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UPND MPs have no moral obligation to get allowances if all they do is walk out of parliament

Headlines UPND MPs have no moral obligation to get allowances if all they...

Antonio Mwanza
Antonio Mwanza

The party’s Deputy Media Director Mr. Antonio Mwanza has demanded that the UPND MPs should stop getting allowances from parliament because they always walk out whenever there are progressive motions to be discussed.

“Members of Parliament are elected to debate motions and debate bills … that is the core responsibility of members of parliament, to make Laws,” Mr. Mwanza stated.

He said the UPND MPs have no moral or legal obligation to get allowances if all they do is walk out of parliament when it’s time to debate important motions in parliament.

“We can’t have a bunch of members of parliament who don’t want to sit in the house and debate matters and get allowances. In case the people didn’t know…what they do is the clock in and register that they have reported for work and then they walk out and come back to collect the allowances, ” he stated.

He added that they should, therefore, stop collecting the allowances because it’s corruption and abuse of office.

“So we are saying they should stop collecting the allowances, it’s corrupt and abuse of office, ” he added.

When contacted for a comment, UPND Deputy Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said people making such demands are alien to the rules of Parliament.





  1. People want Lungu changed.

    People want HH changed.

    People want new person to lead Zambia.

    HH is compromised so as Lungu.
    These two snakes are the same.

    • Walking out in protest is a very loud contribution to parliamentary debate. Fortunately it is tax payer’s money, not money from Ntoni Mwanza’s pocket. The arrogance of KADAs.

    • Negative!! Hh is compromised, he has failed to put together a winning political strategy. Don’t put him in the same sentence as Lungu. Lungu has been made to look bad by hh, all because of hate.

    • Antonio Mwanza is looking for spoils from the Mukuka trees trade. He missed out. PF with Lingu at the helm are so corrupt that even unborn babies know.

    • You are one of those members of another opposition party that has no consequence. If you think HH is standing in the way of your success, carry out a serious introspection.

    • Where’s the plane that was carrying US dollar bills and guns that the Daily Nation reported had been intercepted @ KK Airport and diverted to a Zambia Air Force base? The boxes of dollar bills had names of opposition politicians and prominent lawyers who act for the opposition?

    • Ethically speaking the guy is right. Whoever walks out of parliament should forfeit his/her allowance for that day otherwise he is being paid for loafing. But Mwanza also raises an issue that Kanganja should investigate. Isn’t it fraud to claim payment for work you have not done? Should n’t absent MPs be charged or at the least asked to pay back the payment?

    • The boy jumped on the boat very late when it had already started letting water in. He can do all the political gymnastics he wishes, but one thing very clear is that he is not a wiseboy. Let him accompany Lungu to Mukobeko.

    • @1, “UPND wants Lungu changed” but the people of Zambia want President Lungu to continue developing this nation! The BOY is no match for the President. He is a Ward Chairman of NAMWALA equivalent.

  2. Antonio you have been answered by just one sentence after all the b*lls#t you have been trying to explain.
    Bug up honorable Mweetwa

  3. Do you PF corruption loving traitor of Zambian people know meaning of “morality” ? And if you do, WTF are you enjoying fruits of the institutionalised corruption?

  4. Very true, Antonio. The upnd mps have no shame, yet they claim to do it for the “people”. Upnd have lowered the integrity of the house, it’s a first in our history. One staunch upnd supporter yesterday confessed that Bill 10 has good and bad clauses which needed debate-he was actually disappointed that his mps perpetually walked out!!

  5. The likes of Antonio Mwanza are not the people to trust. They are like GBM, they are in politics only for themselves. Watch out, UPND has started making inroads in your own bedroom of Lupososhi. And by 2021 they will have penetrated all the corners of Northern Zambia

  6. Mwanza just enjoy, we know you got that job because of tribe. Wako in wako at play if you had any morals you would have resigned instead of chewing free money doing nothing but just yelling upnd this and that. Tell your boss people don’t want that bill 10 you trying to force on them as it only suits you politicians

  7. Look at who is talking! What MORAL authority do you carry Antonio? You want us to exhume all what you said about ECL and PF? It is all there in the archives and you have never apologized; and even if you did, nothing changes your real views about PF. You are a shameless pretender: making up a face that does not exist. Those MPs are within the law to walk out. Parliament has its own procedures about handling such. Mind your lane, you are no wiser than the Speaker of the Assembly.

  8. Young people in Kenya and Rwanda are busy are busy usig their time creating Apps they sell to Microsoft meanwhile our own youths are busy on internet insulting elders. What a shame. I saw two potential cadres calling tissue, bandage.

  9. MPs in true democratic states enjoy the right to walk out of the house whenever folly shows its head in the house. What can you debate with the likes of Tutwa Ngulube who even when he has no point he wants to argue? The whole nation was given an idea of the quality of debates that PF MPs give in parliament. Trust me, I would walk out more often to avoid fights with people who have nothing to offer. After all, empty tins make the loudest noise! As for PF media persons, Zambians know how mischievous you are! You try very well to divert attention from the dirt you want to sweep under the carpet. Just a word of caution, Zambians have woken up to your deceit and will not make the same mistake!

  10. Learn to see the World with a Biblical World View, the only reason that there is so much opposition to Bill 10 is that it enshrines the declaration that Zambia is a Christian Nation, this is offensive to the Devil because he knows God will defend his interest in Zambia and Bless it where others curse it. When the late President Chiluba declared Zambia a Christian Nation Satan didn’t spare him, he was attacked in his presidency as well as his family in retaliation. America became the Greatest Nation on earth because it enshrined God in its constitution, do not be fooled. We will keep praying for President Edgar Lungu, May God deliver him, his Admiration and family from the mouth of the dog and lion and Bless them and Zambia where others curse.

  11. What is so progressive about Bill 10? It is only meant to perpetuate your eating and not the progression of the country!

    Just a while ago u were speaking for the people, now it’s your tummy speaking so it’s like white noise!

    In case you don’t know a walk out it’s a Democratic right and a loud message to say there is nothing progressive about what government put on the floor of the house to waste the MPs time!

  12. mindless MP who walk out on very important issue should not get allowances because they paid for that and that tax payers money.

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