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PF condems UPND for allegedly organising a protest against load shedding in Chaisa Compound

Headlines PF condems UPND for allegedly organising a protest against load shedding in...

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda

The Patriotic Front has condemned what it has termed as desperation by United Party for National Development who persuaded other people’s children to protest against supposedly load shedding in Chaisa Compound.

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda says UPND is a malicious socio-political misfit that has been rejected multiple times by the Zambian people and so out of desperation, they now want to fan civil unrest.

Mr Chanda said the UPND have become so desperate that they not only pose a danger to the current general peace and stability of Zambia but to Zambia’s future as well as children.

“But why did UPND choose to place innocent young lives in harm’s way? It clear: because they wanted at least one of the children to die in order to make political capital out of it. They are ready to sacrifice human life. That’s why people call them satanic”, he said.

Mr Chanda said the Chaisa farce is part of a scam by the UPND leadership to front other people’s children from “ku komboni” in their reckless politics.

He said the UPND President is eagerly hoping to spark riots across the country to further his personal political interests, even if it means sacrificing the lives of innocent children in the process.

Mr Chanda has urged the Police to investigate this matter even as they thank them for their professional handling of the matter under extreme provocation by politicians who are red with their blood thirstyness.

He said this is rain season and everyone knows loadshedding will significantly reduce and clearly as the rains pour, and the water bodies fill up, loadshedding will drop; yet someone wants to capitalise on it before it ends.

Mr Chanda said their desperation is mindless and an outrage.

“UPND has no Scrupples; No Principals; No Morals; No care for Zambia. They have a seared conscience. Its all about themselves and their leader. Consequently, we invite the Church and other spiritual and moral voices to join the growing loud chorus of condemnation against these child sacrificers”, Mr Chanda has said.

He has asked parents to take care of their young ones and keep them from the UPND who are earger to abuse them.


    • How could the UPND have organized this in Chaisa where they have no representation of any kind? UPND is a regional party we have been told. When did they move from Southern province to Chaisa in Lusaka?

    • “Malicious socio-political misfit”, don’t insult the voters. If Lungu got 50.1% of the vote against 47.7% for Mr Hichilema, according to the ECZ from a turnout of 56% then you must be joking.
      Any way the sad thing is that before independence our fathers were aspiring to have electricity in homes. That aspiration is being taken away by the PF, we have gone back to using charcoal, what next?

    • Sunday Chanda we na chinkuula. Stop playing politics with people’s lives & livelihoods. Get to work and sort out the mess that you have created. Shaa!

    • If you cant accept that people are frustrated with 10 hours loadsheding then you are living on dreamland like the incompetent humble leader Edgar

    • This political misfit will regret when government changes in 2021. I hope the new government will have criminal cases against this tinpot foul mouth

    • Iwe zambian citizen. Too late. I have sold all my milking animals at a loss because we were making losses after losses because of 1 load shedding and 2 faults for the balance of hours which was still load shedding under the disguise of faults. My dairy animals which we have worked so hard for 25 years have now gone. Genset/ diesel costs are not viable for us to sell at the price we were getting. I am not the only one. Alot of other farmers are facing the same problems even in other farming activity. Thats why farming has gone down.

    • It’s been raining in the Zambezi catchment areas but no improvements. This is because there’s a fault at Kariba dam which Zambia and Zimbabwe engineers can’t solve. Welensky would have solved it

    • @nemwine when you organize they don’t have to be your members and Chanda hasn’t said UPND organise their members.

  1. Sunday Chanda sometimes as you lift your hand to write feel ashamed with wat you write have u lived in chaisa i invite u even today go to chaisa spend the whole day there ask the pipo what time power goes and what time it comes and for your imformation this is on a daily basis monday to sunday you think such a situation needs pipo to be influenced set politics aside sometimes and get in the shoes of the pipo and feel what they are feeling than wanting to score cheap political capital over the prevailing situation power goes mostly at 05hrs and comes at 21 hrs almost daily.

    • In my area power goes at 05 and comes 23 kasupe, then we see chanda accusing upnd, omg this brain dead guys is surely out of his mind, my friend running a welding business went broke my barber is always complaining because of power and his 2 months behind his rentals then here comes chanda. One-day these guys will pay for what they have done to this country.

  2. A failure will find any excuse under the sun to justify their failure even when a blind man can see their self made failures

    • but this is nonsense, ninshi you mean those tuma children I saw protesting were UPND? that was nothing serious. those children were simply bored since schools are closed. kaili there are no recreation facilities to make them busy. they have all been turned into malls!!

  3. Instead of blaming other. please find solution to the many challenges the country is facing. , Alexander the great god of this country must reduced on trips and focus on real issues not vabupuba va homo….

  4. Sometimes it is best to remain silent when things happen when even a seven year old knows the reason. You are not only absurd when you proffer ridiculous explanations and convince yourself you are being credible. This man does not make sense at all.

  5. Sunday please get in touch with reality, people livelihoods are affected and you expect them to celebrate. This excuse of HH is really getting on my nerves

  6. Oh, ok. So Lusaka has also become UPND stronghold? PF just work on what the protests were all about! The blame game won’t solve anything. You are pathetic failures who should be shown the exit door

  7. According to PF, the only Zambians with independent thought are HH and his UPND. The rest cannot, on their own, see how bad things are economically (eg load shedding) unless they are told by HH/UPND. This blame game is no longer funny but an insult to the electorate. It is extremely sad that, this is how PF now views the very people who put them into power..

  8. Tell them .pls UPND guys you can’t change and wait for your time .don’t force yourself to climb a tree you can not. Think more than twice .

  9. You’ve concentrated on discrediting Hichilema instead of addressing people’s concerns. How can you blame Hichilema for everything? Is there any grey matter left in you? By the way, if people have begun to listen to Hichilema then that should worry you because we consider him to be a crook and shameless greedy liar. If people have begun to follow what he says then PF is in trouble

  10. YOU can tell the greatness of a man by what makes his angry… Ladies and gentle men what we have is a dull individual pay not attention to HIM.

  11. HAHAHAHA. So you are conceding that UPND is making inroads in your Strongholds? if so then this is a reason to worry for PF. Most Zambians are feeling the pain due to the poor and bad leadership exhibited by the PF government. The Mines are down surely this cant be blamed on Climate change, Unemployment has risen, Small businesses have been killed, there is no money to circulate and improve our economy because most of it is paid to Foreign Creditors whom we owe and still more money is shipped out of Zambia into foreign countries were these corrupt officials are building havens to escape to, Inflation is on the rise as well.The Kwacha is depreciating because of too much demand for foreign currencies to facilitate payment to foreing countries, FDI has reduced due to the unattractive trading…

    • continued;FDI has reduced due to the Unattractive Trading environment currently in Zambia. more needs to be done by the government to instill confidence back into the people of Zambia. Zambia has the resources to make it a great nation and this calls for good, sound, and responsible leaders to take up this cause and put Zambia back on a growth trajectory no matter which Party takes the Reign after 2021. Now what the people of Zambia need to understand is that no one will do this for you while you seat back and neglect or ignore issues affecting all, you all must get involved and take interest in the affairs of the country, make leaders accountable for their actions too. lets us also sensitise each other on Voter Apathy which results in electoral fraud, the more people shun away from…

    • the more people shun away from voting the more votes there will be to steal from and rig an election. Zambia is your country guard it jealously and defend it patriotically both from enemies within and from foreign enemies. twapita mukwai

  12. People are laughing at you and pf Sunday chanda, they have finally come to see you guys for what you are , totally hopeless.

    Where is citizen, malinso and kudos ???
    Can you see what your man sunday is saying ???

    Have PF got enough time before 2021 to fix things ?

  13. Sometimes if you don’t have sensible things to say better to keep quite, Mr Chanda you’re toying with people’s lives here stop your blame game we’re fade with it just get down to work. And what happened to the power you bought from South African company? His UPND hijacked the transportation of the said electricity?

  14. How come a regional or tribal party can influence demonstrations in Lusaka, Kabwe and on the Copperbelt?
    Can SUNDAY CHANDA , ECL and PF please explain this?
    The UPND must be one of a kind.

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  17. Could this be a sign that PF is losing grip on some compounds where majority of its electorate resides? Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin!

  18. My child is failing to understand the blame on an innocent person. And she is asking where this cheap politics will take us.CRY MY BELOVED COUNTRY!!!

  19. Wow!!!!!!!! Pathetic Sunday Chanda just keep it shut if you have nothing to say. How will your blame game improve on the power deficits. Just work on how to solve the problems poor zambians are facing instead of of always concentrating and talking about issues that won’t contribute on the develolment. Work work work . Whats your wrong with you ba PF?????

  20. Good question Nemwine @1.2. Its like regionalism is getting into pf nerves. Even when it calls for simple logic them take it to hh and southern – just why? I am glad that the pf goons are feeling the heat now. Next it will be the whole country on fire after all we are all affected by this PaFipuba loadshedding and its unbearable now!
    What a disaster!!!!

  21. ala ichalo nachonaika. These days when you arrive in most towns it feels like the country has been at warn. Everything is dilapidated

  22. We all remember the statement by Mr Kalusa…that he will make this country ungovernable and this is what is happening? God forbid Kalusa to form government in 2021 NO homo and gay supporter will rule Zambia

    • The solution does not lie in debating HH or UPND,there is loadshedding because we dont have the money to buy electricity, stop blaming poor rains,electricity is out there go buy it,offcourse we all know that you cant because the nation’s coffers which you found full are now empty and the only thing you have to show are expensive cars and houses and extravangant lifestyles beyond your earnings.That is where the money sent,we cant buy electricity because the money hss been looted,stolen.So stop blaming HH just lend money to the government instead of sleeping around with slay queens. WHERE IS OUR MONEY?

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