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Leslie Mbula Appeals to President Lungu to Rescind his Decision to Buy off Horizon School Land

Headlines Leslie Mbula Appeals to President Lungu to Rescind his Decision to Buy...

Leslie Mbula, the Board Chairperson for Horizon School with Lusaka  Province Minister, Bowman Lusambo
Leslie Mbula, the Board Chairperson for Horizon School with Lusaka Province Minister, Bowman Lusambo

Horizon School situated in Kabulonga area in Lusaka is on the verge of being demolished to pave way for the Construction of a Shopping Mall.

The information has emerged that President Edgar Lungu wants to buy the land on which the school sits for the construction of a shopping mall.

Leslie Mbula, the Board Chairperson for Horizon School has confirmed seeing a Government Gazette which shows that the President has expressed interest to buy off the land.

Mr Mbula has lamented that once displaced; the over 500 pupils and 46 teachers employed will have nowhere to go as they cannot fit in government schools due to the discipline they have learnt.

He has since appealed to President Edgar Lungu to rescind his decision to buy off the land and allow the pupils to continue with their education.

Efforts to get a comment from Lands and Natural Resources Minister Jean Kapata and her General Education Counterpart David Mabumba proved futile by broadcast time.

In August this year, Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo ordered the demolition of Malata Market in Kabulonga which is adjacent to Horizon school.

The traders at the market accused Mr. Lusambo of selling the land to investors who now want to develop the area but Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa said though the settlement is illegal; an alternative site has to be found before evicting the residents.

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  1. Just what’s so wrong with us Zambians mwebantu please? Awe mwandi this is too much, let me come back home before my country, my home, my pride is gone! This is just too much to comprehend

    • It’s like Zambia is on SALE by these crooks.

      My Xmas message to the Zambian people is that “The time is now to stop being brave cowards, but should instead defend what’s is there – mother Zambia”.

      God bless Zambia.

    • Wow it is an outbreak….
      Your Lungu in another scandal, this time he is buying of prime land to build a mall? What will call it ? Ester Lungu or Tasila Mall?

    • Inveka fake news fake news vija.
      Monga character assassination vija.
      Monga fake fake vija.
      Namacomment yainsulting vija.

    • Can some one tell me. Isn’t this Horizon school land under tittle? Mr. Mbula you were a senior government official. In order to buy something there must be a seller. If you are the board chairman of the school you should know who is selling. Blame the seller and not the buyer. Unless we are saying the land is being grabbed from the rightful owner(s). OR may be the President is not allowed to buy property?

  2. This story is false.Horizon ,malata market ,kabulonga basic and chibelo areas were invaded by MMD cadres In Mwanawasa time.The matter was taken to court back then and the court ruled that the land belongs to government.since then illegal settlers were told to leave and find somewhere to go.some people refused especially those occupants in malata housing units who happened to be children of former workers of councils and teachers.this issue is no different from munali school.Am not PF ba LT on this storyline go back and gather genuine facts.Mr Lesley might missing facts.

    • Thank you Ackim for that info. In fact, I have always thought that Horizon School is very ugly and should be razed for either a modern School or something else – not a mall — there is already Centro Mall close by. The land will be sold meaing that the current owners of Horizon School can build a new and better School. I do not understand what Mr. Mbula is saying. If the land is up for sale, it is not President Lungu’s problem but the decision of the land.

    • Does this mean the president has the right to buy the land from government??? It seems to me that the land is intended for the government to use it for the benefit of the public.

    • This is a true story i head it from one of my relative who works there three weeks ago. They had a staff meeting in which they were told that the Horizon will be closed because of the same nonsense we have heard. this is utter rubb1sh to say the least. Mmmmmm, 2021 is taking long to come{!!! Nayaaa Inee

  3. When an ignorant African monkey gets hold of power it is the end of any such country. The monkeys are out in full force even selling trees to China and yet they forget they will need those trees to swing

    • Try and give it to an oval headed hateful tonga twit notorious for selling state assets. This gay loving cow who is already selling the country to westerners will surely destroy this country with tribalism.

    • Ba LT don’t encourage this level of hatred by @Zambian Citizen. This fellow is committing crimes related to tribalism, discrimination, hatred…

  4. LT is polluted by twisted news.ati Lesley Mbula seen that President Lungu gazette land and he has shown interest to buy it when deep down knows land belongs to grz .lesley mbula and his Lebanese counterparts got that land illegally under mmd regime.now that law has visited them want to blame Lungu.bitter people mwanya 2021 mulila futi.
    heads of bitter stooges .

    • You are very DULL. The land is not intended for the president’s private use. The president cannot buy land meant for the public’s benefit.

  5. Comment: Ackim, are u saying Horizon school is also squatting on that land? Which is more important between school (education) and shopping mall? Let’s reason on a broader perspective people.

    We have Cross roads mall there and Kabulonga. Can government just find a different place as opposed to Horizon school? Imagine, displacement of pupils and members of staff is illogical

    • Theresa, above all let’s be seen as Zambians not supporting illegalities. When a thing is wrong let’s call it that.
      Surely, a school can not stand on land which does not belong to it, further among all people Mr. Mbulo being Board Chairman. Someone is lying. Mr Mbulo being the B/Chairman tell the nation, WHO IS SELLING THIS LAND WHERE HORIZON SCHOOL STANDS?
      Mr Mbulo seems to be trying to implicate the President.

  6. We told you to vote for a Mayor that wasn’t PF but you never listen, just read Shopping Mall and knew this is a PF cadre idea as they know anything else apart from Malls. Where is Lungu getting funds for these projects.

    • I have just ask from a friend of mine whose children study in Horizon School that school is under PPP arrangement and invited by the zambian government to provide quality and affordable Education from South Africa in 2009. An MoU and a contract agreement were signed after that Horizon School in South Africa opened a branch in Kabulonga area where they were given a land by ministry of education .
      It is better to communicate school to get full and correct information.. I have also just checked their Facebook page and found out that they are doing very good. This is the link *****
      I didn’t understand where this compulsorily acquisition came from.

    • Zimba, MofEdu has no legal right to issue land. However, the article is saying Mr. Mbulo is appealing to the buyer to rescind……. WHY appeal to the buyer and not the SALER?

  7. This story like-Mutinta Hichilema just tweeted me to meet her at mika Lodge??? Total bullsh!t!!!! LT, you are losing your integrity….

  8. The land in question belongs to The Kabulonga schools. Mr Mbula was involved in allocating that land to Moslem foreign nationals.

    Govt is just claiming back it’s land.

    Who wants a Madrassa (Islam holy sch) in the middle of the city.

  9. This Lungu is no different from Kaizer, which one is more important a school or a shopping mall? people don’t have money to spend in those malls. there’s one already at Kabulonga. this guy thinks when you have a lot of malls then that’s development.

  10. At times insanity clearly protrudes from sanity no matter how long you keep it under guard, most African leaders have got one particular type of madness that needs to be studied because only then can we define a cure.

  11. very sorry to those who always believe in fake news because next time you will be told that your …… as be taken away you believe wake up yuou people why do you believe every fake news?That is the problem of spending most the the time at the village,kumunda,chachovile.This is fake news please leave the Presdor alone please you fake crictis with no solution to offer.

  12. There is NO WAY even a president can buy land that is on Title. The article must explain the circumstance of this school.

  13. Is it fake news again? Edgar Chagwa Lungu must really be a victim of fake news. Ba Leslie Mbula, please senior citizen dont peddle fake news. But you say the intention is actually gazetted and Edgar is named as the intending developer? Well, I am maulesi. From 48 houses to Forest 27 to mining in Lower Zambezi to Horizon school being demolished to construct a showing mall? If that’s what you call development now thats being cheap.

  14. You call it fake news? Well, there is nothing like fake or true news anymore in Zambia, what was impossible has now been made possible. Just dream about anything including 49 houses, under PF it is possible.

  15. Paying $27million to Eskom was news but now Zesco tells us that it is not happening due to challenges. But the $27m was paid ok? Now Zesco tells us that actually there are NO imports, so it was fake news then, even though the $27m is not fake. So what is happening? In whose pocket has the $27m gone?

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