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PF is a government of thieves-Archbishop Mpundu

Headlines PF is a government of thieves-Archbishop Mpundu

Lusaka Catholic Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu
Former Lusaka Catholic Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu at a media briefing


Former Lusaka Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu has labelled the PF administration as a government of thieves.

Archbishop Mpundu observed that corruption has become rampant under the PF and those stealing public funds go unpunished.

The Clergyman who resigned as Archbishop of Lusaka on January 30th 2018 was speaking on Tuesday when he featured on Frank on Hot radio programme on Hot FM.

“Corruption is rampant and is not been punished, haven’t we heard about all these fire engines that cost us huge amounts of money and ambulances that cost so much. Zambia is the only county that has 48 houses that built themselves without owners,” Archbishop Mpundu said.

He added, “The people are not being told the truth. I am sure the ACC knows and the Council knows it. There is something that is going on and it is not right.”

Archbishop Mpundu added, “This country is afflicted by rampant corruption which has permeated all facets of our lives so much so that so citizens not so jokingly refer to our democracy as Kleptocracy which is defined as a government of thieves by thieves and for thieves. This is what they are saying jokingly but surely is that joking? There is a good amount of truth in that.

He said, “everywhere one goes, one meets public officers or personnel in private business and they are demanding a cut for the services which they must render to the public by virtue of their position.”

“This is just one area but in general when it comes to infrastructure especially road infrastructure. This is in the public domain, the amount of money we are spending on infrastructure development, it’s much more, they say as much as six times more as our neighboring countries and they say Zambia is not so rich. Who is collecting the money? It is overdone, who is collecting the balance?”

Archbishop Mpundu charged that institutions are not being made to work by the Executive.

“The Executive must be firmly in charge. If they are given the freedom to operate without interference they are going to perform but they are told who to investigate and how to investigate and this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.“

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    • And how some people still support PF, I have no idea.

      Vote these thieves out of office and cage them for life.

      Lungu, like any common thief, has no shame. He has no pride, and he does not care that everyone knows he is a thief.

      The BBC are even now reporting a lot about Lungu and his corruption. This drunk thief is really bringing down the good name of our country.

    • Nabamba uku pena ba Telesphore?? Those 48 houses belong to Charles Luena, senior accountant at MOF, nephew of Situmbeko Musokotwane, upnd supporter. That’s why the Vatican fired you, you didn’t resign, you think the Nuncio came to bring you whisky? Mwa sebana, your hate for Edgar Lungu is clouding your judgement.

    • I am personally indebted to this gallant bishop. He is the only one that called out ECL as not arrogant and pompous during the dark days when HH was incarcerated for trumped up charges of treason.
      He is without fear or favor.

    • Bishop take your own inventory from the time you were a priest, Bishop for Mbala and then Lusaka. We all know that you are the brother in-law for late president Sata now you are UPND member and this is not new from your mouth.

    • Wow! only the brave can come out like this. The truth shall liberate you no matter the trials and tribulations one is put through. Well spoken father and you will go down in history as a man who spoke against the ills of peoples in power. Now lets go out there and vote them out in 2021 in fact if a vote of no confidence is passed we can call for early elections. We need our Zambia back. You can subject certain parts of the country to under development just because they didn’t vote for your party! That is so unZambian. Totally out of order as you know Zambians have intermarried and are one.

    • The only crime President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has committed is to reject homosexuality. Bisop Telesphore Mpundu like all catholic fathers is a closet homosexual who wants a government that will legalise homosexuality so that he (Mpundu) can marry his sweet big dick partner

    • Imwe ba Mpundu, first remove the log from your eye (Roman Catholic Church) and then the speck in your friend’s eye (the Patriotic Front). Your Pope Francis acknowledged that the Roman Catholic Church has faced a persistent problem of sexual abuse of nuns by priests and even bishops (not to mention paedophiles (sp)) . Catholic nuns have accused clerics of sexual abuse in recent years in India, Africa, Latin America and in Italy, and a Vatican magazine has even mentioned nuns having abortions or giving birth to the children of priests

    • From where I stand, the ex bishop aka former bishop also known as Telesphore Mpundu aka former man of God has an unhealable grudge on PF in general and ECL in particular. I urge the PF to put up a measured response to this allegation. Don’t be harsh on Mpundu, don’t insult him talekotafye bwino.
      In normal situations, normal times and normal sanity no fellow should resign from God.
      Okay ngatalekotafye bwino, ninshi ilechitika kuli Mpundu.
      Can ACC address the nation on the allegations leveled against PF?

    • Meanwhile the rest of the clergy is there accepting bribes. Was Luungu not in NP to commission a house for a priest.

    • Deja vu! Chiluba re-visited. He also stole from a widow when boss of ZCTU; remember?! Old Habits Die Hard… MMD; Make Money and Disappear. KK warned you; REMEMBER!

  1. True Bishop, the evidence is there for all to see. Someone has to tell these people the truth instead of lying to them, the Tayali’s of this world would never tell them this. Audit report after report with no action but fake promises of investigations.

    • Walasa man of God, these morons are all thieves including scatter teeth, the ka worst president on earth and those fcuken urgly women they have in this ka party of baboons, ni ba sakala nyongo

  2. Well who doesn’t know that? Expect the thieving to get worse as the next elections approach. They will start building in foreign countries to escape the wrath impending on them. Zambia has woken and the people demand accountability and responsible leadership. No government will put in a mediocre shift during
    their tenure and expect to get away with it from now on. Enough is enough

    • No way people will vote against a govt. based on lies. If PF is incompetent, upnd is worse. What are those mps who walk out of Parliament but get allowances going to do if they became ministers?? Steal even more!! No one believes your lies anymore!!

    • Citizen


      ati those who walk out of parliament are stealing ???

      The walk outs are a protest at PF stealing , you want them to participate in PF stealing ??


  3. The good bishop always spoke for he voiceless in active service and still does in retirement. If only the new crop of leadership in the church did the same, maybe the thieves in government would sit up and do the right thing! Thank you bishop. But the days of the thieves in government are numbered; Mukobeko will open the doors to them when they are out of office for stealing from the people of this country.

  4. Bishop take your own inventory from the time you were a priest, Bishop for Mbala and then Lusaka. We all know that you are the brother in-law for late president Sata now you are UPND member and this is not new from your mouth.

    • How has this affected the lives of the poor? Or by having children did he cause load shading? Thank you bishop for speaking up!

  5. Nabamba uku pena ba Telesphore?? Those 48 houses belong to Charles Luena, senior accountant at MOF, nephew of Situmbeko Musokotwane, upnd supporter. That’s why the Vatican fired you, you didn’t resign, you think the Nuncio came to bring you whisky? Mwa sebana, your hate for Edgar Lungu is clouding your judgement.

  6. This is a Bishop who was a staunch supporter of PF and demonized then ruling MMD with all manner of allegations.And today he does not want to take responsibility. Nonsense!!

  7. Yazanda! Ba PF can you smell the coffee or can you see the writing on the wall or just pretending. If PF wins next elections then I can see a lot of issues. Ni kayakaya!!!!
    If we can all see it why cant they… Blinded by corruption and deceit trickery and all the rote.

    • Mwika lila futi ngamwalusa. You think your slander has worked?? What did this week’s Milenge by-election show you?? Telesphore is a disgraced priest turned upnd cadre who no longer has influence in the communities. Only you upnd fanatics believe such people. You vote for upnd and others will vote for PF, like 2016 and before, upnd gets a lot of votes but are never enough for to win!!!

    • @11.1 Zambian Citizen,if you had followed closely what happened in Milenge,then you should know that PF is in decline.Lungu,President himself,some Ministers and area MP had to camp in Milenge to campaign for a councilor who won but his UPND rival also got good votes,FAR BETTER THAN IN THE PAST! UNPD HAS GROWN MUNE!

    • @zambiasours: Thats why upnd loses elections. You can’t read what’s happening. Upnd won a ward in Milenge. How about the wards and councillorships PF has been scooping in western and North Western?? You will gain one in Luapula but your effort will be for nothing when PF gains two in western….

  8. Obviously soon some pea-brained person will come out saying the statement from Archbishop Mpundu was sponsored by the opposition…

  9. Bishop you are Bemba. There is saying in Bemba which says “Mumushi ta mu bula fiwelewele” in English literally meaning, every society has black sheep or immoral persons. Bishop wholesomely crying out is not good enough at your level. At your level you need pin point individuals in the executive who are thieves, of course you shall need evidence in case they drag you to court. Otherwise it remains the usual talk of playing to the gallery and discrediting individuals. You surprise me talking like a cadre.

    This is what an honest Man of the cloth sounds like, NOT Ba Cadre (God)fr!dah, who sees daily evil in her beloved Panga Fraternity (P.F), like Po2n0 Minister sharing filth on WhatsApp whilst working & collecting cash from Taxpayers BUT NEVER does (God)fr!dah condemn such.
    (God)fr!dah sees J0N4 [email protected] & Daughter STEALING every day, [email protected]!zer assaulting intimidating Citizens, & torching their property & dwellings, Grave digger B0wman making fun of less privileged fellow Zedians & numerous other EVIL DEEDS, but Never condemns, but when it’s U.P.N.D ,& other opposition members, (God)fr!dah quickly gets on her high horse, & spouts “THERE’S EVIL IN THE LAND, LET’S HAVE ANOTHER FARCE OF PRAYER”

  11. In a country where corruption is common, then it is wise to suspect every countryman as corrupt. However, if there is no exception to corruption, then it means that both clergymen and politicians are corrupt. But the exception defines the rule. Hence, the individual free of corruption is the one who fights corruption using every opportunity available, such as the way civil society organizations are doing. Certain CSOs are doing a commendable job in the fight against corruption. These include Chapter One Foundation, Chikondi Foundation, Foundation for Democratic Process, Transparency International, Women for Change, Alliance for Community Action in Zambia, etc. Take time to dismiss genuine efforts directed at the eradication of corrupt in the country.

  12. We all know that PF = Corruption.

    Only PF cadres will bury their heads in the sand and try to discredit the messenger.

    We have no serious prosecutions to date but a lot of smoke of corruption. It’s not adding up.

    Allowing public officials to contract with government must come to an end.

  13. Very stiopetti clergyman. I think he has some pain on the back side. The money you chewed promising to deliver the church to the serpent is needed back. Just pay back.

  14. Kleptocracy
    KLEPTOCRACY “a government of thieves by thieves and for thieves”.
    Correctly stated but I call PF goverment:

    DemoCRAZY cos it’s comprised of Crazy thieving chaps!

  15. Kabolala afwa na no mukanwa. Only blind individuals are not seeing were the country is being driven. Bravo bishop for speaking out. You have done your part.

  16. A few PF beneficiaries trying to put up a voice here but surely drowning. Kwacha will be a K18 next week, and you want to come back in power. To do What?

  17. The Tree is wilting inside out! Soon it will fall…. then it will be for all to see what it has been hidding in its trunk.

  18. Zambian akachamba mumablanket. Stop being lazy. This man always stands for people. Where they’s unfairly treated is there. The truth is spoken. Look at his support rather than insulting him.
    He is a very educated man. No matter what you have forseen in his life I think he is a person who can give you knowledge and become a human.

  19. Shame on PF. Most pf supporters especially die hards are eating with ruling elite in PF.
    Now Lungu wants to buy power from Kenya, generate your own power. Zambia has no money to import power. Where is the blue print for energy generation for Zambia in the short term, medium term and long term. Zero. There are no planners in PF government.

  20. Ma Junky – You are real junk. ACC looked for the owner of the houses for months and it took the entire president to instruct the investigative wings and the minister of home affairs to find the owner, a simple boy at Ministry department. ACC forfeited the infamous 48 houses and asked tenants to start paying directly into the ACC forfeiture account because they could not trace the owner. Suddenly, a simple civil servant sprung as the owner and after that there has been dead silence. No further investigation. Case closed. kikikikikikiki. Things not adding up. We will find the true owner. That boy bamu fwika amala yambushi. What has happended to the forture action ACC took? Still things not adding.

  21. Ma Junky – Ba pamafi your problems are that when you are caught pants down, you want to drug other in you failures. Forest reserve 27 ati HH has a plot. This junky minister was asked to give a ministerial statement, she went to report about someone who could not defend himself in parliament that he has a plot. It is like who once caught, he says I’m not the only one even that one. These are true pompwezi, kabwalala.

  22. The economy has been exposed to a massive kleptocracy and it’s now in intensive care. Here comes the Bishop telling it like it is and scams of the world line up to attack him in support of a stinking thieving president and his PF criminals. One wonders whether Zambians are on drugs of its a gift they have from god to be so gutlessly foolish!

  23. Life post priesthood seem tough.
    Should the clergy ever retire?
    Yet to dig more info on this one.
    Milingo is now happily married.

  24. Ba Telescope Mpundu must openly join politics and forge past hidden links with UPND. The newly-discovered sources of brown envelopes can help Ba Mpundu to reclaim his parental responsibilities to take care of his biological children & grandchildren too. Mpundu’s references to “FIRE ENGINES”, the “48 HOUSES”, the “ROAD INFRASTRUCTURES” and “INSTITUTIONS THAT ARE NOT RUN BY EXECUTIVES” is a mixed-load of falsehoods generated by a disgraced past Catholic Priest. History reminds us that the proprietors of GENOCIDE in Rwanda included the unholy Catholic Priests.

  25. So he must have been lying even when he was serving as priest or bishop. Once a liar, always a liar. Whoa! These mabusa babvuta.

  26. This is how PF behaves , you can tell by their language. full of insults. even the pastors for lungu can’t advise. we are in deep trouble. any way , it is easy to know them for we know there fruits

  27. No ordinary person can support what is happening in the country. Those you see posting and attacking the priest on this fora are cadres who are direct beneficiaries of the loot.

  28. It is said that if you wan to hide information from a black man, put it in written. And this is what the Archbishop has done- put in in written. He has expressed his opinion on the happenings in Zambia, like any Zambian would because of freedom of expression. What do other Zambians do? They bring out the homosexuality card and ridicule him for merely expressing his views. The Archbishop is stating what is happening in Zambia today and other Zambians castigate him with gay banter! When are we going to grow up? Calling a spade a spade is what the Archbishop has done as a concerned Zambian, and he damn has the right to express his opinion! Hate him or love him, his concerns are every Zambian’s concern, believe you me.

  29. This Mpundu is a well known UPND cadre and thats why he was forced out Catholic church leadership in Zambia.He is singing same old story of 48 houses which are for an accountant from MOF,Fire Engines a deal Govnt approved under late Sata.These are old HH’s song and boring now!!Much as Mpundu will vote for his UPND,we shall also vote for PF in 2021-period and all we know is HH with support from 3 provinces will surely lose!!

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