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I’m shocked that President Lungu is asking the US to recall its Ambassador to Zambia-HH

Headlines I'm shocked that President Lungu is asking the US to recall its...

FILE: UPND President Hakainde Hichilema with US Ambasador to Zambia, Daniel Foote

President of the opposition UPND Hakainde Hichilema says he has read with shock media reports suggesting that President Edgar Lungu has written to the Government of the United States to recall that country’s Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote.

Mr Hichilema says it is unfortunate that Ambassador Foote is being ill treated for condemning the massive corruption in the government and the kid gloves the perpetrators are being handled with.

He has charged that President Lungu is the lead perpetrator of corruption and knows how he has stood between justice and his corrupt ministers who were being investigated by the Anti Corruption Commission.

Mr Hichilema has advised President Edgar Lungu to instead sort his issues of corruption without engaging in unnecessary confrontation with the diplomatic community.

“To Ambassador Foote and the American people, please understand that Lungu’s fight is not for the good of the nation but it’s for his personal survival”, he said.

Mr Hichilema said Zambians are not part of it and should not be dragged in his personal survival stints.

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    • You will never understand. The under5 in you is making you shocked. It is not a shocker to us though.
      Do you understand what a démarche means? Dullo dullo a h²!
      A normal Zambian will be shocked at your getting shocked over nothing.
      Foote is in your pocket and you h² are in Foote’s pocket. You’re homosexual homies. Zambians will reject you just like we have rejected gay Foote.

    • This Fute should have been kicked out of this country long back. We will not accept gayism in this country. Let him leave and take all his gay friends with him. He process Green cards for them and leave happily with then in Washingtone!!

    • HH at least be Patriotic….Americans always stick together…you trying very hard to be liked by the Western world and you are part of the problem…we need Pan African and revolutionary leaders not white man’s puppet s…..looks like HH has more respect for the American Ambassador than the Zambian President

    • The desperation, opportunism, immaturity, and poor judgement of Hichilema is despicable. No wonder Zambians of all hues have consistently looked elsewhere in the voting booth for any other candidate but Hichilema. Despite the many shortcomings of the ruling PF, this chap is far from being the alternative. The US is not under liberals, but conservatives period. It’s hard to build political capital on championing causes of ifyabusenshi.

    • Ayatollah, I am equally shocked that Hakainde is shocked! On the other hand, I am not very shocked because gays and marsons are no strangers!
      These are real telltales for every well meaning Zambian to watch out for!!

    • I don’t usually agree with Lungu, but I’m with him on this one. Ambassador Foote’s mixing of corruption condemnation and promotion of gayism is unacceptable. If he had really wanted to condemn corruption in PF, he shouldn’t have waited until a homosexual incident happened. In other words, had the homosexual incident not happened, was he still going to call out the PF as corrupt like he did? I think he was becoming way to too big for his britches. African diplomats have no say in America, and we equally expect American diplomats to respect Zambian laws. By HH being “shocked” just confirms the fact that this guy is not to be trusted either. He’ll sell Zambia to homosexuals for a few pieces of silver.

    • Being a Patriot is the number one qualification for being President…HH is not Patriotic and i find this very worrying..if he wants to be President he should respect the office of the President

  1. We are not shocked that you are a gay puppet sodomite for the Western agenda of neo-colonialism. You can never lead this great nation.

    • Koswe!??? Your statement Mr. Kudos Sir is incomplete. It should read as below;
      “Koswe mu Poto”, Right? Did you just forget or it was deliberate???
      Have a nice day brother Kudos, God bless you and the PF for serving Zambians with honesty. You and your PF are the best thing to have happened in Zambia since independence. I love your love for Zambians, especially the Purchase of a Presidential Gulfstream Private Jet pegged at $65 Million USD Dollars. In addition 2 local Transport planes (Price unknown) all in the name of Zambia Air Force. In the meantime Zambians are facing a lot of hardships, while you and your President and his cartel are enjoying the fruits of Independence that only the PF members fought for against the British. As far as you are concerned the majority of Zambians are…

    • Cont….
      Zambians are useless. Only you and the PF are not useless. Congratulations Mr. Big Brain Kudos, Safe trip to heaven, when the time comes, for that is where you Angels from PF belong. The Rest of the Zambians are already in Hell, suffering very much for no reason.
      Enjoy and I pray to God that he prolongs your life by at least 1 billion years, so that you can enjoy all the fruits of Independence to full satisfaction

    • @2.1
      Why are you twisted over nothing?
      Extremely meaningless lamentations of a lazy goon crying he has suffered all his life. Plenty of land out’a there. Plenty of seed. Plenty of water yet you want your god h² to bring food to your lazy lamentating @$$. Get rolling vagabond. Do some meaningful sweating we!

  2. Every wise Zambian envisions that the one without a vision is the reason for all this economic mess! It’s going to get ugly should the US retaliate with Aid Freeze for the 1.5 million Zambians on ARVs and thousands employed in the HIV Industry! I don’t know how many land mines he is going to step on before the unthinkable happens!
    Ba Puff, do what you did to the Cuban Ambassador. You did not ask the Cuban government to replace their person. Don’t be cowards! Ubuchenjeshi bwankoko, Pungwa Tasakamana!

    • You pungwas are screwed. Foote is a upndead gay supporting goon just like your chief yapper in the article. Foote is not America, he is a misrepresentative of America.
      Here in Zambia, if we can’t get along with an ambassador, we send them packing for a more progressive and respectful ambassador. Foote is a wrong and corrupt individual period.

    • We accord the respect to bazungu which can not be accorded to us. Is it because of aid they give is? I think we need to work hard to free ourselves.

  3. Lungu you are very dull kwena. An Ambassador, is appointed by the President to represent him/her in a particular Country, therefore the sentiments echoed by the USA Ambassador had the blessings of USA President Donald Trump including his Special advisors. Put this in your small brains. Are you really so thick headed to a point whereby you have forgotten to think with your brain? No wonder you appoint anyone regardless of their Educational background to represent you at useless Zambian missions abroad
    Lungu and your PF, start by returning/refusing all the Financial Aid that you have received/are about to receive from the USA. You start with the recent announced 500 million dollars for various Projects in Zambia. If you had an issue with the USA Ambassador, why didn’t you summon him to…

    • You’re an 1dl0t for saying that insensible thing. Don’t you know that this ambassador abrogated the charter attributed to ambassador conduct and ethics?
      This Foote thing thought he was a Governor.
      Besides, the relationship between Foote and Zambia is sour for him to stay. The relationship between Zambia and the USA is great.
      H² and Foote (homos3x homies) want to mess up for us. Long USA, long live Zambia.
      Short live h²; short live Foote.

    • @4.1, Please know that some people have big bodies but are dull. So sad! “Never argue with them” please goes a saying!

  4. Cont…
    If you had an issue with the USA Ambassador, why didn’t you summon him to your Office and raised your concerns in privacy instead of rushing to the media. You chose the wrong channel of communication iwe Lungu. What is wrong with you kanshi? Previously you and PF did not like the media, supported by the fact that you in your entire period as Presido, have only had one (1) press conference (by force for that matter/at gun point). What is wrong with you? Try to think logically and not emotionally

    • It’s our country…if fool te wants to behave like an ***** he should be treated like one. Actually it has been long overdue….

  5. Banene! ask our ambassador why Trump is being impeached. Don’t be surprised if he tells you that corruption and distortion only apply to “ShxxHxxx” countries

    • HH is on point, it is the corruption mentioned by Foote that has upset lungu…….

      We are glad for this escalation.

      Lungu is under the microscope from here on in


    • Foote is impeached.
      We must impeach the tribadist tribal h² also from the opposition side of things.
      His shocked-ish over simple-ish matters in Government is embarrassingly shocking-ish.

    • @BoSpakata, HH will be on point to you even if he tells you that your dad should have married your uncle! To you he would be right.

  6. Comment:if it was in Rwanda that chap should have left the country in 48hrs ambassadors know the channel to use if they have issues with the government

    • Just like wise the Government should know the channels of to use if they issues with Diplomats. Two wrongs do not make a right. If Lungu and his PF Government were of the view that the Ambassdor was wrong by communicating through the press, do they have to do the same, thus repeating a wrong?? That is not the way things are done

      My opinion

    • Edited
      Just like wise the Government should know the channels of communication to use if they feel they have issues with Diplomats. Two wrongs do not make a right. If Lungu and his PF Government were of the view that the Ambassdor was wrong by communicating through the press, do they have to do the same, thus repeating a wrong?? That is not the way things are done

      My opinion and Thanks

  7. Even the president got all wrong, the Amb. is not introducing gay or whatever but concerned with corruption which is not facing the same treatment like other punishable cases. Time will tell my God is faith and hen will vindicate. the truth sets free. Lesa twafwene fwebanabenu alatwachula kunsala.

  8. Mr Foote commented on ruling on the gays. He belittled our judiacial system. The corruption were examples he gave. I am shocked that intelligent HH got shocked on the example of corruption and not the central issue of gayism.

    • Foote is shocking!
      How dare the nigga do that?

      Samuel Jackson would say, “Who is this @$$h0l£”?
      Double K would say, “Stup1d 1d10t”.

      MCS would say, “You’re a bl00dy ambassador go and ask him your’aself”.

    • I would say, “The ambassador is screwed; damn it, who does that?”
      Chase that c.ra.zy baldhead out’a town, na’!

  9. Mr Kudos! Zambia is not a great nation. U r illusional.

    Do u k ow what a great nation is.

    Look around clearly….u will see that this is not a grrat nation….atleast….not yet.

    • Zambia is a great nation…. whether Foote or no Foote…..only stupidity will make one think that if no Foote then no parte….relax. Zambia is ours so let the ***** go

  10. Two wrongs never may be Right His press was typed for him and He should apologize and make steps to remedy the situation but it appears also the President Speach was written for him and must accept the mistake of Ambassador Footie and not see this picture as in support of HH

    I am sure the Presido has realized and should forgive those ambassodors under his care and governance here in Lusaka Zambia and call them for corrections and advice in case there could be issues that require exchanging notes its like a part on anothers back and say you have made a mistake and please lets realize and correct to save friends It calls for humility

  11. Bye bye polio Foote never you come back to our country away with you dog system of doing s*……………………………kikikiki

  12. USA government wants Zambian government than ever before.
    USA and Zambia bilateral ties stand on the security concerns of the American base in Ibex hill. Had it been not the case HH would have be stand as 2021 presidential candidate in waiting because of his political ideology that is more of total capitalism than Lungu. The west believes in absolutely Capitalism, strong pillars of democracy and HH was their man,unfortunately,HH as an individual has failed to convince presidential makers that are beyond electorates.They have tried to help him to sniff the way to plot 1 but he has failed to take a chance because of his temperament as he is edging to 60 years.PF is winning but with different margin as usual.

  13. In which capacity is hh commenting. He should wait for his time and God’s time is the best. We should be careful what we say and write. The western world becomes excited when African are divided and fight among themselves. So my advice let us be careful

    • What time…HH will NEVER govern Zambia..He is not in Gods plan..You think God will allow a gay & homo supporter to rule Zambia, after destroying Sodom and Gomorrah

  14. Proof that HH is a puppet of the west acting on remote control. The US were quick to withdraw the British ambassador for his remarks on the Trump administration.

  15. Am shocked that Upnd is supporting homosexuality in Zambia. It will be a miracle for h2 to be voted in by genuine and patriotic citizens. H2 is succumbing to gayism just for the sake of getting financial support… Shame on you useless politicians.

  16. The point to take home is let us stop fighting among ourselves and let us stop commenting were not supposed to. Above all let us wait for our time.

  17. Africans never cease to amaze me. They cried for independence and once granted they are busy dying in seas in their thousands trying to cross into whitemans lands. If the west pulls out all dealings with zambia we will see how the masses in Zambia that remain silent or dormant on issues that affect the whole country will be scampering into other peoples countries. If you don’t want the west to be involved in your affairs as a country then strive to be self sustained. But you can’t achieve a self sustained status when you have a government full of brainwashed corrupt thuggery thieves.

  18. @John.. Where does it say in the article that UPND is supporting homosexuality? This is now a favourite PF topic. They can’t articulate sensibly on anything more pressing. Bashing homosexuality is as far as their thinking can go. It gives them massive pleasure and a sense of euphoria.

  19. HH is a disgrace honestly. In his ranting as usual, he chooses to keep quiet on the moral issues of gayism and homosexuality meaning that he supports the inhuman society. You wonder where he got the dirty pledges of 25 billion dollars? And where is the church on this matter especially ba Pentecostal please don’t just ask for money on Sundays, condemn this behaviour by HH otherwise…..

  20. Good to hear your voice on this issue finally you have taken your position on gayism better say your own beliefs about the un natural behaviour of the depraved humanity .
    If we love God we should appreciate when He created and said it is good and was good and is good

  21. Electricity has been off since 10 o’ clock and I wonder you guys in power why you have decided to look the other side will we wallowing in darkness.kindly do something other than arguing on issues that are straight forward.the reasons cannot be adequate in the meantime whilst our neighborhood are lit. Op ki

  22. Let us shorten our comments by focusing on curbing corruption in PF and Civil Service. God will make HH president for a prosperous Zambia.

  23. LGBT is just being used as a cover for the real issue which is corruption. Remember Amb Foote’s complaint was that corrupt people go scot free but LGBT go in 15 years. He was simply stating that if you consider LGBT a crime why is corruption treated differently. The politicians are selectively only singing the lesbian tune, no mention of their corruption whatsoever. Be warned, the price to pay will be heavy, I mean for the corrupt.

  24. Trible HH, please allow us some peaceful sleep, boring politics. Clearly you are not the messiah for Zambia, if you want to be one first apologise for 2006.

  25. HH’s reaction is SHAMEFUL. Lamentations of corruption happen to be the only issues opposition parties in Africa sing about as they appeal to their funding agents in Western States that have no regard for genuine democracy in Africa. Govt’s request to withdraw Ambassador Foote from Zambia actually stems from the Ambassador’s disrespect for the Zambian Judiciary and his weird wish to introduce GAY RIGHTS in Zambian Constitution. HH and Ambassador Foote are the lead proponents of Gay rights. HH’s shock to get the un-diplomatic Foote out of Zambia is not surprising. Mr. Hichilema and Mr. Katuka are free to divorce their wives and migrate to USA where gay rights thrive.

    • It is shameful that Zambians like yourself will be swayed by diverting your attention on an unnecessary issue like GAY which all well meaning Zambians wont accept no matter who advocates for it while those issues that affect all Zambians like corruption and blatant theft and misuse of public resources that Foote said escape your attention. minds like yours are the reason Zambia is going in reverse. Foote raised so many issues in his speech and i don’t know why you all picked on the homosexual issue only and blindly looked away on other issues. Margret Thatcher once said “Don’t ignorantly follow the crowd but make up your own mind”. this coming elections may all well meaning Zambians Vote wisely and not be swayed by cheap propaganda. you don’t owe any favor to politicians because it…

  26. The level of thinking for the average Zambian leaves much to be desired. It is not that Foote was right but the whole office of the presidency to be muddled in this- is what is surprising. Where is the diplomacy in exchanging words with the mare ambasodor from States? is it equal to our presidency? I just wonder, what is the job of Godfridah? I still think our president should have used proper channels to sort out Foote.

  27. In any case it was Foote right to say whatever he was saying because the fact is we have Gays in Zambia. All we needed to do is use Godfridah to rebuke him.

  28. Aben zambia as usual sleeping. This lungu has just diverted the attention of all of you to that ambassador and there you go supporting him and forgotten the on going famine the country is facing as a result of his incompetency and lack of leadership qualities and worse than that theft ! Yes he is a big robber has robbed all of you your pockets and your brains and you know it .wake up !!

  29. My Jehovah GOD is not died to bring a leader who allow evil in the country no I decree and decry in the name of Jesus Christ no leader will be voted into office of the president to allow home sexy in this country amen.

  30. Homosexual or any sort of sexy affects two people but corruption affects the nation. So weigh your comments. Zambia is called a Christian nation now look at the terms used in the comments and how media is making people be offended . The Spirit of Christ is not in people but the spirit of offense is at work. Righteousness should be the suggest of the day not hatred. Give what belongs to “siza” and what belongs to God. Homosexual belongs to the world. very soon the same guys will introduce the Mark of Beast. The scripture are to be fulfilled wakeup just repent. It will come to pass. Mark my words Heaven is our home.

  31. The stupidity of some Zambians is mind boggling. If the US pulls Foote out and switches off the aid, Zambia will be Zimbabwenized, one time. This Lungu of your is leading you right into hell, blindly!


  33. Its always easy to extend constitutional guarantees to those you like or are like. The real test comes when you have to extend those same guarentees to the “others” among us. That is, frankly, the whole reason for a contitution to begin with. If not for the American constitution, and the Supreme Court justices who dared to apply equal rights despite a the violent objections of many, America would never have abolished slavrry. Gay people might shock or even disgust you, but they are humans and entitled to constitutional rights just as all should be. The Ambassador spoke eloquently and with true Christian compassion .

  34. HH has nailed it ….” I CAN NOT VOTE FOR HIM” HH has come in the open as a supporter of homosexuality. Shame on HH for lacking principles. Ba HH kuwayawaya fye.

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