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UPND Youths want Lusambo to apologise to Chieftainess Nkomesha

Headlines UPND Youths want Lusambo to apologise to Chieftainess Nkomesha

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo greets Chieftanis Nkomeshya Mukamambo II when he paid a courtesy call on her in Chongwe District on Friday
FILE: Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo greets Chieftanis Nkomeshya Mukamambo II when he paid a courtesy call on her in Chongwe District

UPND Youths in Lusaka Province has demanded that Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo unreservedly apologise to Chieftainess Nkomesha Mukamambo the Second for the trouble and embarrassment she has suffered so far at the hands of PF.

UPND Lusaka Province Youth spokesperson Ortis Bwalya says Mr Lusambo must apologise for the insults and for labeling the traditional leader a Liar.

Mr Bwalya has appealed to the Minister to tone down on his conduct and attitude in public and towards citizens because his behaviour is so unbecoming and citizens are getting so agitated and angry not only with him but with the entire PF.

He said the behaviour and misconduct of the PF cadres at the last Chikwela Mukumbi traditional ceremony was so disrespectful, awful and unZambian.

Mr Bwalya said it is also unfortunate and disappointing that the caliber of a Provincial Minister can come up and defend that kind of hooliganism that was displayed at this ceremony without shame.

He said this act alone is a reflection of the quality of leaders we have in government today who condones lawlessness especially if it is coming from their camp.

“We would like to ask Bowman to grow up and must learn to respect our traditional leaders. And for your information Mr Lusambo, what you should know is that even your President whom you cherish so much and hold in very high esteem above everything and everyone else, he is also a subject to the chief, he is her subordinate too. So don’t think that because it is ba Lungu who has sent you to do certain things then the chief becomes inferior to you or to the President himself, no”, he added

Mr Bwalya said unlike most of the PF thugs who went to the ceremony drunk, Chieftainess Nkomesha was very sober and in full control of herself and saw everything in her sober state. So, she cannot be accused of accusing anyone of being behind that confusion if truly they were not involved.

He said that havoc which left many guests and other dignitaries at Chikwela Makumbi ceremony terrified and traumatized was clearly caused by the PF thugs and all those ugly scenes are in public domain. Besides, this information can be confirmed by whoever was there including her counterpart Chief Mpezeni who was the guest of honor himself.

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  1. The chieftainess should keep clear of partisan politics if she’s to avoid mud splashing on her. Politics is dirty. Just as mukuni is labelled a upnd cadre, so nkomesha will be.

    • I do not see any reason why Bowman should apologise. For what really? I saw the clip on Prime TV. At no time did the young Bowman call the Chief a liar. It was a creation of the Prime TV. Nkomensya over reacted and dramatised everything. Who on earth would want to kill her? For what really. ???

    • This lady Chief had summoned almost the govt to her “palace” for a review of her ka ceremony. Did expect the whole govt to move to her ka palace sure. ? Who does she think she is? We may have respect for her as a chief but she must know that she does not own Lusaka Province. The era of chiefs believing they have immerse powers is long gone. Ba madam twapapata tekanyeni. If you want to join politics say so then politicians will take u own . Do not hide behind the veil of the chiefdom!!!

    • Lusambo is a Lunatic but also i think this Nkomenshia chief also is an attention seeker together with her loud mouth daughter who speaks with a borrowed accent…this chieftainess is full of her self

  2. For your information, she was at one time a minister of state of home affairs, in Chonwe she used to called as banene babakspokola!Respect her unconditionally! I also urge her to remain non partizan as she been since SPF came into grz

    • We know her . We do not want to throw mud at her for who she is. Those politics of Kaunda are different from the current polotics. That time Kaunda made the chiefs ministers without criticism is gone. Lelo ni Lelo. Imfumu ngailefwaya umuchinshi she stay in her lane. Keep away from polotics otherwise she will get what politcs calls for.

  3. Lusambo, chindika wiso na noko for you to be blessed with many good years!
    Calling your mother a liar in public is an abomination! Please reconsider for your own sake or pass on generational curses to your children! Count yourself lucky that they no longer bewitch in our villages! Naked you came and naked you will go. The only thing you will take to your grave is the character you build! So don’t get too excited!

  4. You think that mad dog lusambo can apologise? Even if he does, he will be back doing the same thing again. You can take the dog out of a kernel but you cannot take the dogness out of a dog.

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