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Father Bwalya weds

Photo Gallery Father Bwalya weds

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  1. Looks very tacky and cheap. My wedding to my whlte wlfe was very classy and yet minimalist. Quality over quantity bane. And my beautiful whlte wlfe makes fake pastor bwalyas wlfe look like a man in comparison.

    • Congratulations my High Commissioner. Good job. You will need her support very soon as PF is about to be kicked out of office.

    • Two have done this. Milingo and Bwalya.
      Is bishop Mpundu Telesphore already married or he is heading there.
      The warmth of a woman is insurmountable.

    • That’s all these PF are good for after they steal one or two road tenders, is to marry / chilanga mulilo/ matebeto. No jobs for the people. No ideas on how to improve people’s lives

    • Congratulations boyi Frank.
      I wish you married a white woman, because aba abena Zambia are all about money.
      If HH don’t give you a job in 2021, that marriage will be over!!!

    • He has succumbed to pleasures of the flesh at last. Anyway, he has always been sexually active under cover from the Catholic Church.

    • @ N.EZ (Chief upnd strategist)

      your smartphone seems to be even less smart than yourself.
      For some time now you tell us about your “whlte wlfe”.
      Did you auction off your ‘i’ for an ‘l’?

    • Preisthood is more honarable a calling than marrying this old woman, as tho thats not enough outside the church!! Take is from me all your sacraments are now null and void, ba Fr. Bwalya
      Sad moment indeed

    • Sad moment indeed to dissert preisthood for cheap vanity like this old woman.
      what has happened to bible msg “You are a priest forever According to the order of Melchizedek.”

  2. Good for him, but if it were me leaving priesthood to marry, I would go for a sweat young (25 -30 year old) than a grandmother….kikikikikikiiiiiii….

    • What has happened to the following story;
      Kaizer Zulu’s lawyer says beating others pregnant proves … – Zambian Watchdog
      2 days ago · Lawyer for State House Special Assistant for Politics, Kaizer Zulu, Dickson Jere, says being beaten by your agemate is …

  3. So he was just hiding. Pretenders. Mukatusanga at home 2021 that’s when you will realize how bad it is to lie to God. Watch.

  4. Is this the woman father Bwalya described as an Easterner with Northern blood? Describing her as if she is different from other women. A tribe does not make a person better than others, its how you use your faculties. Bwalya is a good example of someone coming from a rotten society, by his utterances.

  5. Australia is a very rich important country , what has Fr bwalya brought for Zambia ?

    Maybe someone who knows can tell us what bwalya has archived for Zambia from Aus ?

    • Good [email protected] I ve had an opportunity to interact with Frank Bwalya here and I am struggling to find words that I can use to describe his ineptness…the man has no diplomatic qualities and he seems to know nothing about promoting Zambia and what i can offer to the western world.. all he has been doing is attending independence celebrations and encouraging Zambians living in diaspora to continue sending money to Zambia. Bwalya is also a tribalist and he at one of the independence gatherings he described a certain Tonga woman who invited him to attend their 2019 independence celebrtation as a strong connection to him because he was also originally a tonga by tribe and hence his acceptance to attend their celebration!!! This is the person Lungu has appointed to represent him in…

    • NBA Official

      That is so sad , sending a waste of space to a very rich country to represent Zambia …..

      This is the failing of PF big time.

    • @NBA Official

      “because he was also originally a tonga by tribe?”

      So tribal originality changes politically whimsically?

      What’s this? Elaborate!

  6. Look at how we have reduced our foreign missions with likes of priest disserter Bwalya, these chaps are very unbalanced next it will Tayali another disserter being sent out as Lungu is using our embassies to dump his rubbish!

      Please tell me where Zambia has done well under PF,and dont talk about infrastructural development as we all know that is a can of worms, it is the last thing PF will want to talk about when thdy are out of power

  7. Ala, kach.ikala ka Father Bwanyanyo, you have found yourself a sambamulopa! What’s wrong with these Bemba diplomats, last time it was another one in DC marrying his grand mother Maureen Nkandu. Butole na bunyo over over in Zambia.

  8. Why marry someone that old when there are a lot of nice sweet ones around with still standing boobs. Bembas have no taste. Last time we witnessed another Bemba young man marrying his own grandmother.
    Kikiki!!! Kalusha also picked an old white lady for a wife. Something just not right with these Bemba men. Great appetite for old women. Oh sorry its all about beauty lying in the eyes of the beholder…

    • I agree with you. He is no longer a priest in good standing with the Church and so has relinquished the right to be addressed as ‘Father’. He is just plain Mister Frank Bwalya.

  9. Just wondering what does someone’s white wife has to do with Bwalya’s wedding. I think it is about inferior complex for one to assume marrying a white woman a great achievement, that era is long gone.

  10. “Proverbs 18:22
    He who finds a wife finds a good thing,
    And obtains favor from the Lord”

    Congratulations, Father Bwalya.

  11. All mostly see petty chit chat….

    When we see an ambassador in the news for whatever reason , we should be demanding to know what he has brought for Zambia.

    Like this same bwalya , who seems to be as equally useless as lungu

  12. I would smoke a chalice in Buckingham palace.And charge it with Cuban tobacco.”Thou prepares a table in the presence of my enemies”.Psalms.Bible.Viva revalucion.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  13. I am the son of man.My race is Homo Angelico.My intellect is infinite.My strength is Infinite.I am the brother of low degree.Bible.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  14. A farmer had a hundred Lambs.And one was lost.He left the ninety and nine in the desert and went looking for the lost lamb.And when he found it he gave it barley for dinner.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  15. Why wasn’t this marriage blessed in the Catholic Church where Frank Bwalya apparently belongs? Did the Catholic Church refuse to bless his marriage?

  16. The scripture in Gatatians 5:19-22 is extremely clear,the works of the flesh are evident which are ………among hatred,jealous,outbursts of wrath,etc, these things are evident today in the lives of critics who are always there opposing even when things deserve a credit.

  17. But ka Chumbu munshololwa kalitumpa, why did he marry ba sambamulopa mukamfwilwa aba instead of marrying someone close to his age? I didnt even know this fool was a high commissioner, twasebana kwena iyoo!

  18. “Father Bwalya Weds”. That’s it? Who the hell is he? Effing Zambians; they can’t even put two effing sentences together to tell a story to aliens. Effing *****s!

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