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African Milling reduces Mealie Meal by K20

General News African Milling reduces Mealie Meal by K20

The African Milling New Maize Plant situated along Buyantanshi road in Lusaka
The African Milling New Maize Plant situated along Buyantanshi road in Lusaka

The African Milling Limited has announced a reduction in the price of mealie-meal by 20 Kwacha, with immediate effect.

African Milling Sales and Marketing Manager Jomo Matululu says the company has reduced the wholesale price of a 25 Kilogramme bag of Breakfast mealie meal from 150 Kwacha to 130 Kwacha.

Mr. Matululu says a 25 Kilogramme bag of African Milling breakfast mealie meal is expected to be selling on the market for 136 Kwacha.

He said the company is putting modalities in place to also reduce the price of roller meal.

He said the reduction of the price of mealie meal is in line with the assurance that the company made to President Edgar Lungu when he commissioned the newly Milling Plant.

Mr. Matululu stated that the reduction is also as a result of the tripartite agreement signed between the milling company, grain traders and the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).


  1. HH and his UPND do not want to hear this good news!!!Wow this is splendid news!!
    Govnt should take a step further by asking African milling Company to open sales outlets across the city or Zambia from where consumers can be buying mealie meal direct at wholesale price-K130!!!Having agents in all businesses is what pushes prices of commodities up.The PF Govnt has done extremely well since 2011 except on few issues such as exchange rate,mealie meal prices and fuel prices.We cant blame them over loadshedding because we had a poor rain season last year.Moreover, ZESCO has improved power supply already as it is raining oftenly this year.If president Edgar Lungu can control the above stated issues,then he would win the 2021 general elections even without campaigning!!!In 2020 and 2021,it will…

  2. Commendable gesture by African Milling.

    Others should follow suit.

    I have always tended to think that our mealie meal prices are artificially high. I have been expressing these sentiments for the past decade.

    I do not know if there is any farmer or group of farmers who can provide evidence to substantiate the current staple food prices in this country.

    Research so far shows that there is not a single cost price say for an acre of zea maize common to all farmers that can warrant the same selling price. Surpringly, even farmers in the same location may have varied cost prices because of various peculiarities. But what they have iin common is roughly the same selling price.

    Also, most farmers will agree that the returns on investment amount to almost double the costs. Lets…

  3. This is as a result of signing a tripartite agreement between the company, grain traders and FRA. In other words they are able to reduce the price due to having access to cheap maize from FRA. Let other millers also get this maize then they will also be able to reduce.

  4. This is how are I know zamians ,all they know is condemning, its hard to empress people who knows no thank you. Coz African milling is just one of the millers and this others what are they doing? Evening if you say A.m.c is a of supporter its good they are doing a positive things than those millers who are just influenced to do negative things on their citizens. That’s a great job AFRICAN MILLING COMPANY, YOU ARE A TRUE AFRICAN MILLER.

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