parliament. Guess what, after he was expelled from MMD and he formed his own stupid Village Concept Masalamusi, he fell first victim to is own creation. Now, Zulu is a useful *****, nobody in their right frame of mind can see any good out of this Constitution Amendment Bill number 10! The declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation does not mention sexual inclinations at all. What is prohibits is foreign born charlatans like Lungu and Zulu ruling us!

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