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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Global Fund increases Zambia’s allocation by 36 million US dollars

Health Global Fund increases Zambia’s allocation by 36 million US dollars

Hon. Dr. Chitalu Chilufya
Dr. Chilufya 

The Global Fund has increased Zambia’s allocation by 36 million US dollars towards the strengthening of malaria elimination and HIV/AIDS epidemic control.

Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya says government has prioritized global health diplomacy in health systems strengthening.

Dr Chilufya said this has come at a right time and that it is in line with the President’s program for malaria elimination and epidemic control of HIV/AIDS.

He was speaking when Global Fund delegation led by Professor Ronald Heifetz from Harvard University paid a courtesy call on him at his office in Lusaka.

Professor Heifetz said the Global fund is happy to work with the Zambian Government on various health programs.

He said the global Fund will continue partnering with government in ensuring that the country has access to quality health care.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chilufya has thanked the Global Fund for continued support noting that His Excellency President Edgar Lungu has emphasized the need for public health security and that the Zambia National Public Health Institute has set up a disease intelligent Unit, a disease surveillance that looks at epidemic preparedness and response.

He said this is a critical investment in disease surveillance and intelligence.

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    • As a mouth piece of my own conscience, I fear that without accountability, this money will go towards building yet another 48 hours. Or towards decorating a mansion in Swaziland.

      The fight against HIV needs selfless people to manage funds so badly needed.

      I just pray this increased allocation is not in the form of cash.

    • When I used to clean toilets at UTH, a Dr. from NAMWALA told me that “When a disease was in the blood like malaria, it was difficult to treat but not impossible to cure.” He also said “Where I come from we have another kind of disease. It is in the blood.”

    • Hey that money is not stealable. It’s not handled by government. And you bootlicking reporters stop referring to Lungu as his excellence in your stories. That is a ceremonial title reserved for those who want to eulogise him. The media s job is to report on people not to praise people

    • Now the US Ambassador could be chuckling to himself over reaction to his comments recently by the Zambian government officials. The USA is the largest contributor to this fund.

    • Mosquitoes will always be around especially in the tropical climate region, so malaria elimination is kind of like a HOAX, so it’s just more to steal by these belly FAT CATS.

  1. Babba ndrama!!! Unless the Global Fund wants another disaster they should send their own guys to disburse those funds and actively monitor projects. They will even insult you as toilet cleaners once they have stolen your funds…

    • You ignorant moron. Global fund money is not disbursed by government. The money is received by principles such as CHAZ. while its government who is in charge of health policies, principles do the sharing with other NGOs and government health institutions. Read and understand how government operates and spare us with your ignorance.

    • So to you @2.1 CHAZ is a saint? We have seen how morons like me have been proven right when we raise cautionary. Go ahead and spew your guilt. You saint you!!!!`

  2. Celebrating donations of $36 million when they spend more on inflated Ambulances. You are happy to receive money but don’t want to be lectured by the people who give you handouts.

  3. Great sign of confidence the global fund is having in the government. For those doubting, the donor community knows when a nickle is stolen. Unlike people speculating they have systems in play to know when their money is misused quickly take action.

  4. This has come too quickly after the sentiments of past few weeks. Some suggesting USA was very angry with the PF government. What does this mean? To some extent Trump’s government is saying as much as we don’t support abuse of minority rights, we expect the minority to respect traditions and cultures of their nations.

  5. They have listened to double h call for increased finance to feed 2.3m starving people in southern province this is good h plus 2 is a true force on the donar community

  6. Ati there was no corruption under LPM: “THE Lusaka High Court has ordered former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa and five others to pay back over K1.2 million they received through a non-governmental organisation the Zambia National AIDS Network (ZNAN) for HIV/AIDS-related activities which they have failed to account for.This is in a matter in which ZNAN sued Dr Mwanawasa and five others for failure to account for a K1.25 million grant given to the Maureen Mwanawasa Community Initiative (MMCI). The six are Dr Mwanawasa, Noreen Mapala, Wright Mumeka, Sam Mundia, Simon Sakala and Rosario Fundanga who are all trustees for the non-governmental organisation (NGO) which was founded by Dr Mwanawasa in 2002.”

    • This scam was only uncovered because the late Mwanawasa had passed on otherwise who would have had the guts to uncover it.

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