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ZCAS student commits suicide by jumping off the 14th floor

General News ZCAS student commits suicide by jumping off the 14th floor

Government Complex
Government Complex

A twenty-year-old ZCAS student has committed suicide by throwing himself from the 14th floor of Government Complex building this afternoon.

The student who has been identified as Mwango Kandeta is the son of Chileshe Kandeta, Ministry of Finance Spokesperson.

Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo confirmed in a statement that officers rushed to the scene and found a body of the deceased with several injuries.

Mrs Katongo said the deceased is reported to have jumped from the 14th floor, using the toilet window and left his slippers and a half-full bottle of Coca-cola inside the toilet where he had initially locked himself.

She explained that the door was forced open by the Police.

Mrs Katongo said the accident occurred today around 1615 hours at Government Complex at the rear lawn.


    • Why the child? We expected Kaizer, Sunday, Lusambo, Makebi or Tutwa to do such.
      PF Secretariat should be moved to 14th floor of government complex.
      PF’s children should be dying from their parents’ wrong deals.
      Dalitso Lungu don’t jump to death because of the scandles in your family.

    • Mrs Katongo said the accident occurred today around 1615 hours at Government Complex at the rear lawn.
      The accident? Sure ba reporter?

    • A fall from that height will have fatal consequences on vital organs. I’m guessing that’s what caused his death.

  1. Please first explain what ZCAS is. Explain abbreviations before presenting news. Otherwise it is not news.

  2. I guess he had his last meal of Coca Cola.

    This is a very sad development.

    Sometimes when we are at our lowest, we think it is the end of the world. It is not. And things do get better with time.

    So please talk to people if you are stressed. You can even talk to complete strangers. It does help.

    Rest in peace young man. My most sincere condolences to the family.

  3. This was not an accident, but an incident. An accident is un intentional whilst an incident could be an event which is often deliberate, such as a person taking their own life through self poisoning, hanging, or what actually happened to the young man.
    Such may happen when problems being encountered remain unresolved. All problems we go through have solutions. We need to share our issues with a trusted friend, a parent, a pastor, so that we are counselled.
    My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Mwango, a young soul gone untimely. May God give you comfort during this very solemn moment. MHSRIP

  4. I think universities should provide Student Counselling Services
    The Student Counselling Service should provides advice for students who need help in relation to social, psychological and psychiatric issues. Staff includes psychologists, medical consultants and social workers.

    • Can someone shed more light on the cause of suicide. Whether it was depression or some demand which he
      Could not get.some close friends can give this information.

  5. So sad, I met the father on Friday by new lewanika mall, woodlands crossroad, he almost bumped in my vehicle…. Little did he know his son had a dark cloud hovering over him….life can be so short…please people try as much as possible to be there for loved ones….give them a pat on the back and whenever possible a hug once in a while ….you never know what tomorrow brings…..to lose a child is no mean matter….condolences to family and friends


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