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Diaspora reacts angrily to Bowman Lusambo’s toilet cleaning sentiments

General News Diaspora reacts angrily to Bowman Lusambo's toilet cleaning sentiments

Lusaka Province Minister , Bowman Lusambo with his acting Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary, Edith Muwana during a press briefing at his office
Lusaka Province Minister , Bowman Lusambo with his acting Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary, Edith Muwana during a press briefing at his office

Some people in the Diaspora have reacted angrily to sentiments by Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo that they have been employed to clean toilets in the countries they are working from.

In a Video that has gone viral on Social media, Mr Lusambo is heard saying he has friends who went to America and are now back for Christmas with money earned from cleaning toilets.

However, some Zambians in the diaspora are offended by Mr Lusambo’s sentiments describing them as an insult on them as they are genuinely earning their money.

They have reminded Mr Lusambo that Zambians in the Diaspora are contributing to the country’s GDP through taxes and money they send to their relatives.

Others have accused the PF government of failing to create employment for Zambians forcing them to find work in foreign countries.


    • When it come to people like bowman, the bible has some very helpful advice.
      “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will become like him”. and i can assure you bowman is a fool in the highest sense of the word.

    • Bowman is right. Nurses in diaspora are cleaning tu ma old peoples asses day and night. Ba pipa fye amafi yatukote.
      Some Guys indeed bakolopa ifimbusu. If not they are unblock sewer pipes and emptying toilets mu ndeke na mu trains.

      When they come here elyo bale yumfwa ati Njikala ku London! ATASE !! Wikala ku London but waisa ulenunka amafi !!!

    • Zambians you pride in the cliché of your job title. It doesn’t matter what you do to genuinely earn enough money. You choose good title jobs but still languish in poverty. That’s why you end up stealing (corruption) to keep up with your ego. Bowman, after leaving office, you will be pursued by law enforcing agents to account for your wealth. We need to respect every profession and job in order to develop. Even the people who clean our toilets at the malls must be made to feel respectable and honored for cleaning our mess.

    • Now that is the problem with Africans right there!

      There is no problem with cleaning toilets at all. As long as you do it to the best of your ability.

      In the UK, even natives (white people born here) do work as garbage collectors or toilet cleaners. And they are proud to do that. There is nothing wrong with it.

      When George Bush or Bill Gates come to Zambia on charity work, they roll up their sleeves and build toilets for local people. They sit on the floor under a mango tree. No problems!

      So if Lusambo thinks this is an insult to people living abroad, he is wrong. It is him that has egg on his face!

    • Now that is the problem with Africans right there!

      There is nothing wrong with cleaning vimbuzi at all. As long as you do it to the best of your ability.

      In the UK, even natives (white people born here) do work as garbage collectors or vimbuzi cleaners. And they are proud to do that.

      When George Bush or Bill Gates come to Zambia on charity work, they roll up their sleeves and build vimbizi for local people. They sit on the floor under a mango trees. No problems!

      So if Lusambo thinks this is an insult to people living abroad, he is wrong. It is him that has egg on his face!

    • if a chance presented itself, i wouldnt mind going overseas and do the same. elo i can do it so well and faithfully. natuchawa maningi.

    • @1.1 Mwanawamai
      Typical Zambian no wonder Zambia is Zambia so much hate for the Zambian Diaspora….you were probably denied a VISA a million times because of your stupidity…true they dont want stupid morons like you in the USA or UK…..VISAs are given on merit…so just keep on suffering with your filthy roads and chorela…

    • Yeah so what if Iam cleaning the toilets in America. In Zambia it wont earn me much but in the US I earn dollars. Ati they are genuinely earning their money. Its genuine whether it comes from toilet cleaning or from Professor Chirwa’s engineering job

    • I have built two houses with that toilet money iwe…..lol. I have’nt stopped their. Inshallah God willing next year get another plot.

    • Zambians wouldn’t understand if I told them that my English friend who is a manager at a company earning £35,000 per year is leaving his job to go and work with his wife who owns a cleaning company and he will be doing the cleaning in the mornings and evenings.

    • #1.1 Learn from a quote from Muhammad Ali (Boxer): “I don’t trust ANYONE who’s nice to me but rude to the waiter. Because they will treat me the same way if I were in that position”.

      Every Zambian employees including those in diaspora at different echelons need to be respected as they do contribute to the development of this nation.

      One wonders of what calibre are current PF ministers!

      God bless Zambia.

    • @1.1 Mwanawamai
      And thats the kind of Mentality that Americans dont want here in the USA…you are better off in Zambia with that shi#$thole mentality of yours…not in the USA and one country you should never disrespect is the mighty USA

    • Let us not be distracted. Let us develop this nation. The CHRONIC LOSER is UNELECTABLE. He also wants to sell Zambia. He knows how to auction to the highest bidder or even to the lowest one as long as he has some kickbacks given to him. We showed him the kitchen before and he sold our properties using underhand methods of inside trading. He accumulated a lot of money and sent it out to PANAMA. We must not entrust him with our bedroom now. We know what he can do.

    • I clean my toilet everyday and I have money to sleep on and please let me know if you cay pay me to come to your house and clean your toilet

    • From the comments , I can tell the Diasporian brains are polluted na masushi yatukote . Amasushi ya bacon na polon kikikiki!!! I cannot do a job where every time kano na wisala imyona . Why Zambians Why sure!!! We pity you.

    • Tell this illiterate ***** called Bowman Lusambo with his many fake certicificates and degrees obtained with the blessing if his Malawian uncle Lungu, to shut up. I live in a civilized country called America, where as a babysitter or cleaner, I earn 3,000 US dollars per month. While you as a selfish ***** even fail to pay cleaners at Lusaka city council for many months. Yet you are enjoying eating nice foods becoming fat within a few weeks.
      At the expense of hungry poor Zambians. Shame on you Lusambo.

    • @mwanawamai and @kangaroo. Your thinking is receded several centuries beyond the prehistoric age just like that of your thieving father, ka Bowman. I can also tell that all 3 of you are not self made because you don’t value honest and hard work. When I arrived in South Africa I used to wash carpets for a living in spite of being a graduate. I now own a big company because unlike your foolish leaders I had a vision. Big thumbs of all my brothers and sisters in the diaspora who are getting their hands dirty to make an honest living. You have my respect!

    • This is guy has no class! How did Zambians gave such a guy as a Minister. This is a guy who relies on tax payers and corruption to survive. There’s honor in being a cleaner than surviving on tax payers and and corruption.

    • Chi palile kwati Lusambo a fyelwe ukwabula umusula!! Kanshi akalufumo kakwe ka isula amafi yeka yeka!! Kanshi chiLusambo ni chi “kapompa mafi” cheka cheka!!

  1. The truth hurts unfortunately. Most folks eve do worse than cleaning toilets. Thats how they can be online insulting the president day in day out, hoping their man can win so that they return to take over jobs.

    • Best to stay within the context of the story. The article is about what the minister said about people’s jobs, not about who is talking about the President.

    • Toilets in America are not dirty. White people like to take those jobs because there is nothing to do at work, just refilling paper.

    • Shame! These are the negative impacts of corruption which have lead to ineffective economic results, in the long term impedes foreign and domestic investments, reallocates talents due to income and distorts sectorial priorities and technology choices (for example, it creates incentives for contracting major defense projects or unnecessary infrastructure projects, but does not encourage investments in rural specialist health clinics or in preventive health care). This pushes companies into the “underground” (outside the formal sector), weakens the state’s ability to increase revenue and leads to ever-increasing tax rates (as too little tax is taken), which is levied on less and less taxpayers, consequently diminishing the state’s ability to provide enough public goods, including the rule…

    • No sir, what hurts is the disrespect this Bowman has for people earning an honest living. I am lucky that I have a very good job here but I have wonderful friends who work as toilet cleaners who have managed to educate their relatives back home, who are looking after their parents and siblings. So my point is it does not matter how you earn your money as long as it’s earned legally!

  2. How can you be responding to someone who was nobody 4 years ago and has no clue about wealth building. This is a simple chap who thinks eating fatty cheese is a prevalige and buying foreign groceries in foreign owned Shoprite is development. He talks of roads and buildings built by Lungu at great inflated cost to us the taxpayers that hasn’t even been paid back. They are all suddenly rich now and looking down on everyone.


    • This is what happens when you give a stray hungry dog a big meal he will eat everything and only think with his full stomach. This is Bowman and his master HE Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu as he refers to him.The incompetent Lungu picked this chap whose only qualification a Grade 12 certificate now he is working with technocrats as a minister, I feel for them civil servants. Imagine these are the people who handpick board members for Parastatals board. Do you think the likes of Bowman and his fellow ministers can even consider your CV because you lived in US and was educated there. Learn from the West Africans

  3. That is how it is in backward countries. You will never hear British Nationals in the UK demeaning their countrymen who are in other countries such as the US, Australia or even in Africa. It is now a global world. You go where you want to go and it should not be a contest. Some people outside Zambia are doing well others sadly are not, but should NORMAL people celebrate their countrymen’s misfortunes? So many Zambians are doing way better than they would be doing back in Zambia (especially after access to better Education abroad)./ The idea is for all of us to form a synergy and contribute to Zambia’s development. But to so many Zambians, anyone who goes out is an enemy who should be demeaned incessantly! I do NOT GET ANGRY at such people, I just wish they get civilised and know that…

    • You are right my Bululu. You see people like Lusambo; it was a mistake that such are born as human beings. Just look at his background, dude is not Educated at all. He was just a Kaponya and that what he still is. His English vocabulary speaks volumes. He said all this in Bemba and the journalist had to translate to English

      What do you expect from a Kaponya whose brain is the size of a chicken brain? Nothing other than crap. He thinks he will live forever. Wishing him the best

    • Zambians, does anyone know Bowman’s educational credentials??? I think we have a highly uneducated person in the position of minister. His extreme ignorance can be seen from his uninformed statements about people in the diaspora. These are the Ministers who travel abroad to go and negotiate deals for our country after talking about how much cheese he is eating.

  4. Lusambo is an unforgivable ***** whose livelihood depends on boot licking. Its only in zambia where a fool like Lusambo can be given that position of a minister without any idea of what it means to be in that role. Zambians working in diaspora do jobs that are well paid than being a minister in Zambia. Lusambo’s insinuations also confirms that cleaners and other Zambians who do odd jobs are not or will never be valued by the Zambian government!!

  5. “Others have accused the PF government of failing to create employment for Zambians forcing them to find work in foreign countries.”
    This can only be expected from a not so sober minded toilet cleaner. Foreigners are flocking into Zambia to do business not to find jobs. Just come back home and clean our toilets for a fee

    • @Shu Shu Shu, start by cutting down and recalling Zambians working at missions abroad and being paid by the Zambian Government for just sitting in Offices drinking tea and Coffee the whole day. It is a waste of money, money that can be used to buy medicins for UTH and other health institutions . Let these guys be brought back home to clean your toilets for a fee

  6. Wonders everywhere. This ***** of a Minister must be reminded that some of us earn were beyond what his small brain can imagine. We are respected contributors to development. On pure merit. Zambians abroad deserve credit for the investments they make in Zambia. We have created employment and opportunities and sponsor our families to advance in life. ECL must make this clown to apologise not just to diaspora, but to the Zambian people. What is even sadder are the cheerleaders for these people, whilst they wallow in poverty.

  7. Bowman Lusambo should tame his tongue. His newly acquired wealth has made him so bigheaded that he’s despising people in the diaspora. Ba Lusambo just continue enjoy your illegally acquired riches, there’s no country in the world which does not have some of its citizens working abroad

    • They never learn look at Mr. Newstead Zimba he was a very powerful man as Minister of Home Affairs, all the best cars of the day they had on his driveway, all the pretty women. Look at him today a shadow of himself all alone no vehicle.

  8. But guys you know Bowman is uneducated and not sharp and has no leadership skills. The best is for you guys to ignore the man. People clean toilets even in Zambia, and it is not fair to label every body in the diaspora as a toilet cleaner, but Bowman must realise that if indeed there are some people who clean toilets in the diaspora and clean toilets, without them remitting dollars back home the kwacha would having been at K20 to a dollar, though of course it is heading there. But ignore the man, which normal person can say I am a bootlicker, a bootlicker would never be objective in any society, a bootlicker will say anything to please the boots he is licking

    • Well said my man, but at times we need to put idiooooots like Lusambo where he belongs. The jungle of course

  9. Ubututu bubi, please shallow thinking Zambians who think every one in the diaspora is cleaning toilets, do you know there is a brain drain in Zambia? Doctors, nurses, engineers , professors , plastic surgeons , teachers are working and live in the diaspora ,and earning money you will never earn in your life time! What is wrong with looking after old people, ngaimwe ngamwakota who will be cleaning your butt? Mukalaisundawila fye! Respect old people some of you will die young! The old people are blessed with long lives? Don’t you have grand parents? Do you make fun of them because if their age? You are all stupid like lusambo, I am a proud diasporan! Mwenchusi mwe thieves , corrupt people. You will die in poverty while you are singing praises for Pf !

  10. Lusambo can talk like that but he doesn’t know how much they are paid. These toilet cleaners are paid on time, they are paid almost K22,000.00 a month even I think they live better than him because they are not stealing from the government like them.

  11. Fellow country men and women please do not be fooled. The insult on people in the diaspora by Lusambo is a frantic effort to shift peoples attention from real issues. Lusambo is a small fish that should not disturb anyone. He is trying to apply a technique called sacrificial protection. He is trying to attract attention to himself to relieve is pay master from the pressure due to the Mukulagate scandal, dwindling economy, sinking kwacha ,mealie meal prices, load shading(20hrs and above) and empty foreign reserves ect . Please also be reminded that bill 10 is still contentious. There are also increasing calls on the President to step aside. These are issues we should be focus on. Please ignore Lusambo.

  12. Okay lets do simple math’s; minimum wage in the UK for some one with no skills aka “the toilet cleaner” is £7.83 per hour and the average hours worked per week is 40 hours so the toilet cleaner earns £313.20 per week and £,1252.8 per month. If we convert that to kwacha at a rate of £1 – K20, that means the toilet cleaner earns K25,056 per month. The last time I checked a teacher earn K5,000 a month and a junior Doctor working at UTH takes home K23,000 per month. Now most Zambians in the Diaspora do not earn minimum wage because we are a highly educated group. So judge how you like but we are sending millions every year to mother Zambia.

    • Yes, my 14 year old son works on Saturday and Sunday delivering newspapers 2 hrs per day. That is 4hrs per week that’s £31.40 per and £125.60 per month. That K2,409.25 a month, so pls don’t judge as I am teaching my child good work ethics.

  13. Lusambo is fical matter him self, so who cares what an id1ot like that says, never earned money via honest living… even his mother and father were fical metter… so who give a fcuk!!!

  14. Wise words, Never, look down on a man that has a job for a living, he does the right thing as opposed to being a thief.

    • Well said. It is an insult to the late Sata. Lusamba has no respect, recall how he dragged Major Kachungwe. The moron has no common sense thus he does not have the 5 common senses that the rest of us are having?? He thinks with his Broken Hill man bottom

    • Sata would have fired him instantly! The man had principles not these chancers. Ala twachula. Efyo mwalefwaya ififine mwebantu sure. Kuya bebele. Basop. HH Aleisa.

  15. Should will really be discussing such issues in the platform like this one. Come on fellow Zambians let us learn to respect ourselves and be civil in our discussions. Is it really necessary to spent time talking about faeces when we all know that every one has a sh-it hole and defecates?

  16. I think these PF chaps are not reading the mood in the country , you have pissed off the zambians in Zambia with your mismanagement of the country, and you are now poking the zambians in the diaspora. Ebukopo uyu surely

    • And to make matters worse, this party has a leader who does not have the intelligistia of identifying people in his party who have constantly been destroying their party and the country

  17. When people say the PF is a government with no plan this is what they mean.Isn’t this the same government that has been lobbying for low grade jobs such as maids from middle eastern countries?If they are advocating for such jobs how come they are again disparaging the people doing similar jobs in western countries?
    Lusambo and your PF morons you really don’t know what you are saying and doing so better keep quiet.

    • I doubt the likes of Bowman flew overseas before they got appointed by his incompetent boss. These are dumb people who would be surprised to see a millionaire on public transport like the tube; continue stealing whilst the average zzambia get poorer

  18. To steel money or cleaning toilets which is better. BOSWAN LUSAMBO kabolala and you PF friends mind you language people like you are no long in life where is IDIA AMIN of UGANDA he spoke bad language but he ran away like a dog steeling meat from home . Time is coming just wait and see tonse uto mwaiba mukatusha like that dog .

  19. Always panicking and pointing fingers at others these days this government, its sad.

    Try looking into the mirror, you have done well. Think about exactly how you got there from being MMD Die Hard Spokesman when you were saying you will destroy Sata, up to now look where you are. Continue with the “me am humble” mask of deception, it suits better than just provoking people for nothing

  20. Shows how shallow minded this empty bucket Lusambo is. Listen ka Lusambo every job in a society needs to be taken care of in order for a society to fully function that is how it is in developed Countries. Every person that is doing a job regardless of what job he/she is doing is paid a decent salary that enables that person to live a normal and decent life. Mind you there is a minimum salary in most of Western Europe and the USA, such that even a person cleaning toilets would be able to buy a brand new car. In these Countries you can notice who is poor or not. Even people that are not in Employment are paid by the Social Offices in all Councils. It is better for a Zambian in Diaspora to clean toilets and get paid than you Lusambo, pocketing money from Mukulu trees, Corruption name it and…

  21. Cont……
    And you think you are a Champion. If you are a Champion some of us are Champions too. Explain all these scandals that have taken place during Lungu’s Period as President. It is always an issue dealing with uneducated panks like you. Empty buckets always make the loudest noise, you idioooooot. From MMD to PF, after what you and your Friend Kadoyo did to Major Kachingwe an elderly man fit to be your own father. You and your empty bucket friend drugged this man like he was an animal; Zambians will never forget that, I was surprised he decided to forgive you. He should not have forgiven you. If I were him I would have shot you in your fooooolish broken hill man head with a gun and feed you to crocodiles at Munda Wanga Botanic Garden

  22. Lusambo you know very well that you are an idioooot, sometimes I wonder why a person like you is still alive while great people like Mwanawasa, Ba Mama Betty Kaunda, Ba Mazoka and many more others have been taken away too early. There is nothing you are doing on earth rather than wasting oxygen. You blood fooooooool
    Zambians will vote you out just know that too many scandals
    1. Fire Fighting Trucks millions of Dollars (First lady with an entourage of 22/24 Persons
    2. Mukulu Trees illegal exporting
    3. 48 mansions built in Lusaka – owner up to now unknown
    4. Acquisition of land in Gazetted Forest areas by Minister Jean Kapata (bwachi) and Chief
    Justice Mambilima
    5. Relocation of Wild animals from National Parks to Private owned Ranches
    6. You PF Chairman and President of…

  23. Cont…..
    6. Your PF Chairman and President of Zambia flying all over as though he does not know the use of a phone
    7. Presidential Jet Purchase worth millions of Dollars, when Zambians are starving, the list goes on…..
    Zambians in diaspora are telling you the truth that is why it is paining you, otherwise why you should you react. Solve the issues of load shedding, Food prices and so on. Don’t waste your time on Zambians in Diaspora, concentrate on improving the lives of those that elected you, as you promised them. Do something about you big Sugar daddy stomach idiooooooooot

  24. An MMD cadre elevated to Minister under PF is a wonder to watch. Indeed not every person out there is fortunate to go from the streets to minister with a flag, salary and allowances paid by the tax payer…I hope your ‘friends’ who escaped from your land are still your friends after hearing you say what you said. All the best ta we are coming to vote and shall show you were real power lies…..wapya bayisa

  25. Money, no matter how it is earned, whether in the office or pulling wheelbarrows, is money. Am greatly disappointed by the minister for such a derogatory remarks. Other than being a criminal, a person opts to work in diaspora to support his family. Let’s respect people who are contributing something to our economy. How that money is earned is no ones business.

  26. My prayer is we get some sensible government that is bereft of kakistocrats mwe! This has been the worst – people who never dreamt of being anywhere near power kwena – and we are being insulted like this. I don’t care who takes over from these kleptocratic kakistocrats but my prayer really is let this be the last time chancers run government. I don’t know how but something should be done. I reminded one clueless girl who was boasting about collecting fees at the border that you will never create wealth from taxing – she arrogantly told me to turn around and go. I understand FDI has shrunk by 50% – I wish I could see that girl now…

  27. Cleaning toilets is better than stealing, the money earned is genuine which l can be proud of, it simply mean l m providing for my family.


  29. You cannot be allowed to come to the UK if you will be a toilet cleaner, to get a work permit you must be properly qualified they don’t just allow anyone to pass through their immigration offices without checking your papers.
    If you want to prove it try to get to their offices even there in Zambia.


  31. I would like to thank all the toilets and white people asses for all the opportunity they gave me to earn a honest living and education. Now i employ 16 whites and supporting some less fortunate people back in Zambia. I also want to thank the new culture ive been accustomed…. Long term planning, saving, and earning honestly. To all the Zambians in the diaspora continue working hard and earning honestly. We all start as servants in a foreign country but with hard work the sky is the limit. Theres no pride in stealing from your fellow country men

  32. I’ve lived in Canada over 15 yrs..I know lots of Zambians..NONE of them clean toilets..in fact their incomes are ABOVE Canadian income averages..My Tonga Brother who is the head of Finance at Epcor ( a Zesco) from this city. Financial advisors Oil field mangers and workers with big paychecks and myself..I don’t remember looking at my life and say ..I’m not happy..we Love our Fatherland this division is foolish.This civil servant appointed by Lungu and steals from the Govt treasure box thinks he is smarter than hard working Zambians that have a hard time looking for work!and if cleaning toilets pays bills ..it’s a Job! Screw him.

  33. But what is wrong with being a toilet cleaner? If all of us were Doctors, etc who will clean our toilets and what will become of this country?
    Every job in Zambia or abroad must respected. Mocking someone for doing a particular job to earn a living shows how shallow some people can be. In this country we praise thieves and look down at people who earn their living genuinely such selling ground nuts, toilet cleaning etc.
    All jobs are a service to the nation. Respect every job.

  34. This clown is a bad reflection of the calibre of the appointing authority. what did his boss see in him over the seventeen million Zambians that he should appoint him minister???? It pathetic that this illiterate should be minister at all!

    • If you can have pistol brandishing thug Kz as your Presidential Adviser anything else would not surprise anybody.

    • Painful truth anyway. But why reacting if you are enjoying your jobs and making money? Lusambo is concerned with the way some of our brothers and sisters discredit Zambia on social media simply because they are abroad. If lusambo is not educated, then why replying to him…? Are you at the same level? Why argue with a fool? Truth be told, just continue with whatever you do out there to make a living …..stop insulting our leaders and talking evil about Zambia.

  35. The comments by Honourable Lusambo are correct, he did not say all Zambians in the diaspora are cleaning toilets. Even those cleaning toilets and taking care of old people in foreign countries are ok, they earn a living which they would otherwise not earn in Zambia. Those saying PF have failed to create jobs for them are dreaming and are backward and need a mindset change of blaming someone else all the time. It is our collective responsibility to create employment the Govt provides enabling environment only. Other countries where some of our Zambian folks are cleaning toilets etc have small, medium and big private companies that create jobs. In Zambia we all want Lungu to create jobs for us, Shame. This is why some disgruntled politicians promise heaven on earth. Let us be responsible…

  36. This is why some disgruntled politicians promise heaven on earth. Let us be responsible and do something. Some of you have got degrees that have no meaning at all so who is going to employ you? You must just do something for yourself stop complaining. No matter how small help to create jobs.

  37. Ignorance and irrational resentment surely runs deep in Zambia. This is a global world, people live where they wish, sell their labour in a way they desire or are skilled in. Which country only has it’s own natives? Even Zambians in the diaspora are of varied skills, jobs and qualifications, yet, due to being primitive some people choose to think, or derive satisfaction from claiming everyone is ‘cleaning toilets’. How despicable and so what? There are numerous Zambians working as teachers, lecturers, doctors and consultants as well – you don’t want to mention them. Pathetic!

  38. Bowman Chiwelewele does not inspire. Encourage
    Citizens to earn an honest living in whatever category.
    I shudder to think of a nation where every citizens turns down a cleaning job.
    It’s like the story of the a*** hole shutting down in protest to underscore its importance.

  39. That’s why at end people starts facing challenges you start complaining,let’s respect each other’s hustle God is fair always, so you want everyone to be ministers?
    Mr Lusambo made a very big mistake and he should humble himself regardless of his position.
    In the eyes of God we are same,moreover if you are have a big position, famous but if you do evil then you are absolutely nothing in the eyes of God.poor you if you mock those who are suffering or who are not doing so well in life for God shall probably bring you down until you realize your mistakes.
    May God bless you our brothers and sisters outside and inside Zambia who are into such jobs,you do a great job

  40. I am proud nurse who works in the NHS in in operating in Senior position in London, had worked in UTH for 10 years and also proud of my origin Zambia. I am really surprised that people think that nurses only work to clean people’s bum. Regardless of whether you work in Lusaka or abroad bed bathing is one of the many procedures carried out in nursing. Don’t also forget that whether you work all live abroad you are required to carry certain procedures by the nursing board. The only difference is that abroad you have auxiliary nurses and health care assistance who are mandated to do bed bathing under the supervision of a qualified nurses. At the it end of you can insult anyway you like but they get much more money abroad than Zambia. You can google how much they get its on the internet…

  41. This man is childish. Just where does he find time to start insulting people who have not done anything wrong to him. Some of them in diaspora are even more educated than him but are just unfortunate to have been born in a country where he is one of the corrupt leaders and cannot find themselves jobs. Now is it an issue with him when people have chosen to be at peace with themselves away from these corrupt leaders. Nensoni!!!!

  42. All those in the diaspora should prompt our friends and relatives to go and cast their votes in favour of other parties and not this one belonging to this useless fart. Let’s teach the *****s a lesson and remind them of who exactly is in charge.
    This fart is so ignorant and I can tell that he was never taught any work ethics by his parents at all. He was never taught any morals.I would rather earn my money from cleaning toilets than through dishonest means like him. He needs to come here and see how our medical students and many other uni students work in tea rooms, nursing homes etc, to earn ;pocket money and for work experience. Now that’s what I call honesty!!

  43. Obviously, Bowman has successfully touched a nerve……………….

    There is need for respect between Diaspora and Citizens residing in Zambia. Bowman clearly was referencing the negative behaviour of so called Diaspora group towards their country. If you are happy in the Diaspora you are best not pulling down Zambia and leaving those who believe in Zambia and it’s potential to do their best to uphold Zambia, it’s values and it’s way of being.

    In fact, why be on Zambian social media at all if you do not support Zambia? Missing home?

  44. Interesting story! An overwhelming number of individuals and families worldwide clean their own toilets in their houses and apartments. Nothing strange or demeaning about that. And in industrialized countries, janitors are paid well enough for them to afford to buy cars and other “luxuries.” In fact, some wealthy people who run business entities that provide janitorial services in such countries perform janitorial services whenever some of their employees fail to report for work. Nothing strange or demeaning about that, too.

  45. We the diaspora are not doing enough for mother Zambia. WE NEED TO CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT. We need to be a force that can determine the direction of our country. Lusambo and other Grade 12 failures in government will not develop that country. They think roads without jobs is development. Schools/Universities without jobs is a waste of people’s time and money. Yes we send a lot of money to have these guys get paid. What are they doing for the money we pay them? Insulting us! I am creating Twitter Page for us to organize ourselves and plan to develop the country. We have very well educated and experienced people within us. Ethiopia did it, and see where they are today. Happy people. Why not Zambians? Let’s get organized and identify our Knowledge, Skills and Competencies to run our country…

  46. Toilet money has earned 2 farms,8 houses and am still building.I worked in Zambia for 8 years could not buy even a car.I have educated many of my relatives children with toilet money.As long as iam happy will never come to live in Zambia.

  47. Sadly ZNBC and other government entities have not paid employee salaries. I have never heard of such a thing even to toilet cleaning. Toilet cleaners are paying for their nieces and nephews and siblings schools and weddings subsequently. It is better than cleaning those pit latrines that surround Lusaka. Lusaka looks like one large pit latrine. Yes, we are from Zambia, but that does not mean we cannot criticize the failures of the country. Most diaspora people want to come back. But to come back to what? Your insults? It is such attitude that makes real contributors to national development to pass. I passed your UNZA request for my expertise. How can I work in an office without office telephone, copier and printer, reliable work email and internet?

    • Bowman Lusambo
      Date of Birth:
      09th December 1976
      Marital Status:
      Educational Qualification:
      Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management
      Form V

      Please forgive this guy, he is not a public speaker, all he knows is selling tomatoes, that’s his profession. He doesn’t know how to handle the office of a minister. It takes someone’s effort to get a Job as a cleaner abroad and in return send that same money to help our relatives back home.nothing wrong with that. Stealing from the public is even worse than cleaning Jobs we have here. Stealing from poor people will make you crazy like you’re now mr minister. You don’t even know what you are saying.

  48. Mate, get facts right before you talk. We do not boast, but we earn good money here in the UK, own a home in Surrey, our children have been to some private schools and we have looked after our parents in Zambia, that is so swallow thinking, also proud to be both Uk/Zambian citizen. LOL

  49. Talk about a very STUPID government official. There is DIGNITY in every job done well. Registered nurses wipe patients’ bottoms to keep them healthy every day. Does Lusambo know that? He is too ignorant. Also these toilet cleaners pay taxes which are sent to Lisambo in the form of American aid assistance. How dare Lusambo despise the people who have paid for some of his salary? As shown in replies above most of those people have sent the money back to raise the standard of living of Zambian relative through education. These are VERY noble people. Lusambo should resign because it is not possible to fix STUPID. It is an inherent condition in the person.

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