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Eddie Black releases new single “Akuna Butata”

Entertainment News Eddie Black releases new single "Akuna Butata"

Eddie Black released his latest single “Akuna Butata“. The song was produced by Peezy Cables .




  1. eddie, where you been boi!
    it’s about time.
    landa bankufwe boi.
    zamlocal it’s chef, zamnational it’s eddie black baby!
    stay blessed bro

    • This lion reminds me of Kitwe the Lion at the Freedom Park, Parkland Zoo. For some reason I have been asking for the cage Kitwe City Council used. It may be very useful to Zambia soon.

    • Sharon is thinking like…..use the cage to cage a certain favourite someone!!???

    • Swahili is a manufactured language. It borrowed terms or words from a plethora of Bantu languages It is not original. Hakuna/Akuna butata/matata (problem/problems) is a phrase from the Sesotho/Setswana languages i.e SeSotho, Sepedi, Silozi, Selobedu, SeTlokwa, Sepai, SeKhalagadi etc.

  2. Good voice. Good tune but not very original.
    Akuna is Zimbabwean meaning….’there is not.’ like not available.

    As for the song. Good but Akuna originality.

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